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Wood County

The Family Dragon
by Bill Oliver
Copyright William Neil Oliver, 1997 All rights reserved.

Brick walls or dead ends are common in family history research. And thirty years of intensive research failed to turn up much in the way of clues to the origin of the Wood county family of William DRAKE.

Indeptedness goes to two family historians: Mrs Lillian DRAKE Avery and Mr Dudley Vattier COURTRIGHT, M.D. They both carried clues to the ancestry of William DRAKE of Bloom township, Wood county, Ohio. I picked up a copy of Mr Courtright's book some years some years earlier than I found Mrs Avery's book. A letter in my files said that William's brother's middle name was COURTRIGHT and I hung onto that hope that it was a family name which would prove to be a valuable clue. So it did!

William DRAKE and at least two of his brothers, Joseph and Isaac, arrived in Bloom Township, Wood County, Ohio about 1836 from Bloom Township, Fairfield County, Ohio. This is part of their story.

It is possible that the DRAKE ancestors arrived in New Netherland in 1660, but that has not been proven. What we are pretty sure of is that William's father was one of the many John DRAKEs listed in what is now Stroudsburg, Monroe county, Pennyslvania and Bloom township, Fairfield county, Ohio.

A John DRAKE and wife Effie ?? were in the Minisink region of Pennsylvania just before 1800 and appear in Bloom township, Fairfield county, Ohio just after 1800. This John disappears after the 1820 Federal Census of Fairfield county. Effie, his wife, turns up on a gravestone in Seneca county.

It is difficult to pick out the correct John DRAKE because there were so many of them, both in Pennsylvania and also in Ohio. Yet we know that a John DRAKE signed the paper that attested to Abram VanKampen CORTRIGHT's good character when he left Northampton county, Pennsylvania. We know that a John DRAKE received a piece of property from Zephaniah DRAKE, his nephew.

In Dr Courtright's book there is a quote from a paper written by Samuel Courtright WHEELER. A lengthly accounting of his family background, with relationships but these all are the collateral relatives of John DRAKE.

In Mrs Avery's book there is the clue that John DRAKE Jr and the John DRAKE, brother to Abram VanKampen CORTIRIGHT's wife, Affy are one and the same.

Though these two clues do not constitute proof of themselves, they encourage the search for other clues.

10. [132](5) John3 Drake (John2, Josias1) was born 14 September 1722 [LDA,9] on Long Island. Marriage banns published 13 August 1749, with Christina Kermer, young woman born at Mormel, and both residing at Smithfield. John Drake, Sr and Jr taxed at Smithfield in 1772. John Sr and Christina sell to John Jr in 1773. Jacob Stroud administered estate of John the Elder. He sold land 19 Jun 1776. [LDA,11] Was Christina Kermer sister to Johanna Carmer who married Hendrickus Decker of Pike County, Pennsylvania [AG&JMS,129]?

In 1752, May 24th Evje Drake was baptised and John Drake and Christina Kermer were listed as her parents [RWV,11]

    i John4 Drake Jr [132,1](11)
    +Eva [Evje?] [Courtright?]
    ii Evje4 Drake [132,2]
    +Abraham Van Kampen Courtright
    iii Samuel4 Drake [132,3]
    iv Jesse4 Drake [132,4]
    v William4 Drake [132,5]
    vi Elizabeth4 Drake [132,6]
    vii Benjamin4 Drake [132,7]

37. [132,1](11) John4 Drake Jr (John3, John2, Josias1) [LDA,11]; married Eva (Evje)

[132,1](11?) John4 Drake (John3, John2, Josias1) married Evje Courtright.[IVH,Dec66]. "The only information obtained of this line is a deed of release dated [30 November 1816]. John Drake and Eva his wife of County Fairfield, O[hio], and Joseph Drake and Sarah his wife and Mary Oman of Columbia County, Pennsylvania, to Charles Cress, to land in Lower Smithfield , containing five and three-fourths acres of a second rate land, granted unto John Drake Jr from the land office in Pennsylvania dated [26April 1744] which was surveyed to said John on the 1st of September 1775 adjoining land of Mathias Utter and now occupied by Charles Cress. Recorded [19 April 1822].

