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Dean Pruitt
Jul 31,1999

My grandfather was Russell Neville White born June 5, 1893 in Rudolf, Wood Co. His father was Adrian Russell White and his mother was Laura Jameson Lardin. Anything familiar here?

Dorothy Fitzpatrick
Jul 29,1999

Seeking information on MARIE CRANKER second wife of John Wild CREPS. She was born about 1836 and died February 19, 1898. Their first son was Jerome Livingston Creps b. February 4, 1855 in Wood County near Perrysburg, Ohio. Also seeking information on Mary Alice LOBER of Perrysburg, Ohio who married Jerome Creps January 22, 1885 in Wood County.

Tom Nadsady
Jul 27,1999

I am working on Joseph E. Bassett and Julia Ann Clayton and will gladly share what I have so far. They were married Jan 9, 1858 either in Gilead or Weston in Wood Co. She was from Jackson County, Ohio. He was from Erie county, Ohio and his parents further back to Cayuga, County New York. She was born March 26, 1838. I don't have any information on her parents.

Sue Marquart
Jul 23,1999

If anyone has any information on Mrs. Earl (Lucy Roberts) McKinnis born in Wellsville, New York on August 15, 1881, married to Earl McKinnis in 1902, passed away in April, 1921 in Bowling Green or Rudolph, Ohio, please inform me via e-mail.

Terry Elliott
Jul 22, 1999

I am looking for any information on Elijah and Clarilla Elliott. They may have lived around the Bowling Greene area around 1845-1863.

M. Donehue
Jul 21,1999

In need of more information on Lillian THOMPSON, who married Joseph STERLING in 1908. He was born in North Baltimore, Wood Co., Ohio. Don't know where in Ohio they were married.

Kathy Carson
Jul 19,1999

Katherine Marie (Mowry) Carson's Great Great Grandma child of Catherine (Fisher) Heeter Born 1841, West Germany near Heidelburg University Occupation Homemaker, Hair gray & always wore it in a tight bun. When Catherine was a young girl in Germany she herded geese to the castle of Kiser Wilhelm I. He was the first emperor of Germany during the revolution of 1848. Died 1924, Ohio, Age 83, Interment Beaver Creek Cemetery in Grand Rapids, Wood, Ohio. She is buried in the Heeter family plot which is located on the east half of lot 52 on the extreme south side about midway along a ravine. Married Jacob Heeter. He was born 28 August 1833, Germany, Died 4 April 1909, Ohio. Interment Heeter Family plot in Beaver Creek, Grand Rapids, Wood, Ohio

Kathy Carson
Jul 19,1999

4th. child of Catherine Fisher and Jacob Heeter Katherine Marie (Mowry) Carson's GG Aunt Anna (Heeter) 1. Davis, 2. Wagner Occupation Post mistress for 500 families around Grand Rapids, Wood, Ohio From history book in Grand Rapids, Wood County, Ohio called "A Souvenir of the Past and Present", July 1897 states: Mrs. Anna (Heeter) Davis is well known to the 500 families who receive their mail at Grand Rapids, where she has been post-mistress for the past four years and has conducted the business of the office in so superior, pleasant and obliging a manner as to command the admiration of the entire public, irrespective of party affiliation. Died about 1945, Probate 247-181 in Los Angeles, Los Angeles, California Married 1st. husband, Harry A. Davis When 11 September 1896 Where Grand Rapids, Wood, Ohio? Ages: he was 24 and she was Harry was born July 1868 or 1872, Detroit, Died 1902 Parents D. D. Davis and Mary Austin. They had no children. Married 2nd. husband Mr. Wagner and they had no children. Anna donated a kitchen for the Mason Lodge in Grand Rapids, Wood, Ohio.

Kathy Carson
Jul 19,1999

Katherine Marie (Mowry) Carson's Great Great Grandpa child of Phillip Heeter & Susan Jacob Heeter (Sr.?) Born 28 August 1833 Germany Came to the United States about 1846/47 age 13 or 14 (thinks his parents remained in Germany for awhile, and at sometime his father worked in the diamond mines in Brazil.) His gg granddaughter, Katherine Marie (Mowry) has a wooden foot stool, made by Jacob. It has small, different types of wood which interlock. Occupation Shoe & boot maker in Grand Rapids, Wood, Ohio. Lodge Joined 20 June 1861 the Masonic Lodge # 289 in Grand Rapids, Wood, Ohio and for 25 years he was elected treasurer. In the early 1980's Katherine Marie (Mowry) Carson was sent a large picture of Jacob which hung in the Mason Lodge. Died 4 April 1909 Ohio. Interment Heeter family plot east half of lot 52 on the extreme south side along a ravine almost midway. in Beaver Creek Cemetery in Grand Rapids, Wood, Ohio Age age 76. Services were conducted in his home on Wednesday. Rev. S. J. Colgan officiated. Alex William of Bowling Green, Ohio conducted Masonic service. Obituary: Jacob Heeter, confirmed and active Democrat, residing in a village overwhelmingly Republician, he was time and again elected to the office of conncilman-became the best people of the community knew the best interests of the whole people would be served. In June 1861, he became a member of the Masonic lodge, and for twenty-five years was continuously elected its treasurer; he served faithfully and efficiently in other offices of the lodge, and no other brother has ever stood higher in the esteem of the local Masons. One of the kindest, most charitable, and least pretentious of our citizens has passed from among us. Born August 28th. 1833; died April 4th. 1909. Services were held, Wednesday, at the house, Rev S. J. Colgan officating in the church services, and Past Master Alex Williamson, of Bowling Green, conducted the Masonic ceremonial. It was the request of Mr. Heeter, made many years ago, that Brother Alex Williamson conduct the Masonic services at his burial, and although in bad health and partially blind, Mr. Williamson came fourteen miles through the storm, and though greatly incommoded by loss of vision, conducted the services. Interment was made in the family plot at Beaver Creek. Married Catherine Fisher Catherine was born 1841 West Germany near Heidelburg University Died 1924 Ohio Interment Heeter family plot in Beaver Creek Cemetery in Grand Rapids, Wood, Ohio The following information was obtained from the Mason Lodge in Grand Rapids, Wood, Ohio. Mr. Lawrence Studer, 11757 Neowash Rd. Whitehouse, Ohio 43571. In November 1978. He also sent a present picture of Jacob's home: Jacob Heeter 1833-1909. He was treasurer of Grand Rapids Lodge # 289 for 26 years. He came to Grand Rapids about 1856 and was a leading boot and shoe maker. He also made the boots for the soldiers in the Spanish-American War. He joined the Mason Lodge on 20 June 1861. From the minutes of the lodge meeting: 1874 Jacob Heeter appointed janitor for the sum of $15.00 a year. Minutes of 27 April 1909: $4.00 paid for livery hire for brethern attending funeral of Jacob Heeter, The lodge hall burned down 19 July 1898 along with twelve other buildings. Records from 22 May 1988 to 26 July 1898 were lost and most likely the picture of Jacob too. (picture was found) Mr. Studer talked to a brother, Harold Stevens who now lives in Toledo, Ohio and is 82 years old. Mr. Stevens remembers talking to my great great grandpa, Jacob.

