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GEORGE ARNOLD - Born 1752, served 3 years in Maryland under Capt. Michael Boyer. Resided in Salt Creek Twp. Died in 1833, buried in family cemetery.

JOHN BERGER - Served in Pennsylvania, resided in German Twp. Died 1836, buried in Fisher Cemetery.

THOMAS BICKEL - Born 20 Oct. 1752 in Northumberland Co. , Pennsylvania. Served in Northumberland Militia, May & June 1780 under Lieut. Jacob Spees, resided in German Twp. Died 1817, buried on family farm.

EDWIN BOOTH - Born 23 Mar. 1753, served 3 years in 6th Maryland Regiment, resided in Washington Twp. Died 11 Oct. 1836, buried in Nashville Cemetery.

JOHN J. BRASSBRIDGE - Born 1758, served in Pennsylvania 10th Regiment in Lancaster County under Capt. Samuel Cochran, resided in Ripley Twp. Died 1832, buried in Hopewell Presbyterian Cemetery.

SAMUEL BUCKLEW - Born October 1761 in South Amboy, New Jersey. Served in New Jersey Light Dragoons. Resided in Mechanic Twp. Died 22 June 1843, buried in George Elliott Cemetery.

THOMAS BUTLER - Born 6 May 1747 in Frederick Co., Virginia. Served in Virginia Continental Line from Monongalia Co. Resided in Prairie Twp. Died 16 August 1824, burial place unknown.

JOHN CRAMER - Resided in Knox Twp. Died 9 August 1836, buried at Kaylor Ridge.

JOHN CRITCHFIELD - Born 1758 in Delaware. Served in Virginia Continental Line with General Washington. Resided in Washington Twp., died 1831, buried at Nashville Cem.

JOHN CORBIN - Born 2 Feb 1750, lived Culpepper, Virginia. Served 8 months and 15 days in 1775 under Capt. John Thornton and Col. Wheedon. Married Sarah ? there after returning from the war. Applied 10 Oct 1832 Holmes County OH, a resident of Prairie Township, OH. Claim was allowed. Widow was aged 70 in 1833. Soldier's daughters mentioned were: Celey, aged 48, and Fanny, aged 46, in 1833.

ARTHUR CUNNINGHAM - Served in Maryland from Cecil County. Resided in Mechanic Twp. Died in Millersburg in 1828, burial place unknown.

RICHARD DROUGHT - Born 1768. Served for 4 years as private in New Hampshire Continental Forces. Resided in Hardy Twp. Died 1829, burial place unknown.

JONATHAN GRANT - Born February 1754. Served 2 years in Virginia Continental Line beginning February 1776. Resided in Prairie Twp. Died 27 January 1833, buried at McCulloch Cemetery.

HENRY DUTCHER - Born 30 July 1751. Served in New York as Private from December 1775 to February 1777. Resided in Prairie Twp. Death date unknown, buried at Works Hill Cemetery.

WILLIAM HENDRICKSON - Born 1757. Served in Maryland. Resided in Washington and Mechanic Twp. Still living in 1840. Date or burial place unknown.

JOHN HITES - Born 3 June 1762 in France. Came to America at age of 18 with Gen. Lafayette, Resided in Prairie Twp. Died 7 October 1834, buried at Works Hill Cem.

JOHN LUKE - Born 2 November 1761, Middlesex County, New Jersey. Served in New Jersey Dragoons under Capt. Dunham. Resided in Salt Creek Twp., Died 1835, burial place unknown.

GEORGE METZLER - Born 1755 in Germany. Served in Pennsylvania. Resided in Mechanic Twp., Died 2 November 1825. Probably buried in George Carpenter Cemetery.

JAMES MATHEWSON - Born 1760 in Northampton Co., Pennsylvania. Served in May 1781 under Capt. John Lyle of Northampton Militia. Resided in Washington Twp. Died 1827, burial place unknown.

SAMUEL MORRISON - Born in 1776 in Hagerstown, Maryland. Served in Indian Wars with Virginia Frontier Forces under General Wayne. Resided in Mechanic Twp. Died about 1848. Buried at George Carpenter Cemetery.

PETER MYERS - Born at sea. Served with Pennsylvania Forces. Resided in Hardy Twp. Died 20 January 1843, buried in Old Millersburg Cemetery.

ADAM MYSER - Born about 1744 at Millbuch, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. Served in Capt. John Sneider's Militia of Northumberland Co. in 1780. Resided in Paint Twp. Died in 1826, buried on family farm 1/2 mile off route 659.

JOHN PALMER - Born 1757 in Virginia, Served on Virginia Continental Line, Resided in Mechanic Twp. Died in 1848, buried on family farm.

JOSIAH PERRY - DAR & WPA records list him as Rev. Soldier buried at Nashville Cem.

CHRISTIAN SMITH - Born in Pennsylvania. Served and was disabled while fighting with Pennsylvania Line. Resided in Washington Twp. Died ca 1839. Probably buried in Nashville Cemetery.

LUKE TIPTON - Born May 1760 in Baltimore, MD. Served from April 1779 to April 1780 with Capt. McCluggage's Rangers from Bedford Co., Pennsylvania. Resided in Hardy, Richland, and Mechanic Twp. Died 8 October 1855 at age of 95 in Dresden, Tennessee. Buried at Sunset Cemetery, Dresden, TN.

JOHN TRIMBLE - Born 1748 in Ireland, Sergeant in Col. Lochry's Battalion from Westmoreland Co., Pennsylvania, Captured on Indiana border and held to end of War. Resided in Ripley Twp. Died 9 Aug. 1838, buried in Hopewell Presb. Cem.

JAMES WELLS - Born 23, Dec. 1751 in Frederick Co., MD. Served with Maryland Army. Resided in Washington Twp. Died 29 February 1826, buried in Wells Baptist Cem.

JONATHAN WHEATON - Born 26 June 1755 in Bradford, Connecticut. Served in 7th Regiment, Continental Army. Resided in Hardy Twp. Died 23 April 1838, buried in Old Millersburg Cemetery but body moved to Oak Hill, Millersburg.

SAMUEL WILLIAMS - Born 1755 in Dunham, New Hampshire. Served 3 years in New Hampshire Army. Resided in Mechanic Twp. Died abt. 1839, buried on family farm.

GEORGE E. WOLFE - Served in Pennsylvania. Died 28 January 1827, buried at Nashville Cemetery.



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