"Peter Oman and Mary Oman above whole of heirs of John Drake Jr Deceased." [LDA,18]

[REB]: In this deed, the grantors were John Drake and Effy his wife of the county of Fairfield, State of Ohio and the grantees were Fredrick Fruchey and James Stihman. John and Effy both signed the deed (Effy by mark) and, as customary, Effe was examined separately by John Wm Hemington, justice of the peace, to make sure she consented to the sale, thus giving up her dower right to the land. The witnesses were J W Hemington and Joseph Davis [Deed Book M, pp 282-3, dtd 16 April 1816]. The land sold by John and Effy was Lot 17 consisting of 1.25 acres in the town of Greencastle in Bloom township, Fairfield county, Ohio. In the description is the statement that " stated in the original deed of conveyance and given by Jesse D[rake] Courtright to the said John Drake and as stated and marked in the town plat of Green Castle now on record. ..." [Deed Book M, pp 282-3, dtd 16 April 1816]. Greencastle is located where Highway 16 and Highway 39 (Lithopolis Road) cross, in the quarter-section Northwest one quarter of Sec No 22, Township 14, Range 20. This quarter section was patented to Jesse D[rake] Courtright in 1814. His patent is shown in Vol III of the Federal Land Series, p 151, among the 52 patents transmitted by the Chillicothe Land Office on 23 July 1814 (Item 1753) [REBidlack,29Sep93]. John Drake died prior to 1838 [Land Deed Book 4, p 372+, dated 1838/39] for his land of 5 1/2 acres located in the northeast corner of the northeast quarter section of Sec 21 in Bloom Township, Fairfield county adjoining the land of Jesse D Courtright in Sec 22 was partitioned. It was further revealed that he had purchased the small tract in 1820 from John Crist and wife, which had been originally granted by the US Government to Thomas Cole in 1812. [John "Christ" appears on page 109A of the 1820 Bloom Township, Fairfield county census, with only the name Saml Marten between John Christ and that of John Drake.

From these 1838/39 deeds involving the 5.5 acres that had belonged to John Drake, it is known:

Joseph Drake, whose wife was Mary, Isaac Drake, with wife was Nancy, Elizabeth Drake, whose husband was Jacob Rine, were in Wood county, Ohio on 5 October 1838. Mary Drake, whose husband was John Emerson, was in Franklin county, Ohio on 2 February 1839. William Drake, with wife was Susan, was living in Fairfield county, Ohio on 31 October 1838. Hulda Drake, whose husband was Jacob King, was living in Seneca county, Ohio on 31 October 1838.

Affy, it seems likely, was living in Fairfield county, probably with her son, William Drake and wanted to sell the 5.5 acre tract. She would have had a dower right (one-third) to that land, with two-thirds belonging to the other heirs.

The first of these deeds (Book 4, p 372) was dated 5 October 1838: "... we Joseph Drake, Mary Drake wife of said Joseph Drake, Isaac Drake, Nancy Drake wife of said Isaac Drake, Jacob Rine and Elizabeth Rine wife of said Jacob Rine in consideration of the sum of $140 in hand paid by Affe Drake..." for their "title, interest & estate." Then follows the description of the 5.5 acres as "lying in the north east corner of the north east quarter of section twenty one ... and bounded on the south west side by the road leading from New Lancaster to Columbus..." This deed was executed in Wood county, Ohio, and was signed there by Joseph Drake, Nancy (x) Drake, Mary (x) Drake, Jacob Rine, Isaac Drake, and Elizabeth (x) Rine. The witnesses were John G Williamson and John Clark. Williamson was a justice of the peace for Wood County and he signed the usual statement that these three men and their wives had acknowledged the deed, and that he had examined Elizabeth Rine, Mary Drake, and Nancy Drake apart from their husbands and that they had signed voluntarily. The deed was recorded in Fairfield county on 5 January 1839 (Book 4, p 372).