Kathy Carson
Jul 19,1999

3rd. child of Ruth Ann McCoy & David T. Thomas Etta Elizabeth (Thomas) Heeter Born 12 June 1876 Paulding County, Ohio Religion Methodist Church in Grand Rapids. Her parents were active members. Occupation Taught school in New Orleans, age 17. Dealt cards in a card room. Nationality Scottish, French & Irish on mother's side & Welsh on father's side Lodge: She was a member of Rebecca Lodge most likely in Grand Rapids, Wood, Ohio In 1934 when her mother, Ruth died, Etta was living in Cleveland, Cuyahoga, Ohio Height Tall, Weight Slender, tiny waist and busty, Hair Very dark brown, Eyes Dark brown almost black. She was always very neat & always wore skirts & blouses. She was a very neat housekeeper and a good cook. Died 2 January 1936 at 7:00 A.M.(have death certificate) Where Sullivan Township, Ashland, Ohio, Age 59 years 6 months 21 days. Cause Cerebral hemorrhage & arteriosclerosis Lists contributory cause as epilepsy Informant on death certificate: Lina Garrison, Doctor was A. L. Garrison. Family lore: Etta was in a train wreck, hit her head and developed epilepsy. She was put into a mental institution and fell in love with a doctor there. (Garrison?) After her release she lived and worked for him. Funeral Home: Director was John C. Murry of Creston, Wayne, Ohio Crowl's Funeral home. Now, Murray Funeral Home, 173 S. Main, Creston, Ohio 44217, phone (216) 435-6670 Services were held Sunday in Tontogany, Wood, Ohio Interment Beaver Creek Cemetery in Grand Rapids, Wood, Ohio Her brother William made the headstones for Etta, Her mother, Ruth and brother, George. Married Fredrick Heeter, 12 June 1895, Bowling Green, Wood, Ohio, she was 19 & he was 30. Married by Rev. M.B. Lanker. Record can be obtained by writing to County Clerk, Bowling Green, Ohio Volume 10, Page 388 They were divorced in Bowling Green or Toledo, Ohio Fred was born 2 September 1865, Grand Rapids, Wood, Ohio, Died 6 April 1942, Grand Rapids, Wood, Ohio. Interment Beaver Creek Cemetery in Grand Rapids, Wood, Ohio. His parents were Jacob Heeter & Catherine Fisher. From the history books of Grand Rapids, Ohio the following information was obtained. " Miss Thomas was one of the most attractive young ladies in the village." This was sent to me by a friend, Lawrence Studer, 11757 Neowash Road, Whitehouse, Ohio 43571 From a book of favorite quotes of the women of Grand Rapids, Ohio, Mrs. Fred Heeter You had better not know so much as know so many things aint so. ------Josh Billings

Kathy Carson
Jul 19,1999

2nd. child of Jacob Heeter & Catherine Fisher Fredrick J. Heeter, Born 2 September 1865, Grand Rapids, Wood, Ohio. Occupation at the age of fourteen he went into the grocery trade, and from a small beginning has built up a business was second to none in its line. He owns the store he occupied in Grand Rapids, Wood, Ohio. He carried a complete line of staple & fine groceries, queens ware, tobacco, cigars & confectionery. In foreign & domestic fruits he was the first large dealer & carried a fine grade of candy also his cigar trade was the best in town. He closed his store in March 1942 and was in business longer than any merchant in Grand Rapids. Lodge membership I.O.O.F. since 1883 and Knights of Pythias since 1886. Hobbies Fishing, Flowers & loved little children. Eyes round & blue, His GG Granddaughter, Tamra Kay (Carson) has eyes like him. Weight heavy set. Died 6 April 1942, Grand Rapids, Wood, Ohio, 76 years 7 months 4 days, cancer of the colon. Funeral Home Croll Funeral Home (It is no longer in business, but Wright Funeral Home might have their records, 2nd. at Mill, P.O. Box 275 Grand Rapids, Ohio 43522, phone (419) 832-2511 Services were held 2:00 p.m. Interment Beaver Creek Cemetery in Grand Rapids, Wood, Ohio His headstone is 24 by 14. Buried east half of lot 52 on extreme south side along a ravine about midway. His daughter, Katherine Ruth (Heeter) Croninger when asked said her PAPA was a kind gentle man who was well liked & respected by all who knew him. He started his first store to one side of his father's shoe shop. She loved her Papa very much. He never had an enemy and used to make dandelion wine. Katherine said he was a nipper. Married Etta Elizabeth Thomas, 12 June 1895, Bowling Green, Wood, Ohio. Ages she was 19 & he was 30. Married by Rev. M.B. Lanker. Record can be obtained by writing to county clerk, Bowling Green, Ohio Volume 10, Page 388 They were divorced in Bowling Green or Toledo, Ohio Etta was born 12 June 1876, Paulding County, Ohio, Died 2 January 1936, Sullivan Township, Ashland, Ohio. Interment Beaver Creek Cemetery in Grand Rapids, Wood, Ohio, but not in the Heeter family plot. She is buried next to her mother & brother George Clark Thomas. Their headstones were made by William Talbert Thomas. Etta's parents were David T. Thomas & Ruth Ann McCoy In a large book, given to Katherine Marie (Mowry) Carson, by her Great Aunt Elizabeth (Croninger) Henning; "Commemorative Record History and Biography" 1897 of Wood County, Ohio page 659 it says: Fred Heeter, the able young postmaster of Grand Rapids, who is one of the most enterprising and prosperous business men of that locality is one of the "Wood county boys" Born in Grand Rapids, September 2, 1865, he attended the excellent public schools there during boyhood, and later took a course in a business college. After graduating, he returned to his native town, and engaged in mercantile business, dealing in groceries, glassware and crockery, and has achieved a success which speaks well for his ability, judgment and fair dealing. His reputation in financial circles is one of the best, and in local politics he is among the formost, being an influential worker in the Democratic party in his vicinity. Mr. Heeter was married June 12, 1895, to Miss Etta Thomas, born June 8, 1876, one of the most attractive young ladies of Grand Rapids, and a member of one of the leading families in the Methodist Church there. Fred is a member of the fraternal order of the K. of P. and of the I. O. O. F. With hosts of friends and so firm a vantage ground gained for success in business and political life, Mr. Heeter's future is confidently expected to bring to him still greater opportunities to give proof to his ability. Fred was about 32 years old when this was written.

18 Jul 1999

I am looking for birth, marriage, and death dates for any BLAUSEY family member in Wood Co. Possibly Troy Twp.

Regina Sober
18 Jul 1999

URL: Link
Looking for relatives to the WIBERTS in OH. My gr-gr grandfather Chester Arthur Wibert was born in Wood County OH February 1886. Two of his brothers were also born there Malcomb H. (April 1888) and Charley A. (September 1891). Their father was Sylvanius Malcomb WIBERT. He was born in OH or NY 1848/51. The Wiberts were from Stillwater, NY area. If you have information, please contact me.

George F. Ginter
17 Jul 1999

McClellen & Ollie Ginter Peters. McClellen Peters died in 1926 Ollie Ginter Peters Died 1958 buried at Maplewood Cemetery, North Baltimore, Ohio. Ollie Ginter was my great aunt, looking for any informations from grandchildren of this union. I have several pictures of the Ginter family, I am unable to idenity.

