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Photos of Old homes, places, or people of Wyandot?

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This historic home was built in 1852 for the Beery family. The home was later occupied by one of the Beery daughters, Leefe (Beery) McConnell and her family. The home was donated to the Wyandot County Historical Society by the McConnell family and opened as a museum in 1962. (Information taken from the "Wyandot Museum" site
Home of Edwin Brown. Note from Mary Lou Kohl: "Here is a photo of the home on 23 that Edwin Brown had built.  It is now owned by the Wyandot County Human Society.  I am attaching an article about the house that we found at the Carey library this summer"
house Edwin had built in his later years when he moved from the farm into Carey.  If you look at the street sign you will see it is W. Brown Street.   Here is his biography
McCleary house Joshua McCleary homestead provided by Sharon S. McCleary
Wagner home North of Carey, Ohio


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