Then, on 2 October 1838, Jacob King and his wife, Huldah, of Seneca County, Ohio, sold their "right and interest" in this same 5.5 acres for $100 to "Affy Drake." Both Jacob and Hulda King signed their names to this deed before Levi Cunningham and N A Cunningham as witnesses. Levi Cunningham was a justice of the peace in Eden Township, in Seneca county, Ohio, and he signed the usual statement about having examined Huldah separately, etc. The deed was recorded on 7 January 1839 in Fairfield county (Book 4, p 372-3).

[John Drake and Samuel Drake assessed taxes in 1820. John or son, John?? wno]

    i Elizabeth5 Drake [132,11]
    +Jacob Rine
    ii Martha5 Drake [132,12]
    +(unknown) Meyers
    iii Hulda5 Drake [132,13]
    +Jacob King
    iv (dau)5 Drake [132,14]
    +(unknown) Reynolds
    v John5 Drake [132,15]
    +Elizabeth Goetchius
    vi William M5 Drake [132,16]
    +Susan Cupp (1812-ca1900)
    vii Joseph5 Drake [132,17]
    +Mary Swaney
    +Rosanna (Bowers) Stone
    viii Isaac Courtright5 Drake [132,18]
    +1 Nancy Swaney
    +2 Catherine Keziah (Nusbaum) McMannis
    ix Mary5 Drake [132,19]
    +John Emersons

93. [132,16] William M5 Drake (John4, John3, John2, Josias1) married Susanna Cupp [WNO] on 05 May 1836 in Fairfield County, Ohio [IGA].

    i John S6 Drake [132,161]
    ii Oliver Perry6 Drake [132,162]
    +Mary Jane Boley
    iii Hulda H6 Drake [132,163]
    iv Josiah6 Drake [132,164]
    v Harriett6 Drake [132,165]

203. [132,162] Oliver Perry6 Drake (William5, John4, John3, John2, Josias1) married Mary Jane Boley. Tombstone in Weaver Cemetery, Eagleville Road, Wood county, Bloom township, Ohio: Oliver P Drake (1840-1923) Co A 21 Reg OVVI and Mary J, His Wife (1850-1917) [WNO]

"O P DRAKE, a loyal defender of the Union during the Rebellion, and a prominent and representative citizen of Bloom township, of which he is a native, was born May 11, 1840, a son of William and Susan (Cupp) Drake. His paternal grandfather, John Drake, was a native of Newport, England, and when a young man came to the United States, where he married a Miss Messmore, of Maryland. In their family of eight children -- seven sons and one daughter -- William was the next to the youngest.

"William Drake was born near Columbus, Ohio and in that locality married Susan Cupp, who was born there. About 1838 they located in Section 25, Bloom township, Wood county, where the father died at the age of sixty- seven, the mother two years later, and they were laid to rest in Weaver cemetery. Although a strong Democrat up to the time of the outbreak of the Civil war, William Drake then became a stalwart Republican. In the family were five children, as follows: John, who was a member of the 111th O V I, died at Hazel Green, Ky, September 9, 1863; our subject is next in order of birth; Hulda is the wife of Reuben Delancy, of Bloom Center; Harriet is the wife of Elzy Morrow, of Henry township, Wood county; and Joseph, who was also a member of Company B, O V I, was captured November 16, 1863, near Lenoir, Tenn, paroled November 20, 1864, and discharged June 27, 1865; he now makes his home at Eagleville, Wood county.