Liz Boltz
13 Jul 1999
BOLTZ, looking for information on John Boltz b 1819 in PA living in Wood County in the 1870 Federal Census. He had a son, John Jr. who lived in Wood County until the 1900 Census or even later. JAMISON, Andrew, wife, Mary Ann Elizabeth Boltz b PA in 1836. I believe that this family was in one of the biographical books published in the late 1800s. Looking for William Opperman (Upperman) b 1863 (?) in Hancock County. Living with John Boltz in Wood County, Portage TWP, in the 1870 Federal Census.

Tina Dowhanek
13 Jul 1999

Hello, My name is Tina Dowhanek. I am looking for information on relatives dating back many years. I am trying to trace the Carrick line (my father's family).My dad's aunt gave me his Great Grandfather's name and his wife's name. That was all she could remember. I do have the place and date of birth of his son (my dad's grandfather). I was doing research on the internet and entered Abraham Carrick ( my dad's great grandfather) and came up with a goldmine of info if the Abraham Carrick I found is my relative. The best part is that the one I found on the web and the one I have in my info as fact both have spouses named Elizabeth Dumond. (I find it hard to believe that there are 2 Abraham C. that each married Elizabeth D.) One more interesting bit of info is this Abraham Carrick died in the same place that my dad's grandfather was born. My question is.. Is there some way I can find out if Abraham Carrick on the internet.. that was born about 1825 in Stark Co. OH. and died in Portage Twp. Wood Co. OH. and was married to Elizabeth Dumond.. is my Abraham Carrick? Is there a survived by line on his gravestone or in the county records? Do I have to pay for this info? I live in Canada. How do I access this info? Please HELP! Sincerely, Tina Dowhanek

13 Jul 1999

I am looking for Clarence BORETL b. 9 Dec 1885 and his wife Anna. They had 3 sons: Clarence BORTEL, Jr aka "Buster"; Clifford (died age 6-10) and Richard. Surnames I am researching: LASHUAY, BORTEL AND MARZOLF.

Gail Howell
12 Jul 1999

I am in search of information regarding my ECKLEY family. My ancestor was Rev. Rufus William ECKLEY. He married Martha DULL. His daughter Alice ECKLEY married my great grandfather Edgar L BEEMAN. What I would most like to know would be where he studied for the clergy, and in which denomination. Also I have no idea where he was born nor who his ancestors were. Does anyone have anything that would help me???

Susan Born
11 Jul 1999

Doing research on the families of MALOTT, WHEELER, BATES, MANSFIELD, MOYER, who may have resided in the Bradner area. Also looking for what tribe of indians resided in the area in 1800. Thanks.

Betty Brown Madsen
08 Jul 1999

Looking for information on Melinda (Barbor) and George Plantz who lived in Bradnor, OH. George died @1939 or 1940. They owned a large farm and George raised race horses. My grandfather, Delbert George Plantz, was born and raised in Bradnor. Any help would be appreciated. Betty Madsen

Gerald Bringman
07 Jul 1999

Benjamin Bringman, deceased, buried in Troy township cemetaty. I would like to know if he was born in the USA or did he immigrate from Germany.

Shirley Wellman
07 Jul 1999

My Grandmother was born in Woods County in 1182 to William Roberts and Laura Davis Roberts. I'm looking for any information about William Roberts that I can find. He came from England and became a citizen in Lucas County in 1878. He passed away and my Grandmother and her brothers and sisters were in a children's home for a while. Thanks for any help you can give. Shirley Wellman

Jim Eubank
05 Jul 1999

Looking for the parents of Marion F. GOODMAN b:abt 1834 d:1914 Married Rebecca DUHAMMEL date unknown Marion & Rebecca's children were 1. John William GOODMAN who married Teresa E. MOORE date unk.(decendent line) 2. Unknown GOODMAN 3. Dottie GOODMAN who married Hank BENNETT date unk. any help would be appreciated. I'm not sure if Marion or his parents were from Wood Co., but would guess they were.

Val Thompson
03 Jul 1999

Looking for any information on Sarah Naomi Sprague born May 22, 1851 Otsega, OH. Believe parents surnames Sprague (or Sprig) and Tingle. Possibly raised by a relative. She was married to John A. Thompson in 1871 in Iowa.

G.E. Gorsuch
03 Jul 1999

URL: http:/
My g-g-grandfather, John Gorsuch was one of the first settlers in Perry Twp, Wood County circa 1831. He was a land speculator and one of the founders of Fostoria. Although I can trace him in Ohio from 1803, I have not been able to discover his parents (from all of the Gorsuches)in Baltimore County, Maryland. John Gorsuch died near Risingsun, Ohio in 1839. My question is: Who is the father of John Gorsuch? My webpage is more detailed.

Richard Richardson
02 Jul 1999

Seek info on the parents of my great grandmother, Catherine Lillian (HESS) RICHARDSON,who married Sylas Barnard RICHARDSON, in Wood Co. OH, 28 Feb,1860. Catherine was the daughter of Henry and Sarah Jane (ROSS) HESS. Henry HESS was born in PA ca. 1806 and died in Sugar Ridge, Wood Co.,OH 1 Jan,1889. Sarah Jane (ROSS)HESS was the daughter of Samuel and Ellenior (____) ROSS. She was born ca 1817 in Morris Co., NJ and died in Wood Co., OH on 11 Feb, 1868. Would like to correspond with other researchers of these families.

Mary Rodgers
21 Dec 1999

Am looking for ancestor Samuel Biggerstaff b. 1806 MD m. Eliza Leegen or Leezen b. 1813 WVA. Samuel lived in Sandusky, Ohio Woods County at time of marriage 1828 and in 1850 census. His son John Calvin Biggerstaff b. 1839 (my line) m. Mary Kaizer or Keizer or Kaiser d. August 27, 1891. Am looking for any information on Samuel. Possibly married second time to Anne Eliza Beer and possible 3rd to ?Loveland. Any gravesites? Thanks Mary (Biggerstaff) Rodgers

Regina Sober
19 Dec 1999

URL: Link
Researching Sylvanus Wibert b about 1848, NY. He married May Whitman. They had the following children: Alpha H., Levi R., Sylvanus, Evay May, Chester Arthur Wibert b. February 23, 1886, near Bowling Green, Wood County, OH., Malcomb H., Charley A., Hazel A. Sylvanus then moved the family from NY to OH, then to Michigan where he died in 1915. If you are familar with the these people, please contact me.

Todd Huston
18 Dec 1999

I am looking for a James Huston. He married Mary Minor and had six children together. They both died the same day on 9-21-1861. James was born 6-8-1820, I don't know if that is the correct date. I think they died in Wood Co.I need to find where they died and where they are buried.

Ed Broyles
17 Dec 1999

Looking for birth record of Glenwood Broyles 1917 to show parents and doctor's name. Doc may have been his maternal grandfather. Believe he was born in Wayne. Thank you. Ed

Paul G. Tremewan
16 Dec 1999

I am looking for a source (text or person) to tell me the population of Pemberville, Ohio for 1860. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Jayne Horner
16 Dec 1999

I am interested in finding the Horner Family in Custar, Ohio My father-in-law's name Is Earl & was born in Custar Dec 1914. His Father's name is Ivan Horner. Is there any way to get more information on his family.

Pam Mercer Askin
12 Dec 1999

Seeking info on the following MERCER family members of early Wood Co: Abraham, Apalinda, Caroline, Daniel, David, Harriet, William Sr., William Jr. Porterfield, Sarah Jane, and William.

