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In the summer of 1999, our chapter visited the resting places of Wayne County Patriots of the American Revolution. Our chapter's records indicate that this was last done about 50 years ago. Some of the stones no longer exist, many are no longer readable. DAR markers placed many years ago are also gone. Below is a listing of the graves we have identified. The list comes from various sources--Chapter records, Court House records, etc. We have included the notes done 50 years ago as well as updates from 1999.
We have noted the ancestors shown in the 1990 DAR Patriot Index. When included in our chapter records, we have included the proof of service needed for DAR membership. We have no other information on these patriots beyond what is shown.

ANDERSON, JOHN - Died 8/7/1850 85 Years

AX, PETER - Place, Mt. Eaton Cemetery, Paint Twp. Grave Marker-"Peter AT, War of 1776" (Marker not located in 1999)


Henry Baker Tombstone

BAKER, HENRY - Millbrook Cemetery, Clinton Twp. Private 2nd class Capt. Clapsaddle's Co., Cumberland Co. Militia.

1990 DAR Patriot Index: b3/23/1750 Germany, d2/7/1831 OH, married Eva Keiffer, Pvt, PA

Proof of Service: PA Archives Series 5, Volume 6, Pages 93, 116, 122

BEIDLEMAN, VALENTINE - Beidleman Cemetery, Congress Twp., DAR marker  Born 1755, died 8/28/1838 , Spouse Elizabeth

BODINE, John S. - Bodine Cemetery, East Union Twp. 

Private 4th PA Regt. under Capt. Stephen Stephenson

1990 DAR Patriot Index: b1741 PA, d12/24/1836 OH, married Ann, Pvt, PA
Proof of Service:   PA Archives

Boydston, George - Bodine Cemetery, East Union Twp.

Born c1737 MD died 11/18/1825
Spouse:  Eunice Burris
Patriot, Ranger, Furnished Supplies

Proof of Service:  Historical Register of Virginians in the Revolution Page 84

Burgan, Daniel - Bodine Cemetery, East Union, Twp.

Born c1750 PA died 8/11/1818
Spouse:  Mary Clymer
Private Bucks Co. Militia

Proof of Service:  PA Archives


William Campbell Tombstone

CAMPBELL, WILLIAM - Buried on railroad ground that was formerly the Willford Farm about a mile southwest of Orrville. Later moved to Union Cemetery, Dalton. DAR marker. Private PA Barr's Co., Westmoreland Co. Militia.

1990 DAR Patriot Index: b1761 PA, d12/26/1836 OH, married Mary Baird, Pvt., PA

Proof of Service: Pension File


Augustus Case Tombstone

CASE, AUGUSTUS - Buried just north of Springville in Maple Grove Cemetery, Plain Twp., near church building. Served under Peter Dickenson

1990 DAR Patriot Index: b7/17/1759 NJ, d3/24/1852 ,married Elizabeth Bell, Pvt., NJ


Simon Chaffin Tombstone

CHAFFIN, SIMON - Served under Samuel B. Webb. Believed to be buried in Lutheran Cemetery, East Union Twp. Grave not located.

1990 DAR Patriot Index: b9/27/17 MA, d8/8/1837, married Mercy Sanderson. Pvt., Minute Man, MA

Michael Cobler Tombstone COBLER, MICHAEL - Buried family cemetery 2 miles west of Shreve, later moved to Oak Grove, Clinton Twp. Brown sandstone marker and DAR marker. "In memory of Michael Cobler died 3/24/1841 87 years 10 months." (In 1999, stone no longer legible)


Robert Cockrell
COCKRELL, ROBERT - Caanan Bend Cemetery in Caanan Twp., about 2 miles west of Creston. No DAR marker. Died 11/3/1811, age 55

COE, EBENEZER - Union Cemetery, Dalton, 1736-1827. No marker or inscription. Lt. Capt. John Leacke's Co. Westmoreland Co. Militia

1990 DAR Patriot Index : b1736 NJ, d7/25/1827, married Eunice Jagger, Lt., PA

Proof of Service: Pension File


Alexander Culbertson, Sr.