"The subject proper of this review had but little chance of securing an education, and was unable to attend school at all until nine years of age, when he entered District School No 8, which stood back in the woods, on the Old Jacob Leathers farm, his first teacher being James M Bronson. In the winter season he would pursue his studies, but the summer months were devoted to the labors on the home farm, where he remained until his enlistment. On the President's first call for 100,000 volunteers, Mr Drake joined the 21st O V I, at Eagleville, April 6, 1861, the enrolling officer being George Foreman, and was assigned to Company A. After remaining about ten days at Camp Dennison, near Cincinnati, the troops were sent to Louisville, Ky, and at Ivory Mountain participated in their first engagement. Our subject continued with his regiment, taking part in every battle up to July 22, 1864, when he was wounded at Atlanta, Ga, while on the skirmish line at 8 AM They had been ordered to lie down, and the ball penetrated twenty- four thicknesses of his blanket before it struck the left side of his head. This necessitated his going to the field hospital at Atlanta, much against his will, where on his arrival he was placed on duty. He watched his chances to get away, preferring to be on duty with his regiment if he was fit for service. One evening after dusk, he jumped on a supply train, and, after an absence of two weeks, rejoined his regiment. The hospital authorities sent for him, but the colonel refused to give him up. In December, 1864, he re-enlisted as a veteran, receiving a thirty-days' furlough, and again joined the troops in Atlanta, whence he went with Sherman on the celebrated march to the sea. He participated in the grand review at Washington, D C, and was discharged at Louisville, Ky, July 25, 1865, at the end of a long and honorable military career.

"From his $13 a month wages, Mr Drake had managed to save $500, and in the fall of 1865 he bought forty acres of land in Section 22, Bloom township, from Squire John Russell, it being the farm where he still makes his home. It was then covered with timber and very stony, while not a building or a fence was to be seen, and not even a road let to the place. With the aid of his family, all but five acres have been placed under the plow, and the comfortable residence is surrounded with neat and substantial outbuildings.

"In October, 1865, in Bloom township, Mr Drake was united in marriage with Miss Mary J Boley, who was born in Trumbull county, Ohio, November 5, 1849, and is a daughter of David and Lovina (Moyer) Boley, who located in Bloom township when Mrs Drake was but a child. Besides his farming operations, the father also carried on a blacksmith shop at Eagleville, and after the death of his wife in the fall of 1887, he removed to Indiana, where his death occurred at the age of sixty-seven. To our subject and his wife have been born the following children: Carrie H, now Mrs George Henry, of Bloom township; Addis S, at home; Jackson, who works in an oil refinery at North Baltimore; Susan L, wife of Michael Glowe, of Perry township, Wood county; David F, a farmer; Zenobia V, at Home; Gertrude and Gracie M, both of whom died in infancy; and Nellie J and George A, both at home. Until 1893, Mr Drake had always supported the Republican party, but is now a Prohibitionist, while socially he holds membership with Urie Post No 110, GAR, of Bloomdale. He was a brave soldier, fearless in the discharge of his duty, and as a civilian he is classed among the honest, upright citizens of the community. [MAL,???]

    i Carrie H7 Drake [132,162,1]
    +George Henry
    ii Addis Sylvester7 Drake [132,162,2]
    +Tillie Jane Lowe
    iii Jackson7 Drake [132,162,3]
    iv Susan L7 Drake [132,162,4]
    +Michael Glowe
    v David F7 Drake [132,162,5]
    vi Gertrude7 (Gertie) Drake [132,162,6]
    vii Gracie M7 Drake [132,162,7]
    vi Zenobia Viola7 Drake [132,162,8]
    +Lester Shupe
    vii Nellie J7 Drake [132,162,9]
    viii George A7 Drake [132,162,a]


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The Little Tailor
by Bill Oliver
Copyright William Neil Oliver 1997 All rights reserved.

Johan Georg RETTIG came to Perrysburg, Wood county, Ohio before the War Between The States. He probably married and began raising a family before coming to Ohio. He was a resident of Williamsburg, Brooklyn, New York prior to coming to Wood County.


Daniel B STUMP
by Bill Oliver
Copyright William Neil Oliver 2001 All rights reserved.

Daniel B STUMP and his wife, Barbara STOVER came to Wood County, Ohio from Baltimore, Maryland, where at least their son, Daniel S STUMP was born on 24 July 1850. The family came to Wood county in 1861. The other siblings were: Mary, Leah, Lottie, John, Barbara and Phillip. The Stump farm was in Montgomery Township.

Historical Atlas of the World [Wood County Edition], H H Hardesty & Co, Chicago, 1875 p 36


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