Forrest McMichael
10 Dec 1999

Looking for information on a Matthew McMichael who was born in Wood County about 1824. He left Ohio for Iowa around 1855 as a widower with three children. Any information would be appreciated.

Pat Tucker
06 Dec 1999

Dunlap, Robert (1752-1834)(born: Pennypack, PA, married: Nancy Giles ca. 1781, Mary Letts 1801, and Anna Williams 1817). Moved to Wood County, Ohio, in 1831. Buried at Dunlap grave site Middleton Township, Wood County, Ohio. Williams, Anna (1797-1839)(born: Pulteney, NY, married: Robert Dunlap 1817). Buried at Dunlap grave site, Middleton Township, Wood County, Ohio.

Sande Viau
30 Nov 1999

I'm searching for my gggrandfather/mother - Jonathan and Mary Hockenberger (Hagenberg) Stull. They are shown in the 1850 & 1860 Wood Co Census.,Bloom Twp, District 154. If anyone should have any info, I would appreciate it if you could share it with me. Apparently they were in Stulltown which I believe according to what info I was given is now called Shiloh. I am in Fresno, CA, so I have no clue about OH. We always thought they came from IL. My grandfather, also named Jonathan ended up in.....Wayne Co, IL where he married and died in cisne,il. thank you for your time. sande viau

Doug Carsten
29 Nov 1999

I am interested in any information about Earl Friend who lived in Cygnet circa:1910. He later moved to Michigan, but I have no information about his parents etc. Thank You

Mary Kay Cole WARD
26 Nov 1999

Subject: Mary A.(unk) b 1812 OH m 1st abt 1832 OH (unk) JOHNSON; m 2nd abt 1844 (unk) ROBERTS I'm searching in Wood county, OH for connections to my ancestors because the boundary lines were changed in early days. I'm trying to find parents, date of death, etc. for Mary (maiden name unknown) JOHNSON ROBERTS b. abt 1812 OH, my husbands ggggrandmother. She married 1st abt 1832 (unk) JOHNSON who was probably born around 1812 and they had 3 JOHNSON children, John b 1833, Susan b 1838 and Allen b 1842. When my Mary A. (unk) JOHNSON married 2nd in 1844 to (unk) ROBERTS b prob abt 1812 she already had those 3 JOHNSON children (John, Susan and Allen). In 1845 she had another baby she named Mary ROBERTS and in 1847 she had another baby she named Francis Emily ROBERTS. By the time of the 1850 Crawford twp, Wyandot Co., Ohio census my Mary A. ROBERTS was alone again- now with 5 children!. The last name for the three oldest children on the census is JOHNSON (John 17, Susan 13 and Allen 11) and Mary ROBERTS age 5 and Fanny E. ROBERTS age 3. Francis (Fanny) Emily ROBERTS b 1847 in Crawford twp, Wyandot co, OH grew up to marry in 1861 in Hancock Co, Oh Mahlon James WARD b 1832 in Hancock co, Ohio the son of Mr. Ward born in the early 1800's in England. Please write with info or connections. Gratefully, Mary Kay Ward, 1432 Yeardley Dr., Richmond, VA 23225-2906 Ph: 804-232-9338.

Richard Lehmann
26 Nov 1999

Looking for information on my great grandfather, Thomas LEHMANN's, half brother Gottlieb SCHWECHHEIMER. Gotlieb was born in Germany and came to Wood County with Thomas LEHMANN. There Gotlieb married Amelia ???. Their children were Frank b. 1894, Mildred b. 1896, Robert b. 1898. Looking for any information on these family members.

Richard Lehmann
26 Nov 1999

Searching for information on Christoph LEHMANN and brother Thomas LEHMANN. Both brother immigrated to Wood County from Germany in the 1800's. Christoph ran a sucessful meat business in Bowling Green and Thomas was farmer in Webster Township. Would appreciate any information on these individuals.

Nancy Petersen
24 Nov 1999

I am researching the location of Martin Elder, Ohio Civil War enlistee who died during the Civil War. His parents lived in Portage, Wood County, OH. Fathers name: John Elder mother: Mary Morehouse (We would also like to find John's parents, perhaps in Pennsylvania?) Martin's brothers, Josiah M. Elder, 179th OVI and Joseph Elder, 4th US CAV Co C, both served in the Civil War, and we know they are buried at Pleasant View Cemetery, Petersburg, Monroe County, MI. lists 2 Martin Elder names from OHIO 1. E Co 34th Inf Reg OH died at Fayetteville WV 25 APR 1862 enl. 1 Aug 1861 age 20 2. K Co 81st Inf. Reg. OH died at Acworth GA 9 Jun 1964 enl. 31 Aug 1862 age 19 Does anyone know of Martin Elder, the son of John Elder and where he is buried? Thank you for your time and any help you can give me. I am posting information about the Elder family on a website to share with relatives in Michigan and Ohio.

Bob Dewyer
24 Nov 1999

looking for info on great-grandmother matilda thornton, born in wood county. she married milo dewyer in pemberville, ohio. looking for their ancestors. my great, great, great-grandfather was daniel dewyer, born in ireland, in 1814 i believe he lived in pemberville, ohio and he was a civil war veteran. any info you have would be greatly appreciated. thank you in advance for your efforts.

Hugh McHarry
24 Nov 1999

Would like to exchange data with descendants of Mary McHarry Harned Minear, who d. 1884 in Wood Co. OH: James Harned - b: bet. 1810-1820; d: bet. 1845 and 1852 prob at Hancock Co, OH; m: 28 Jan 1836 at Clear Creek Twp, Richland Co, OH, Mary McHarry, she b: 2 Nov 1817 at Ireland, d: 3 May 1884 at Wood Co, OH. She came to NY in 1823 with her parents. In 1850 she and children were living with her future second husband and a Jane Minear born in Ireland (could have been his first wife) at Washington Twp, Hancock Co, OH. Mary m2: 24 Jul 1852 at Hancock Co, OH, Isaac Minear, and they had three children: R. C. who married Emma Teatsorth, Mary who married Frank Lamb, and Maggie, who married J. G. Starn.

Christine Sykes
22 Nov 1999

Searching for a Mary E. Borland m. to Leslie J. Kitchen b. 1859 d. June 19, 1927 (have obit. of Leslie that states they were residents of Bowling Green). He was sent back by train to be buried at Plain Church Cemetary. They had five daughters Viola, Ursula, Agnes, and Atta B. One son Walter D. Leslie Kitchen also had three brothers: Charles, Ezra, and Jedd I'm searchig for any information on both the Borland and Kitchen families. I do have last names (married) for the daughters as well. Thank you,

Libby Bargerstock-Grimm
21 Nov 1999

JACOB CLEVER; Trying to locate the parents of Jacob Clever from Cygnet, Ohio. He was buried in 1846 in the Whitaker Cemetery ( Sugar Grove Cemetery). Married to Susanna Frankforter (Frankfather). Where would the records of the cemetery be located? Is it possible that Jacob Clever is related to the Clever Family of Armstrong Co. PA.? Appreciate all information. Libby

Mark Stotzer
20 Nov 1999

Looking for any info on an Adelia STOTZER. She married a Samuel MERCER in Ottawa County on 6/2/1887. They later (through 1903?)lived in Bowling Green. Adelia is related to other STOTZER's in Archbold, Ohio.