CULBERTSON, SR., ALEXANDER - Born 1760, died summer 1833. Buried Maize Cemetery behind Triway Jr. High School. DAR marked 7/27/1990

1990 DAR Patriot Index: b1760 DE, dp6/9/1829 OH, married Ruth Brice, Pvt., PA


Ezekiel Conkey, Sr.
CONKEY, SR., EZEKIEL - Knupp's Cemetery 1 mile west of Rittman, now part of the Rittman Cemetery in Milton, Twp. White Granite slab marker and DAR marker. "Ezekiel Conkey, died 8/17/1837, age 75 years" (1999, DAR marker not located)


John Davidson Tombstone

DAVIDSON, JOHN - Old cemetery #3 in Smithville, Green Twp. across from new school, northeast corner of cemetery near the road. Narrow granite stone and DAR marker. "Jno Davidson, 9th PA Inf. Rev. War". (1999, stone no longer legible)

Spouse: Eliza

DAVIS, II, JOHN - Yankeetown Cemetery, Plain Township, PA Militia 1762-1856


Samuel Denman Tombstone
DENMAN, SAMUEL- -Dalton Cemetery, Sugar Creek Twp. 1766-1852


John Dulin, Sr. Tombstone

DULIN, SR., JOHN - Congress Cemetery, Congress Twp. Old cemetery near Congress Village. Marker is tall marble slab with open Bible carved at top with inscription "John Dulin, a soldier of the revolution d 5/21/1845 age 85 years 15 Days John XIV"

Addition to 1990 DAR Patriot Index: b5/1760, d5/21/1845 OH, married Sarah Sharp, Sgt., PA

Proof of Service: Pension File


Peter Edmonds Tombstone

EDMONDS, PETER - Warner Cemetery back of Leo Warner home in a private cemetery near a grove, 2 miles west of Wooster along Lincoln Highway. Square 3 tier granite monument and DAR marker. Plain Twp. "Peter Edmonds, died 7/30/1854 age 94 years." Pvt., PA

Spouse: Elizabeth wife of Peter died 1/24/1830 age 60 years 9 months 18 days.

1990 DAR Patriot Index : b8/1/1760 PA, d8/4/1854, married (1) Pheby Davis (2) Elizabeth Warner (3) Mrs. Martha A. Bechtel, Pvt., PA

Proof of Service: PA Archives Series 5 Vol. 4 Page 319 and Vol. 8 pages 445 and 505


Henry Fike Tombstone
FIKE, HENRY - Zion Church Cemetery, Milton, Twp. at northwest corner under pine tree. Plain marble slab at head of grave. DAR marker "Henry Fike, soldier of 1776" (1999, marble slab no longer exists)


Henry Franks Tombstone

FRANKS, HENRY - Chestnut Hill Cemetery, Doylestown, Chippewa Twp. DAR marker (1999, DAR marker not located)

Spouse: Christina Mason buried same location

1990 DAR Patriot Index: b6/29/1763MD, d5/5/183 OH, married Christina Mason, Pvt., PA

Proof of Service: Pension File


Martin Fritz Tombstone

FRITZ, MARTIN - Shinersburg cemetery, near Rittman, Milton Twp., east end of cemetery. Old granite slab, lower part cut off. DAR marker, "Martin Fritz, died 8/17/1844 94 years" Drafted to take part in a campaign against the Wyandot Indians to be led by George Rogers Clark. Served under Capt. Samuel Cochran's 10th Batt. Lancaster County Militia (1999, marker has been replaced)

1990 DAR Patriot Index: b1750 France, d8/17/1844, married Catherine Wildt, Pvt., PA

Proof of Service: History of Medina 1887 Page 807, History of Wayne Co. OH Page 658, PA Archives 5th Series Vol. 7 Page 107 and 1027


O. Fritz Tombstone
FRITZ, O. - Pioneer Cemetery, Shinersburg, Milton Twp.

GRANT, JONATHAN - Wooster Cemetery Lot 495, Block 9 Grave E (Just a memorial, soldier buried in Holmes Co.) VA Continental Line

1990 DAR Patriot Index: b 7/16/1755 CT, d 7/27/1833 OH, married Sarah Kelley, Pvt., VA

GRAY, JAMES - Wooster Cemetery Lot 495, Sec Block 14 E. No marker, no other records available

1990 DAR Patriot Index: b1/23/1766 MA, d8/26/1841, married Esther Sabin, Pvt., MA

Proof of Service: Pension File


Conrad Haverstock Tombstone

HAVERSTOCK, CONRAD - Mt. Eaton Cemetery, Paint Twp. to right of 250 as you go east. Grave marked 10/1974 by DAR.

