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Wood County, Ohio

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Wood County Queries

You are invited to enter a query for your Wood county, Ohio ancestors. QueryHelper is no longer supported thus, I am changing things, though the old query pages for this county will remain up until everything is finished and then they will disappear. What is happening is that all the former queries are being resectioned into pages arranged by the first letter of the surname.

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Submitter: Debby Blus (
Date: 11 Apr 2002

Someone told me they found a Joseph Blus living in Wood County Ohio in the 1920 census. He was 29 years olds. His wife was Bertha age 21 child Bertha 2 years. Also living with them was a Leo Olinzneczek brother in law. Does anyone have any information on this family. Thanks Debby Blus

Submitter: Kathy L. Bear (mamabeark1@aol .com)
Date: 04 Apr 2002
URL: Bear family search

searching family tree. my grandparents are jesse gilbert bear 3/15/1905-3/10/71 and blanch agnes wilkelman 3/20/1911-10/21/99 jesses parents are albert bear {dates unknown] and mary harris [datesunknown].i will shar what i have. interested also in the names miller, santmire of wood county ohio thank for reading this, i hope someone can help me.

Submitter: B C Dogg (
Date: 02 Apr 2002

I'm trying to learn when Catherine Russell Bredbinner, wife of John Bredbinner, died. I think she died in the late 1870's in Wood Ct., Ohio. I'm wondering if the death records include the name of her parents or other pertinent info.

Submitter: Louis G. Mazei (
Date: 25 Mar 2002

My ancestors lived in Wood County in the 19th Century. My Great,Great Grandfather, John Stacy, died in Wood County June 11,1880. My Great Grandmother, Elsie Stacy, was born on August 11, 1859. My Great Grandparents (George Bufford and Elsie Stacy) were married in Wood County on August 7,1877. My Grandfather, Dennis Ellis Bufford, was born in Bowling Green, Wood County, Ohio on November 19, 1882. Another family name was Bonner. I do not know if a Bonner ever lived in Wood County. If anyone has any questions, I be very happy to assist!

Submitter: Kathleen Hill (
Date: 19 Mar 2002

Would like to compare notes with anyone who has info about the following family: James Winford BOYD is on the 1870 Census of Wood Co. with his 2nd wife Malinda KELLER and the following children: Eliza b. 1859, Laura b. 1860, Martin b. 1864, Kate b. 1866, Henrietta b. 1867 and Emma A. b. 1869. Please contact me directly at Thank you.

Surnames: BUNGER
Submitter: Ann (
Date: 01 Mar 2002

I purchased (in 1970's) a couple of books that have the name of Helen Bunger (Bungen) signed in the front. One was a CampFire Girls book given to her in 1918 by Mrs. Leas. The other is a textbook dated 1921 (I believe it's a high school book). She lived in Lewisburg Ohio (I believe it's now called Custar in Milton Township, in Wood County). If anyone has a connection and is interested please let me know.

Submitter: Michael Henderson (
Date: 06 Feb 2002

Mary Blasius Seeman 1850-1940 was married to Charles Seeman 1849-1918. They are buried in Milton Twp. Cemetery, Wood County Ohio. Trying to find parents names of Mary BLASIUS Seeman.

Surnames: BARTON
Submitter: Pat Goheen (
Date: 13 Jan 2002

I am looking for any information on Samuel Barton, born in PA in 1777, died in 1855 in Weston, Wood County, Ohio and on his son, Samuel, Jr., born 1809 in York Co., PA and died 1896 in Leipsic, Ohio.

Submitter: traci (
Date: 10 Jan 2001

SUSAN BRYAN (died July 5, 1970) could be within a couple days difference or even 1971...but it was around July 5th. (parents Robert & Anna Bryan of Northwood, Ohio) Robert Bryan (died December 1982, born June 28, 1915) Married to Anna Bryan of Northwood, Ohio) Orvill Hathaway (born Aug. 8, 1891 and died around May 1974) (I believe he was father-in-law to Robert Bryan)

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