Renee Smelley
19 Nov 1999

Frank BOWE or BOVIE Family tradition has it that the name changed to Bowe because the way the name Bovie looked on a Christening Certificate. Son of Michael BOWE/BOVIE and Lucy Anna Kellar KROTZER, b. 22Aug.1882 Bradner, Wood Co., Ohio d. 27July1966 Blackwell, Kay Co., Oklahoma. burried Blackwell Co., OK. married 12June1907 Bowling Green, Wood Co., OH Eudora "Dora" Adelia WIXON daughter of George William WIXON and Fanny Estella HEMMINGER b. 13Aug.1885 Dowling, Wood Co., OH, d. 18Nov.1970 Blackwell, Kay Co., OK burried Blackwell, Kay Co., OK. Children of Frank Bowe and Eudora Wixon Thelma May Bowe b. in Portage, Wood Co., OH (deceased) William Russel Bowe b. Portage, Wood Co., OH (deceased) Hazel Irene Bowe b. Portage, Wood Co., OH (desceased) Helen Lucile Bowe b. Portage, Wood Co., OH (living since Nov. 1999) Ester Estella Bowe b. Bowling Green, Wood Co., OH (desceased) Franklin Harold Bowe b. Blackwell, Kay Co., OH (deceased) My great grandmother is Thelma May Bowe Dittemore. I have more information on the above individuals. I just started researching this family Nov. 1999, but I aquired genealogy work that my aunt did back in the late 60s/early 70s. I am looking to share and exchange genealogy information on this family as well as finding/meeting cousins.

Miriam Rothkopf
16 Nov 1999

Looking for info on Sarah Jane Schooly Holly. Sarah was born 10/13/1832 Her father was Dr. Rhimes Schooly And her mother was Mary Walker Schooly She married PhiloHolly9/15/1854 Bellville He died at Andersonville in civil war their children were 1.Emma Alice Holly Ott 2. Anna Mae Holly Burgdolt 3. Lewis Harris Holly She died 10/10/1892 in Bowling Green Ohio

Dana Jeffers Tischer
15 Nov 1999

I'm searching for Elizabeth McCombs Jeffers who may have died (or divorced her husband Joseph Jeffers) around 1860-1861; Mary Elizabeth Budd married Joseph Jeffers around 1861-1862; Elizabeth Jeffers married Evan James 30 Mar 1861, may have died shortly thereafter (bef 1868); Ira Ward may have died bef 1870; Margaret McCombs Richey died 1853; John McCombs died 1819-1820. Any help is much appreciated.

Miriam Morgan
14 Nov 1999

I am looking for information on Jesse Walker who married Anna Fox 1864 in Wood Co.

Claudia Scranton
14 Nov 1999

EMMA SOPHIA LESTER was born in North Baltimore, Wood Co., in 1864. Her parents were JOHN L. AND MARY LESTER. I am looking for information as to when they arrived and for how long the stayed in Wood Co.

Kris Jardine
14 Nov 1999

JAMES JARDINE: I am searching for any info on a James Jardine. His address in 1894 was Toledo, Ohio. He was a honored vet from the Civil War. I have many papers on him, but very little to go on. His siblings were Petter, Graham, Robert, and Catherine. He was born in Scotland in 1837. He died on Dec 9, 1922 in Sandusky, Ohio in the Ohio Veterans home. We have very little to go on, and it appears as if this perticular family dropped of the face of the earth. We have no knowledge of James where abouts between 1865 and 1894 when he is reported to been living in Toledo befor he was admitted to the Home the first time. He was discharged from the home in 1895, and readmitted in 1905. It is reported that he was then living in Cincinnati. Any help would be appreciated. Kris Jardine

Sandra Oprsal
14 Nov 1999

My g. grandfather is Raymond Newton LONG (b. 9 Oct 1887) married Aneta Aflora "Neta" HARNED (b. 24 Mar 1889). Raymond's parents are Daniel LONG (b. ca 1832) and Clara (NEWTON) Long (b. 1866). Daniel Long was a Civil War Veteran, and lived in Tuscarawas County. Clara Long's second husband was Jack ORWIG, and they lived in Bowling Green, Wood County, Ohio. "Neta" Harned's parents were Isaac HARNED (b. 1848) and Anna SHINOUE-not sure of spelling (b. 1851). Isaac Harned was also a Civil War Veteran. They lived in Bowling Green also.

Ruth Fleming
13 Nov 1999

James Oliver SHIREY m. Sarah (Sadie) ALTMAN, probably in Venango Co.,Pa. They lived in Wood Co., Ohio in 1900. Their children were Orpha Shirey, b.Feb.1884; Willard Shirey, b.7 Nov.1885; Mabel L. Shirey, b. Aug.1888; Laura Shirey, b. Dec.1890; Lawrence Shirey, b.1892. Sadie was my mother's aunt. I'd like to contact anyone knowing of this family. thank you.

Mike Branstetter
13 Nov 1999

I am searching for information on Michael Branstetter. He was married to Catharine Mootersbaugh(Muterspaugh) on 4/19/1838 in Wayne Ohio. They may have had children; William, Andrew, and Jacob. William was born 4/22/1841 and died 1/3/1887. Michael Branstetter(4/16/1813-3/3/1903)moved to IN sometime before 1848 and married Susannah Soliday. They had 5 children: Henry,Martin,Catherine,Mary Ann, and Louisa.

Terry Hazel
13 Nov 1999

Looking for any Information on William Westly Sharp. He was a Business man in Cygnet and later in Bowling Green. He was also an active Mason

Michelle Warner
09 Nov 1999

John WARNER m Mary FREED/FREET 1810 in Frederick Co MD. They moved with their family to OH abt 1832. Childrens names: Daniel, Susan, Barabara, George, Emmanuel, John, Jacob, Margaret. John m Mary FLOWERS and moved to Gratiot Co MI abt 1858 with several other OH families.

08 Nov 1999

I would like to find any information on the Surnames: ZEIGLER, SWEET, WHITACRE, ORGAN

Gordon R. Rolston
02 Nov 1999

Looking for information on Levi Ralston (Rolston) and wife Margaret Decker. Their daughter, Mary, married Henry Brobst of Henry Twp, Wood Co., Ohio. Levi and Margaret Rolston may have lived in this county also. Mary died in 1895, location unknown; possibly this county. Any help would be appreciated. Please reply to Much thanks!

27 Oct 1999

Looking for information on the "Ten Mile House" and Scotch Ridge located in Wood County.. My GGGrandfather and GGGrandmother Robert and Sophia Beaupre Scott were supposed to have owned it.. Any help will be appreciated....Thanks..

Andrea Forman
26 Oct 1999

Looking for information regarding the Bruns and/or Senker Family who immigrated to Wood Co. (Luckey Township I believe) around 1850/60's. Two brothers (or maybe stepbrothers) John Adam Senker(Bruns), Christopher Henry Bruns and Anna Bruns who later married John Wilmer. John Adam Senker (Bruns) later relocated to Battle Creek, Calhoun Co., MI around 1865.

Sheila H.
24 Oct 1999

I am looking for information on William Boyer, born in 1880 in Bowling Green. He later moved to Elkhart Co., Indiana and married (1) Ellen Bechtel and (2) Mattie (last name unknown). William had a sister named Bernice who was last known to have lived in Florida. I am looking for information on any additional brothers or sisters as well as who William's parents are and where they came from.

