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Wood County

Cemeteries in Wood County with links to Find A Grave.

  • Anshai Sfard Cemetery
  •    Located on Eagle Rd in Rossford, OH.
       GPS: Latitude: 41.60437, Longitude: -83.57366

  • Beaver Creek Cemetery
  •    Located near Grand Rapids.
       GPS: Coordinates: Latitude: 41.38830, Longitude: -83.84640

  • Bethel Cemetery
  •    Also known as: Rudolph Cemetery
       Located at the north end of Rudolph, OH.
       GPS: Coordinates: Latitude: 41.30033, Longitude: -83.66854

  • Bloom Chapel Cemetery
  •    Located on Eagleville Rd, Bairdstown, OH.
       GPS: Coordinates: Latitude: 41.18750, Longitude: -83.58890

  • Bradner Cemetery
  •    Located on US 23.
       GPS: Coordinates: Latitude: 41.32674, Longitude: -83.41772

  • Brandeberry Cemetery
  •    Located on Swan Rd SW of Pemberville, OH.
       GPS: Coordinates: Latitude: 41.38390, Longitude: -83.50170

  • Dunlap Cemetery
  •    Located at 17090 W. River Road, Haskins, OH.
       GPS: Coordinates: Latitude: 41.48366, Longitude: -83.73105

  • Eisenhour Cemetery
  •    Located on Bradner Rd SE of Pemberville, OH.
       GPS: Coordinates: Latitude: 41.38670, Longitude: -83.43470

  • Faylor Cemetery
  •    Located on Freyman Rd., south of Cygnet Rd.
       GPS: Coordinates: Latitude: 41.23330, Longitude: -83.71470

  • Fish Cemetery
  •    Located on Zepernick Rd., N of New Rochester
       GPS: Coordinates: Latitude: 41.37000, Longitude: -83.50390

  • Fort Meigs Burial Ground
  •    War of 1812 Battlefield.
       Located at 29100 W River Rd., in Perrysburg, OH.
       GPS: Coordinates: Latitude: 41.54964, Longitude: -83.65177

  • Fort Meigs Burial Grounds - Pennsylvania Site
  •    This is a mass burial site for the soldiers from Pennsylvania.
       Located on the grounds of Fort Meigs in Perrysburg, OH.
       GPS: Coordinates: Latitude: 41.55145, Longitude: -83.65070

  • Fort Meigs Cemetery
  •    Also known as: Fort Meigs Union Cemetery   
       Located at 620 W Indiana Ave., in Perrysburg, OH.
       GPS: Coordinates: Latitude: 41.55170, Longitude: -83.64030

  • Graham Cemetery
  •    Located on Graham Rd., just S of Wayne, OH.
       GPS: Coordinates: Latitude: 41.28830, Longitude: -83.46560

  • Hough Cemetery
  •    Located on W. Quarry Rd. on the north edge of North Baltimore, OH
       GPS: Coordinates: Latitude: 41.19033, Longitude: -83.68104

  • Howard Cemetery
  •    Located on the corner of Front St. and Wapakoneta Rd. in Grand Rapids, OH.
       GPS: Coordinates: Latitude: 41.41283, Longitude: -83.86390

  • Hufford Cemetery
  •    located on OH Rte 795 in Perrysburg, OH.
       GPS: Coordinates: Latitude: 41.56500, Longitude: -83.58970

  • Jackson Township Cemetery
  •    Also known as: Old Dunn Cemetery, Sherman Cemetery.
       Located on Riegle Rd., SE of Deshler, OH.
       GPS: Coordinates: Latitude: 41.18227, Longitude: -83.86605

  • Jenson Farm Cemetery
  •    Theodore Jenson farm, 5 miles S E of Bowling Green, OH.
       Elijah Hendricks is buried here.

