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Aberle, Joseph, blacksmith, Defiance st.
Aldrich, D.P., of Stubbs & Aldrich
Allison & Granger, marble works
Ayers, M.T., harness maker, Defiance st.
Blinn, Chester, stock dealer
Brown, A.H., pastor of M.E. Church
Brown, T.R., proprietor Union House
Butl, A., pastor German Reform Church
Carnes, Pat, railroad weigh master
Charpeot, Peter, hardware, stoves and tinware,
Defiance st nr Lynn
Chanviz, Chas., pastor Presbyterian Church
Clever & Sneer, druggists, physicians and surgeons,
office and store Defiance st.
Clover, D.C. of Clover & Sneer,
Crressey ----, photographer
Cuquel, J.A., saloon & billiards, Defiance st.
Delbare, H., pastor of Catholic Curch
Denis, G.W., pastor of United Brethren Church
Douglas, C.C., produce and wood dealer
Duffey, H.C., operator at Depot
Eberly & Mann, blacksmiths,
Fissel, John, furniture and undertaking
Fuller, J.J., post master
Fuller, J.J., of Hamilton & Fuller
Gossow, E., tailor, Defiance st.
Guyman, John, grocery, Defiance st.
Grisier, H.G., boots and shoes, Defiance st.
Grist Mill, Stryker Mill Co., proprietors
Hamilton, A., of Hamilton & Fuller
Hamilton & Fuller, groceries and provisions, nr Depot st
Howard, R., wagon shop
Hulburt, A.M., dress maker, Defiance st.
Jockey, John, jeweler
Kitzmiller, & Meek, painters
Lewis & Solier, general store
Lewis, F., of Lewis & Solier
Lloyd, L.T., proprietor of livery stable
Longs, Fred, dry goods
Louis, Fred, pastor of French Baptist Church
McIver, James, barber, over Vernier's store
Mantz, G., pastor of Disciple Church
Meek, J.E., mayor and house and sign painter
Miles House, J.A. Miles, proprietor, Defiance st.
Mignin, Fred, lumber dealer and contractor
Miles, J.A., proprietor of Miles House
Moore, T.H., station and express agent at depot
Paul, James, principal of High School
Penquet, J.P., boots and shoes
Plauson, Peter, hardware, stoves and tinware, Defiance st.
Post Master, J.J. Fuller
Rice, Rev., pastor of Universalist Church
Royce, K.C., millinery, Defiance st.
Shaffer, H.G., of Vonbehren & Shaffer
Sheridan, Wm. Jr., attorney at law
Stough, W.H., harness maker
Skinner, G.W., pastor of Reform Church
Smith, Richard, restaurant and saloon, Defiance st.
Sneer, F.A., of Clover & Sneer
Solier, F.A., of Lewis & Solier
Stryker Tannery, Vonbehren &Shaffer proprietors
Stubbs, N.B., physician, of Stubbs & Aldrich
Union House, T.R. Brown, prop., opp depot
Vernier, Chas., grocers and saloon, Defiance st.
Vonbehren & Shaffer, props. Oar factory
Vonbehren, J.A., of Vonbehren & Shaffer
Werum, P., prop of Stryker Chesse Factory
Wyan, U.A., dealer in general merchandise, Defiance st.
Zink, David, restaurant and bakery

Thanks Cathy and Richard!