Mary L. Crandall
23 Oct 1999

I am searching for family members of the BEAR family. Any descendabts of MATILDA, MARY, JOSEPH, A Civil War Veteran buried in Fostoria,ANSON,HENRY, LOUISE(LOUISA), my great grandmother

Bill Dahlberg
22 Oct 1999

Looking for any help on the Jacob and Susanna (Gingrich) Harting family. They had John Jackson, Sophie and Effie. Any help would be greatly apprecited!

22 Oct 1999

I'm searching for info on my gg-grandfather, Garrett Franklin Jones, who was born June 23, 1868 in Wood County Ohio. His parents are John T. Jones and Sarah. Garrett married Ella Morrison from Hazelton, Indiana. The eventually moved to Gainesville Florida where they died as well as are buried there. Garrett and Ella had two Children, Opal Pearl Jones and Orbra Jones. I have a copy of his death notice from a newspaper, it states he worked in a hotel run by T. F. Treadway, but don't know if it is in Wood County, also that he worked on farms. Any info, especially on his parents, would be greatly appreciated!! Thanks!

Patti Gigandet
21 Oct 1999

I am looking for info on a Jeanette Dun nee Coyne. Daughter of Frederick Eugene Coyne & Pauline Niehaus of Chicago. Born after 1888 and died before 1941. Sister named Pauline Coyne's obit states Jeanette lived in Toledo at the time which would be in 1930.

Bonnie Gilmore
18 Oct 1999

I am currently researching the Hicks/Cedoz/Rideout and Coy families. Would like to talk to anyone in these families.I have recently traced the Hicks families to the pilgrims with documentation. All of these families are from Ross Township over by the Woodville Mall and are buried in Willow cemetary on Pickle rd. in Oregon Ohio.

James McNitt
18 Oct 1999

Looking for information on James and Elizabeth WRIGHT, born abt 1832 and 1838, respectively. Immigrated from England about 1846 and 1851, respectively. Latest record (1900 census) showed them living in Weston Village. Lived in Huron Co. in 1860; Seneca Co. in 1870; and in Plain Twp., Huron Co. in 1880.

Ken Mercer
17 Oct 1999

Looking for any info on Mercer Family in or around Wood County, Ohio.

Jean Criswell
13 Oct 1999

Am researching the John Graham who resided in Wood County for a good many years. He married Melita Anderson in 1831. They had 7 Children. A daughter Melita A Caroline Graham married in 1873 to George W. Hedge in Montgomery Twp. They moved to Main street in Wayne. Any information regarding the Graham or Hedge family of Wood County, Ohio will be greatly appreciated. Thank You

Cindy Hazard
11 Oct 1999

i am trying to find any information possible on John Riley Kelley. He has brothers; Finely J., Theodore, No parents listed. in Deleware, Deleware, Ohio. I find Finely J. and wife having a son born, James Riley, Born l847 who is my great Grandfather.

Laurie Fountain
10 Oct 1999

looking for any info on William Wesley Porter and Rosalie Katherine Trimm Porter parents of: Wanda Porter Reeves, Mabel Porter Mead(1893), Ray(1894), Lloyd(1896), Marion(my grandfather(1901), Ira(1904). Where were W.W. Porter and R.K. Porter born, married? any help would be greatly appreciated, Laurie

04 Oct 1999

I am looking for any relatives of John F Swanson and his wife Julia (Matthews). They migrated to Wood county in 1916 from Gallia County Ohio. They ended up on Kramer Road/Bowling Green circa 1930's. I would love to hear from anyone who may know of them or their relatives. They had 4 children: Louise, Norma, Cecil, Henry (Clint). I am the daughter of Henry.

David Garrett
03 Oct 1999

Hello, I desperately need help, because i have hit a wall and have not been able to find nay more info. Your help would be greatly appreciated. i am searching for any info and especially info regarding the parents of an ancestor of mine. i do not have any info on the parents (no names, dates nothing). my last known relative here is Walter Kirk Edgar who was born 9/27/1863 in Weston, Ohio and married an Idella Boor in Ohio. Walter Kirk Edgar's father was supposedly a sea captain and his mother was from Spain. the info that I have is that his Spanish mother died while he was a child and his dad was at sea, he then ran away to Defiance, Ohio and was raised by a miller named either Boor or Van Boor. Walter Kirk Edgar supposedly had a brother and sister (i have no names). later he supposedly went to MIT and became an engineer. I have an interest in getting any information on Walter Kirk Edgars immediate family. I hope that you may be able to help or direct me. Thank You!

Chris Fraley
01 Oct 1999

I am researching the the Ralston, Fowler and Struble surnames from Wood county. Joseph Ralston was born Oct. 20,1799 in Ireland. He married Sarah Jane McCormick Sept. 18,1821 in Armstrong co. PA. They came to Wood county in 1834. Their children are James Dizert, Rebecca, Anne and John(twins), Mary, Joseph Jr., Elisabeth, Alva, Sarah, Wilson and Mary A. Sarah married Horace Henry Boardman in 1859. Elisabeth Married William Fowler in 1858. William was a Marshal and Nightwatchman of Bowling Green in the 1870's. They had a daughter Mertie who married Joseph Struble in 1884. I would love to share info with anyone researching these families.

April Lander
30 Sep 1999

I am looking for VIRGINIA AVIS WORTHINGTON born in 1884. She is listed on her daughter's birth certificate (Alice Jane Potts) as from Ohio and we found a picture of a man who we believe was her father with "BLOOMDALE, OH" written on the back. She had two sisters, Gwendolyn and Fern. She married Theodore Greenleaf Potts on Nov. 1, 1911 in Minneapolis, MN and she died Nov. 21, 1921 in Aurora, IL. Her husband died Jan. 19, 1919. They had four children: Alice Jane b. 1913, Mary Louise, Virginia, and Francis. Little Virginia and Frances died before their mother and the other girls were adopted in 1922. She is my great-grandmother and I hope to find her birth certificate and more information on her family to complete our family history. Thanks to anyone who can help.

Patti Gigandet
30 Sep 1999

I am researching my g-aunt, Jeanette Coyne Dun/Dunn. She is the daughter of Frederick Eugene Coyne & Pauline Niehaus of Chicago. Only info I have on her is she married someone by the name of Dun and lived in Toledo at the time of her sister Pauline's death (12/16/1934). I'm assuming she was born around the turn of the century since her siblings were.

Marie Sterling
28 Sep 1999

Am attempting to locate any information, ie: newspaper Clipping, personal knowledge, etc. concerning death of Harold Edward Willison, who apparently died in Wayne, Wood County, Ohio on August 14, 1944 of an apparent gun shot wound. He worked for the Bradford Supply Company and left a widow, and two small children. Appreciate any information at all. Thank you Marie Sterling, Stuart, Fl.

Karen Cale
28 Sep 1999

Andrew SCHAUWECKER listed in COMMEMORATIVE HISTORICAL AND BIOGRAPHICAL RECORD OF WOOD COUNTY, OHIO. Its past and present, beers, 1897, page 1139-40, Volume 1. Andrew SCHAUWECKER listed in Volume II, page 390. The Vol II Index lists Andrew, Bertha, Emma, Herman, Howard, Lena, Lloyd, Louise, Mary, Mary M., May, Michael, Orma and William. Any chance of getting a copy of these pages? I will send my address and reimburse for any work done. Thank you.

