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Census Index, Obit index, Cemetery books for Wyandot
          Also: 1850 Wyandot census index online
           Other area Census records
Photos of "good old stuff" in Wyandot
  • People
  • Places
  • Homes
  • "Unidentified" Photos
  • Obituary Clippings
Salem Township Class 1940 book
Marseilles Township Class 1950 book

An article on Wyandot Indians
         A Thesis on Wyandot Indians site

Wyandot County cemeteries and tombstone pics

           Locations of Wyandot Cemeteries

Cities of Wyandot  their Latitude/Longitudes
  • Old Maps! (updated Jan 2003)
Pages from "Annals of Our Colonial Ancestors and Their Descendants; or Our Quaker Forefathers and Their Posterity", compiled by Ambrose M Shotwell, 1895-7
Rebecca Hites Scrapbook of Newspaper clippings
Jane Irwin's Scrapbook of Newspaper Clippings NEW!
My Wyandot county page for OhGenWeb

Wyandot county Surnames being researched
updated: Jan 15, 2010

Death Certificates submitted 
 Wyandot Archives at US GenWeb
1884 Wyandot County History Book Online
          "Historical Collections of Ohio" by Henry Howe (Wyandot Co.)
Wyandot Genealogy Society "Tracers"
Search the Wyandot Mailing list
Search the different message boards
Personal Wyandot WebPages updated: Feb 3, 2009
Wyandot County Facts:
  • Date formed: 1845
  • Parent Counties: Marion, Crawford, Hancock and Hardin
Center for Archival Collections: Wyandot
Vital Records  where to write or better- visit!
Ohio Almanac Wyandot page: Misc. goodies

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