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Wyandot Co., OH

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Armstrong Cemetery

Last update 29-Dec-2005 10:58 AM

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Location in Richland twp., is located south of Wharton, on southwest corner of the intersection of US Route 30 and TH 87. Very small and OLD cemetery
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 Contact person for this township is Troy Kear. He is a Richland Township trustee; township trustees evidently handle the records for the cemeteries in their area. The Richland Township Clerk's address is P.O. Box 246, Wharton, Ohio

Listing of 25 graves by Alice Halderman

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From Mike Wheeler, a Richland trustee: At the Spoon Cemetery, about 20 years ago, a burial did take place.  The family could produce the deed for the lot, so there was no problem.  The Wharton-Richland Cemetery is the only one in our township that is
open for new lot purchases.   The markers are still in place in the old cemeteries so if someone produces a lot deed, they can proceed with a burial, but we technically term them as closed cemeteries, much like many of the other ones in our county. In my 25 years around Richland Township books and papers, we have never had any information about the cemeteries of legal nature.  I asked a previous official about it and he never had any knowledge of them.  We use what the D.A.R. assembled many years ago as our reference

Wyandot county cemetery locations

Surname First Name Birth date Death date Age at Death Notes Row Grave
---- Mary E   04 May 1868 8y     8m      11d d/o ---- ( loose, under a tree) 6 G32
Armstrong ??     71y                    *** Stone Broken in three parts 2 G9
Armstrong Albert D   17 Apr 1860 25y      9m     15d   2 G10
Armstrong child     4y      11m      11d - - /o D. & S. 2 G4
-Armstrong infant   no dates   s/o D & S    
Armstrong David   21 May 1857 12y     7m     23d s/o Francis & Ellen 3 G4
Armstrong Francis   22 Aug 1832 35y                   ***   3 G3
Armstrong Hannah E   01 Apr 1845 11m       2d d/o D. & S. 2 G5
Armstrong John   27 May 1861 25y      9m    28d killed in battle near Dallas, Georgia, C.W.; (inscribed on back of Sarah's marker) 2 G1
Armstrong Robert   27 Feb 1859 18y     7m       2d s/o Francis & Ellen 3 G5
Armstrong Sarah   11 Jan  1864 24y     10m    23d w/o John 2 G2
Armstrong William I   20 Dec 1862 2y     10m       *** s/o D. & S. 2 G8
Benjamin Sarah Orr   19 Aug 1887 78y      2m    25d w/o W. M. 2 G3
Bransteter Jacob   26 Jul 1882 75y    10m      2d   7 G52
Clark George A   13 Nov 1838 7m     12d s/o D. & M. 3 G10
Demsy John   06 Jun 1876 24y 3m 3d   5 G3
Dunlay Jane   29 May 1859 55y                   *** w/o Samuel 3 G8
Dunlay Samuel   11 Oct 1870 65y     11m      11d   3 G9
Krider Alexander   25 Mar 185? 2m     16d s/o A. & B. 7 G37
Krider Barbara   01 Jun 1883 60y     5m     16d w/o Alex 7 G41
Loudmilch Elizabeth   20 Oct 1865 75y     6m       *** w/o John 5 G1
McFarland Albert         Co. C, Ohio 49th Inf., C.W. 3 G12
Plummer John H B   18 Mar 1870 18y                   ***   6 G25
Smalley Franklin F   06 Nov 1876 5y     2m     14d s/o Jesse 6 G48
Tuttle Orville   11 Sep 1886 47y                   7d   1 G2
White Ellenor   11 Jan 1865 58y                   *** w/o J. R. 3 G2

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