Shelly Perkins
26 Sep 1999

Hello. I am searching for information on Perkins in Wood County in the 1920's. I am at a dead end. Can any one Help?????

Sharon Vaught
23 Sep 1999

I am looking for any information on McClellan. Looking for a Jack John Harry . Harry was born in Wood County abt.1879.

21 Sep 1999


Diane McCune
18 Sep 1999

I am looking for someone who could lookup a Thomas MCCLINTK in 1850 Ohio Census, according to the index he is in Wood Co., Henry Twp. page 267. I was unable to find him on the micro film in my state library (poor film). Appreciated much. Thank you for your time.

Brenda Elliott
18 Sep 1999

Looking for information on Wesley Shaner born Jan 30, 1841 in Bradner (Wood Co). Parents were John Shaner (Schoener) and Elizabeth Tripp. John was a farmer outside of Bradner. Wesley was the youngest son, and he had a brother named Tommy. Wesley served in the Ohio Volunteers Civil War. Wesley married Sarah Cathrine Davenport. I have no information regarding Wesley's sibblings or his parents. We have figured that the last name was changed from original spelling. any help will be appreciated. Thanks Brenda

Sue Moyer Chism
18 Sep 1999

James A. CHISM, born 1855 in Fairfield County, Ohio. Died after 1900 in Wood County, Ohio. Wife Anna M. CHISM. They are both buried in Oak Grover Cemetary, as is a son Howard C. Were there more children? Where is Oak Grove Cemetary? 1900 Census lists them as living in Plain Township. Can someone tell me where this is? Thank you.

Terry Chevako
17 Sep 1999

I have copies of two letters written to Albert Winfield Scott WOOLEM by J.H. WOLLAM of Risingsun, in 1908. J.H. may be Joseph Wollam, son of Alfred and Nancy Wollam. I am very interested in any responses to the letters from Albert, and I am happy to share.

Beverly Davis
15 Sep 1999

My g.grandfather, George William Black was born in Perrsburgh, Wood, Ohio ( August 1860). I would like to know of his lineage. I have the name Abner for his father but nothing more. He (George) married Emma J. Gordon from Indiana in 1881.

14 Sep 1999

I am trying to find an obit. on a William McCready he would have died prior to 1958. He had three sons, William, Chester and James McCready. One family member thought he was in a wauseon cemetary and that he died from quarry fever. I could not find him on the social security death index. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Sincerely, Melissa

John Claybaugh
12 Sep 1999

I am looking for information on WILLIAM E.& HANNAH CLAYBAUGH. They are listed in the 1900 Ohio, Wood Cty. Jackson Twp. census. They had 3 children, MARY J. CLAYBAUGH BORN=1876 JOHN G. CLAYBAUGH BORN=1878 JOSEPH B. CLAYBAUGH BORN=1880 Any information regarding this family would be helpful. THANKS IN ADVANCE

Douglas LAUPP
12 Sep 1999

Looking for information on the John SNYDER family from Wood County, Ohio. John married a Pricilla GARWOOD May 1869 and had 3 children with her, Jay Lawrence SNYDER, Violitta M. SNYDER she married a Washinton AVERY, and Arthur Floyd Snyder he married a Elizabeth Scobbie Reid and moved to Bellvelle Illinois. He married 2nd harriet SLINKER and had the following children, Charles, Thomas, Alta Mae, and Hattie.

Chris Sykes
08 Sep 1999

Am researching surname KITCHEN My great-grandmother was Alta or Atta Bernice Kitchen b. May, 1901, m. Daniel Earl ZIMMERMAN, d.16 Jan., 1928 Buried at Plain Church Bowling Green, Ohio I know that her father was Leslie J. Kitchen b.1859? m. Mary E. BORLAND, d. 3 June 1927 Cleveland, Ohio. Leslie was also a former resident of Bowling Green (obit info.) Other children on Leslie J. KITCHEN and Mary E. BORLAND were: Viola KITCHEN-LEADENHAM, Ursula KITCHEN-DEAN, Agnes KITCHEN-MILTON, Naomi KITCHEN, and Walter D.KITCHEN. Any information pertaining to this family would be of great assistance. Thank you!

Joy D. Engel04 Sep 1999

I am searching for Henry O.Engel who lived in Rudolph and Portage area. He was born in Germany in 1878 and died in Perrysburg in 1966. He was married first to Cora Coppler she died in 1918. 2nd marriage was to Eva Smith and she died in 1966. He was the son of Herman and Wilhelmina (Enderwish) Engel.

Lynne Dietrich Wilson
03 Sep 1999

NAVARRE, Mara Archangela, b. 1820-1822. May have been born or lived in Wood Co. She died Oct, 1891 in Ottawa Co. Ohio. Married Peter RUMERY. They had seven children: Eli Ehoe Rumery b. 1841; Susan Rumery b. 1846; Mary Clement Rumery b.1848; Robert Rumery b. 1851; Daniel Rumery b. 1852(1857?); Mary Rumery b. May,1859; and Julia Rumery b. Dec. 1861. Searching for parents of Mara Archangela and Peter Rumery and descendants. Daniel Rumery married Julia VELER.Thanks for any help. Lynne Dietrich Wilson in Alabama.

John Gunder
31 Aug 1999

Damiel CLEMENS brought his family from Seneca Co and settled close to what was Six Points located in Portage Twp. Wood Co. Ohio. I need to contact any one related to Daniel CLEMENS. What I know: Danile CLEMEN'S wife was Hannah KISER. Had Fourteen children.( only know the name of one) Elizabeth CLEMENS. Elizabeth married David GONDER who was my Great Grandfather. I do have David and Elizabeth's children and Grand children.I would ;like to know who Daniel and Hannah's parents was etc on this CLEMENS line. I will share what information I have. John Gunder

Pam Kerschner
26 Aug 1999

I would like to hear from an descendants of Joseph DERMER (DEREMER) (ca 1836-bef.1881) and Louisa MILLER (1832-1887). While Joseph and Louisa died in Delaware Co., OH, many of their children lived and died in Wood County, OH. Their children: William H. DERMER (b. ca 1852) md Minnie GRAY; John L. DERMER (1853-1938) md (1) Pollie JONES (2) Lena RUTTER; Andrew B. DERMER (1855-1931) md (1) Almeda EDWARDS (2)Adelina "Delia" or "Della" MORRISON; Anne May DERMER (1858-1938) md George KLINE; Simon Wesley DERMER (1860-1927); Emma J. DERMER (1862-?) md Wesley E. SMOTHERS; George DERMER (1864-1939) md Iva "Ivy" DARROW; and Charles G. DERMER (1868-1923) md Jennie Ellen SWANEY.

Karen Cale Schauwecker
25 Aug 1999


Helen Underwood
23 Aug 1999

Seeking information on Jesse NEEDHAM married Sarah RUNYAN in Wood County 1816. Any help will be appreciated.