  • Jerry City Cemetery
  •    Located on North St. in Jerry City, OH.
       GPS: Coordinates: Latitude: 41.25810, Longitude: -83.60500

  • Lake Township Cemetery
  •    Located on Walbridge Rd, just E of Lemoyne Rd, E of Walbridge, OH.
       GPS: Coordinates: Latitude: 41.58922, Longitude: -83.46771

  • Lyon Cemetery
  •    Located in in Middleton Township, OH,
       about 550 feet west of the intersection of Roachton Road and West River Road.
       GPS: Coordinates: Latitude: 41.52052, Longitude: -83.70355

  • Maple Street Cemetery
  •    Located in Perrysburg, OH.

  • Mennonite Cemetery
  •    Located on Jerry City Rd., SE of Rudolph, OH.
       GPS: Coordinates: Latitude: 41.25311, Longitude: -83.52798

  • Mercer Cemetery
  •    Located W of Rudolph and N of Mermill Rds. on former Mercer farm.
       Cemetery is in Liberty Twp, Condition: Extinct.
       GPS: Coordinates: Latitude: 41.30409, Longitude: -83.67703

  • Milton Township Cemetery
  •    Located on the edge of Custar, on Custar Rd.
       GPS: Coordinates: Latitude: 41.29227, Longitude: -83.84161

  • Miltonville Cemetery
  •    Located on W River Rd., next to Riverby Hills Golf Course near Haskins, OH.
       GPS: Coordinates: Latitude: 41.48534, Longitude: -83.71625

  • Mount Zion Cemetery
  •    Located at Reynolds and Bays Roads, 7481 Bays Rd, Wayne, OH
       GPS: Coordinates: Latitude: 41.26683, Longitude: -83.54456

  • New Belleville Ridge Cemetery
  •    Located on Carter Rd., N of Dowling Rd., near Tanglewood Golf Course.
       GPS: Coordinates: Latitude: 41.47970, Longitude: -83.59190

  • New Maplewood Cemetery
  •    Located about a mile from the (old) Maplewood Cemetery, SW of North Baltimore, OH.
       GPS: Coordinates: Latitude: 41.17110, Longitude: -83.68890

  • Oak Grove Cemetery
  •    Located in Bowling Green, OH.
       GPS: Coordinates: Latitude: 41.37920, Longitude: -83.63810

  • Old Belleville Ridge Cemetery
  •    Also known as Dowling Cemetery
       located on Dowling Rd.
       GPS: Coordinates: Latitude: 41.47767, Longitude: -83.58956

  • Old Maplewood Cemetery
  •    Also known as: Maplewood Cemetery, North Baltimore Cemetery
       Located on Deshler Rd., on the south end of North Baltimore, OH.
       GPS: Coordinates: Latitude: 41.17302, Longitude: -83.67342

  • Otsego Cemetery
  •    Located off W River Rd., in Tontogany, OH.
       GPS: Coordinates: Latitude: 41.44440, Longitude: -83.78280

  • Pea Ridge Cemetery
  •    Located near Rudolph, OH.

  • Pemberville Cemetery
  •    Also known as: Long Pemberville Cemetery.
       Located on Fish Rd, S of Alexander Rd, SW of Pemberville, OH.
       GPS: Coordinates: Latitude: 41.39580, Longitude: -83.49140

  • Perry Center Cemetery
  •    Located on Eagleville Rd., SW of Risingsun, OH.
       GPS: Coordinates: Latitude: 41.21339, Longitude: -83.47215

  • Plain Township Cemetery
  •    Located on W Poe Rd., W of Bowling Green, OH.
       GPS: Coordinates: Latitude: 41.38616, Longitude: -83.71049

  • Portage Cemetery
  •    Located on County Home Rd., just outside of Portage, OH.
       GPS: Coordinates: Latitude: 41.32920, Longitude: -83.63720

  • Pottertown Cemetery
  •    Also known as: Evangelical Lutheran Cemetery, German Reformed Church and Cemetery
       located on Wapakoneta Rd South of US 6.
       GPS: Coordinates: Latitude: 41.35000, Longitude: -83.86970

  • Restlawn Memorial Park
  •    Located at 3665 Genoa Rd., Perrysburg, OH.
       GPS: Coordinates: Latitude: 41.51330, Longitude: -83.46610