1990 DAR Patriot Index: b1755 PA d8/24/1830 OH, married Margaret Reighart, Lt., PA

HAWN, MICHAEL - West Lebanon Cemetery, north of Lutheran Church, Paint Twp. Sandstone slab with old sandstone base.  "Michael Hawn, U.S. Soldier Revolution 1741-1844" Enlisted Northumberland Co., PA, 1777. Born 8/15/1748, Bucks Co., PA. Died 8/1844. Pvt., MD line

Spouse: Nancy

HOFF, PETER - Jackson Presbyterian Cemetery, Caanan Twp. No marker located

HUSSELMAN, GEORGE - At foot of the hill entering Eaton Rd. from the west on 250. Died 1814, Pvt., 8th VA (Could not be located in 1999)

Addition to 1990 DAR Patriot Index bc1752 Germany, dc1814 OH, married Elizabeth Balser ,Pvt., VA


James Hutchison Tombstone
HUTCHISON, JAMES - 1743-1817 East Side Cemetery, Fredericksburg, Salt Creek Twp. SAR marker. York Co. PA Militia

JEFFREY, JOHN - Born England 1756, died 1839. Park-Briton Cemetery, Congress Cemetery

JONES, SAMUEL - Burial Place, unknown. Chapter notes indicate section 10 Lot 720, Jones Mausoleum. DAR marker

1990 DAR Patriot Index: b1742 PA, d1810 PA, married Leah Thomas, Capt., VA

LONG, JAMES - Fountain Hill Cemetery, East Union Twp. Capt. Richard McQueen's Co., Lancaster Co. Militia

1990 DAR Patriot Index: b11/18/1764 PA, d12/28/1848, married Susannah Knight, Pvt., PA

Proof of Service: PA Archives Series 5 Volume 7 Page 1049 and 1053

MARSHALL, WILLIAM - Born Ireland, Pvt., Capt. John Alexander's Co., 7th PA .No grave located.

Spouse: Hannah Stain

MCGAUGHEY, WILLIAM - 1745-1826, East Side Cemetery, Fredericksburg, Salt Creek Twp. Capt. Thomas Church's, PA Regiment, Pvt. (Marker not located in 1999)

Spouse: Margaret Jackson

Proof of Service: PA Archives Series 2 Volume 20 Page 134


Masson Metcalf Tombstone
METCALF, MASSON - Died 1843, age 79 years, Millbrook Cemetery, Clinton Twp.


Benjamin Miller Tombstone

MILLER, BENJAMIN - Bend Cemetery, Caanan Twp., southwest corner of cemetery 2-1/2 miles north of Caanan Village.   Reddish brown block on gray granite base and DAR marker. "Benjamin Miller born 1762 at Romney, VA died in Wayne Co. OH 1841. Soldier of the Rev. carried dispatches for Gen. Washington." DAR marker

Spouse: Elizabeth Parker, born 1768 in Virginia, died 1861 in Wayne Co., OH.

1990 DAR Patriot Index: b3/11/1762, d3/28/1841, married Elizabeth Parker, Pvt., VA

MITSCO, CONRAD - Marshallville Cemetery, west and adjacent to the town. North side of the cemetery. Baughman Twp. Small granite stone, DAR marker. "Conrad Mitsco, 1st NJ Inf. Revolutionary Solder, Rev. War"

1990 DAR Patriot Index: b1759 Holland, dp1851, married Margaret Flowers, Pvt., NJ

Proof of Service: pension File


James Morgan Tombstone

MORGAN, JAMES - Private cemetery on the Jacob Bucher farm. South of Moreland, in Franklin Twp. Original monument lost at old cemetery but there is a DAR marker placed in the Wooster Cemetery among other war veterans from Civil War. Born 4-5-1748 West Virginia, Died 3/1/1840, Pvt., VA

1990 DAR Patriot Index: b1/1755, d1823, married Hannah Cox, Pvt., VA


Isaac Munson, Sr. Tombstone

MUNSON, SR., ISAAC - Buried West Cemetery. Fredericksburg, OH

1990 DAR Patriot Index : b1762 CT, d7-10-1830 OH, married Eleanor Andrews, Pvt., CT

Proof of Service: Pension File

PATTERSON, JAMES - Probably died in 1834, no grave located

Spouse: Martha


Robert Patterson Tombstone
PATTERSON, ROBERT - Congress Cemetery, Congress Twp. In old cemetery near Congress Village. Flat almost square marble slab and DAR marker. "Robert Patterson, died 8/3/1834, aged 82 years"


Reuben Parmenter Tombstone

PARMENTER, REUBEN - Caanan Center Cemetery, Pvt., MA, Artemus Ward's Regiment.