Kathy Franz
22 Aug 1999

I am researching my mother's family. Her name was Grace Elizabeth COY, b. 5 May 1914. She married Edwin Lester FRANZ in 1939. Grace's parents were Arthur Cleveland COY, b. 4 Oct 1886 and d. 25 July 1968; and Florence E. RIDEOUT, b. 8 Aug 1891 and d. 3 Aug 1966. Arthur's parents were William O. COY, b. 26 Aug 1857; and Elizabeth ADKINS, b. 27 Sept 1866. I am stopped here and would appreciate talking with anyone researching these lines. Will gladly share. Thank you.

Kathy Franz
22 Aug 1999

Am researching my father's family who resided in Wood County for several generations. His name was Edwin Lester FRANZ, b. 17 July 1908. He married Grace Elizabeth COY IN 1913. His parents were John L. FRANZ, b. 3 Feb 1877; and Cora WAGONER. I have no information on my WAGONER line. I believe John's father was Julius FRANZ but I have no other information about him either. I would appreciate hearing from anyone researching the FRANZ/WAGONER lines. I will gladly share what I have. Thank you.

Shirley Barger

Looking for info on Thomas Ralston B. 1836 Glasgow,Scotland may have died 1927 N. Baltimore Ohio. Wife Gertrud Baird, they ahd 5 children 1. Gladys Ralston 2. Etheline Ralston Married George Taggert Evans 3. Lila Grace Ralston Married Thomas Carrabin 4. Maynard Ralston 5. Norman Ralston Any ifo would be appreciated. Thanks. Shirley Barger

Edna Meeks
20 Aug 1999

I was told verbally that an ancestor may be burried at the Five Points Cemetery in Wood County. Name of Charles F. Wohlmuth. More important, I would like directions to the cememtery. I was told it may be near Hessville. is that correct? Thanks in advance for your help.

Jack Parry
20 Aug 1999

I'm trying to locate the farm of Emanual and Marie Custer, parents of George A. Custer. I understand they relocated to Wood Co., Ohio in 1860.

William L. Rosendale
20 Aug 1999

Need to make a connection to my ancestors who lived in Wood COunty. William Rosendale arrived early 1800's from Swanland, England. Need connection to my Grandfather William A. Rosendale. Thank you for any help or advice. Bill Rosendale

Connie Hieber
19 Aug 1999

I have been researching family surnames in Wood Co. Have information on these surnames. I would love to exchange information.

The McGuires

Ambrose FRY m. Sarah Travis in 1873 Addison S. FRY m. Sarah Fackler - 1875 Eliz. FRY m. J. W. Cole - 1876 William FRY m. Hattie CLARK -1877 J. W. FRY m. Jennie Rosendale - 1878 John FRY m. Lovina Stull - 1878

The McGuires
19 Aug 1999

CLARK ---Between March 6, 1869 and Oct 30, 1878 there were 14 people by the last name of CLARK who got married in Wood Co, OHIO according to LDS file Batch M523462. They include a name I am researching, Harriet (Hattie) Clark. She married William Jacob Fry/FREY on Oct 18, 1877. They later moved to Putnam Co, Ohio and raised a family in the vicinity of Gilboa, Ohio. They were in the 1880 census in Blanchard Co. It says that Hattie's father was born in PA. I do know that Hattie Clark's mother was Louisa Ruchel (b. Maine). Any help would be appreciated in locating the name of Hattie's father.

16 Aug 1999

Searching the Leiter family from near Custar, OH - my grandmother Dottie Leiter came to Oregon on the train with her father Newton Leiter and mother Loretta Leiter, brother Clifford (Pete), and sister Josephine. They auctioned all to come to Oregon in 1890 - have auction paper clipping - don't know the name of paper - any help on research would be tremendously appreciated.

John Haskins Gratkins
16 Aug 1999

Looking for HASKINS from Haskins,OH Specifically Samuel b 1796 Son of Samuel, Enoch b 1821 m Scymantha ? in 1846 d 1891 Son of Enoch, John Daniel b 1846 m Calista Cooper Son of John Daniel, James Lorenzo b 1870 d 1947

Mark D. Stotzer
15 Aug 1999

Looking for information (parents names) of an Adelia STOTZER (b. 1843 Wood County) that married a Samuel MERCER 6/2/1887 in Ottawa County. They lived in Bowling Green afterwards. Note: Adelia may have been married to an E.H.VAGI in 1868.

John Gunder
15 Aug 1999

Henry HARMAN and wife Catherine along with son William worked on the canal and September 1842 settled in montogomery Twp Wood Co. Ohio also build and owned what was called the Washington House located in Freeport now named Wayne Ohio. My question is did he have another son besides William and where did he take the oathe of allegiance. I have information on family and willing to share.

Richard Lehmann
15 Aug 1999

Researching the LEHMANN family. My great grandfather Thomas Lehmann and his brother Christoph Lehmann settled in Wood County. Thomas farmed in Webster Township in the late 1800's. Christoph operated a retail/wholesale meat business in Bowling Green at the same time. Both were married with children. Seeking information on this family. Will share what info I have. Also researching information on the SWAN (Schwan), SCHWECHHEIMER, and DANNENBERGER families of Wood County. Would appreciated any help.

Jan James
13 Aug 1999

I am looking for information on my greatgrandmother Helen S. Poe. She married in Ohio to Harry Lester Wade and they had 5 children. Her mother, Jessie Poe died in Fostoria, also. Helen Poe DOD was 1974 and her DOB was 9-5-1882, in Fostoria, Ohio. Any info would be a great help.

Jan James
13 Aug 1999

I am looking for any information on Harry Lester Wade DOB 1-2-1879. His DOD was 1924 in Fostoria, Ohio. He married Helen S. Poe and had 5 children. He is my great grandfather. He is buried in Fostoria Fountain Cemetery in Fostoria, Ohio. It is possible he was also born in Fostoria. He owned a clothing store on Main St. in Fostoria. Any information would be helpful.

12 Aug 1999

Looking for information about the four peolple buried at the Eisenhour(hower) in Pemberville: A. Elisha Calkins (1805-1875) and wife Mary (Polly) Fuller (1803-1881). Next to them are Joseph Fuller and Molly Fuller, I think this may be her parents.

Larry Magee
11 Aug 1999

Looking for information on a GEORGE CLARK CAROTHERS. Spouse, CATHERINE FURST. Lived in Tontogany, Wood, Ohio

10 Aug 1999

We are looking for some information on some ancestors of ours that lived in Wood County,Ohio in the 1800's. They are KETCHUM ancestors. Some names are Mary [married Julius Behme], Nathaniel, Andrew, Paulina, Edward and etc. Anyone knowing any information on any of the Ketchum family, please let us know.

Bonnie Stinchcomb
06 Aug 1999

I am resarching Rebecca HETICH who was born 1799 in OH and married 1821 in PA to George SWENEY. Rebecca died 1882 in Bowling Green, Wood County OH and was buried in Crawford County OH. Children were: Charles, Rebecca, Carrie, Paul, Augusta, Charlotte "Lottie," and Martha. Any help is appreciated!

Michael Lee
02 Aug 1999

Looking for any info on an Abraham Lee. Only info we have is he was married to Sara and had a child named Thomas. Abraham died Sept 27, 1855 and Sara died January 1859. We can find no information before this point. We are positive they did live in Wood County but not sure if they were born there.

Linda Holtorf
01 Aug 1999

Trying to find out more about William Winup. He was in the Civil War about 1864 and is listed on the 1860 Census for Wood County. Look for children and spouse to link to William Winup, my great grandfather.

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