  • Riverview Cemetery
  •    Also known as: West Millgrove Cemetery
       Located on Sandusky St., in West Milton, OH.
       GPS: Coordinates: Latitude: 41.24032, Longitude: -83.49541

  • Saint Louis Cemetery
  •    Located on Defiance Pike just E of Custar, OH.
       GPS: Coordinates: Latitude: 41.28390, Longitude: -83.83330

  • Saint Louis Cemetery (Old)
  •    Located at 22776 Defiance Pike, Custar, OH.
       GPS: Coordinates: Latitude: 41.28547, Longitude: -83.83888

  • Saint Mary Mother of Sorrows Cemetery
  •    Located on Five Point Rd near Pargillis Rd., Roachton, OH.
       GPS: Coordinates: Latitude: 41.50760, Longitude: -83.66072

  • Saint Rose Cemetery
  •    Located on Rte 795 in Perrysburg, OH.
       GPS: Coordinates: Latitude: 41.56330, Longitude: -83.61500

  • Salem Church Cemetery
  •    Located at Bradner and Devil's Hole Rds., E of Luckey, OH.
       GPS: Coordinates: Latitude: 41.44383, Longitude: -83.43449

  • Sargent Cemetery
  •    Located on Powell Rd. NW side of Rudolph, OH.
       GPS: Coordinates: Latitude: 41.33420, Longitude: -83.66440

  • Toledo Hebrew Cemetery
  •    Located on Eagle Point Road, Rossford, OH.
       GPS: Coordinates: Latitude: 41.60406, Longitude: -83.57418

  • Tontogany Cemetery
  •    Located on Tontogany Creek Rd., Tontogany, OH.
       GPS: Coordinates: Latitude: 41.42940, Longitude: -83.74280

  • Troy Township Cemetery
  •    Located on Krotzer Ave., Luckey, OH.
       GPS: Coordinates: Latitude: 41.45333, Longitude: -83.47720

  • Union Hill Cemetery
  •    Located E of OH Rte 64, then onto Rte 212, N of Bowling Green, OH.
       GPS: Coordinates: Latitude: 41.42390, Longitude: -83.66330

  • Washington Township Cemetery
  •    Located on Range Line Rd., N of Kellogg Rd.,Tontogany, OH.
       GPS: Coordinates: Latitude: 41.42280, Longitude: -83.76750

  • Weaver Cemetery
  •    Located at Eagleville and Bairdstown Rds., E of North Baltimore, OH.
       GPS: Coordinates: Latitude: 41.18390, Longitude: -83.60940

  • Webster Township Cemetery
  •    Also known as: Scotch Ridge Cemetery
       Located off McCutchenville Rd., W of Pemberville, OH.
       GPS: Coordinates: Latitude: 41.40754, Longitude: -83.53058

  • Weston Cemetery (Old)
  •    Also known as: Westfield Cemetery
       Located along Euler Rd, just west of OH-235, in Weston, OH.
       GPS: Coordinates: Latitude: 41.35783, Longitude: -83.79070

  • Weston Cemetery (New)
  •    Also known as: Weston Cemetery
       Located on the east side of Center Street, ( aka Van Tassel Rd in Weston,OH.
       GPS: Coordinates: Latitude: 41.35577, Longitude: -83.79544

  • Whitacre Cemetery
  •    Also known as: Sugar Grove Cemetery
       Located on Cygnet Rd., E of Cygnet, OH.
       GPS: Coordinates: Latitude: 41.24031, Longitude: -83.63230

  • Wilson Cemetery
  •    Located in Perrysburg, OH.

  • Wingston Cemetery
  •    Located on Wingston Rd., N of Cygnet Rd., and W of I-75 at the Cygnet exit.
       GPS: Coordinates: Latitude: 41.27470, Longitude: -83.72560

  • Wood County Home Cemetery
  •    Located on County Home Rd., SE of Bowling Green, OH.
       GPS: Coordinates: Latitude: 41.35122, Longitude: -83.61712

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