1990 DAR Patriot Index: b3/3/1752 MA, d9/10/1840 OH, married Sarah Potter, Pvt., MA

PETERSON, CONRAD - Congress Cemetery, near Congress Village. No monument only DAR marker with inscription "Conrad Peterson Soldier of 1776"

1990 DAR Patriot Index: b 1759 d 2/3/1847, married Mary Williamson, Pvt., NS ,VA

Proof of Service: Pension File


Oliver Pratt Tombstone

PRATT, OLIVER - East Union Lutheran Cemetery

1990 DAR Patriot Index: b1/17/1761 MA, d7/21/1844 OH, married Jedidah Luce, Pvt., MA


Frederick Rice Tombstone

RICE, FREDERICK - Wooster Cemetery, south of Wooster. Monument very ornate stone and DAR marker "Frederick Rice a soldier of the Revolution died 1/23/1848 age 94 years 3 months 23 days". Pvt., Captains Berry and Marshall 's Company Westmoreland Co. Militia

1990 DAR Patriot Index: b9/29/1753 PA, d1/23/1850, married Catherine Lauffer, Pvt. ,PA

Proof of Service: Pension File


AlexanderShankland Tombstone

SHANKLAND, ALEXANDER - Marker "Alexander Shankland, died 2/20/1833 age 76 years, 9 months 17 days" Caanan Center Cemetery, Pvt., Capt. Thomas Whiteacre and Capt. Hale (1999 - New government marker along with old markers)

1990 DAR Patriot Index: b5/3/1756 NY d2/20/1833 OH, married Vinlintia Willson, Pvt., NH

Proof of Service: Pension File

George Sharp Tombstone

SHARP, GEORGE - Tracy Cemetery, 2 miles east of Apple Creek on route 250, East Union Twp. Square marble slab and DAR marker. "George Sharp died 10/17/1840 age 83 years" New monument erected by grandchildren of Mathews and Joanne Sharp. Private Capt. George Sharp's Company

1990 DAR Patriot Index: b1757 PA, d1840 OH ,married Mary Officer, Pvt., PA

Proof of Service: PA Archives 3rd series, vol. 14 page 247, and 6th series vol. 23 page 213 and vol. 26 page 606


William Stanford Tombstone

STANFORD, WILLIAM - Caanan Bend Cemetery, Caanan Twp. 2-1/2 miles north of Caanan Village. "Died 3/25/1843 aged 55 years."


Although court records indicate this man served in revolution, marker is for War of 1812 and dates seem to indicate he was not born at time of revolution

SKINNER, JOHN - Jackson Presbyterian Cemetery, Caanan Twp., b PA 1753, d1839 Private, PA Militia


Phillip Smith Tombstone
SMITH, PHILLIP - 1761-1828- Apple Creek Old Presbyterian Cemetery. Capt. Beeson's Co.

SWINEHART, JACOB - East Union Twp. Cemetery, Marker, no dates or inscription


Ezra Tyron Tombstone

TRYON,  EZRA - Fairview Cemetery, Clinton Twp. 1760-1847, Pvt., Capt. Ed Buckley's Company

1990 DAR Patriot Index: b1760, d5/26/1847, married Anna Bidwell, Pvt., CT

Proof of Service: Pension File


John Yocum Tombstone

YOCUM, JOHN - Small cemetery in corner of a field 1/2 mile south of Congress Village. Brown sandstone slab quite ornamented. DAR marker "John Yocum, Sr., died 7/26/1844 age 89." Served in PA Militia under James Cleaves guarding prisoners. (1999 - old marker was by government marker)

1990 DAR Patriot Index: b2/14/1757 PA, d8/2/1844 OH, married Mary Evans, Pvt., PA


Michael Waltz Tombstone

WALTZ, MICHAEL - Died 1838. High Church Cemetery, Chippewa Twp.

Maryland Militia

1990 DAR Patriot Index: b1755, d3/6/1839, married Elizabeth Gower, Pvt., PA

Proof of Service: Pension File


Peter Waltz Tombstone

WALTZ, PETER - High Church Cemetery, Chippewa Twp.

Pvt., Capt. Mant's Co., PA Inf. Died 1832

1990 DAR Patriot Index: b1751, d4/26/1832 ,married (1) Miss Moon, (2) Eva Millerion, Pvt., MD


 Thomas Wilson Tombstone

 WILSON, THOMAS - Blachleysville, Cemetery, Plain Twp.

June 18, 1843, 82 Years, DAR Marker

Buried with Wife Nancy McBride Wilson 1767-1854 (Also, has DAR marker)

1990 DAR Patriot Index: b7/17/1760 PA, d6/18/1843 OH, married Nancy McBride Sol., PS PA

UNKNOWN - Caanan Bend Cemetery, Caanan Twp.


Unknown Tombstone
UNKNOWN - Jackson Presbyterian Cemetery, Caanan Twp. 1 mile south of Creston. Metal marker

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