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Wyandot Co., OH

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Bibler Cemetery

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Photo of Bibler cemetery furnished by Sanda McGee

Location in Tymochtee twp.
Bibler Cemetery is north of County Highway 16 and 300 feet east of County Highway 35 (State Highway 587)
On April 11, 1842, the trustees of the predestinarian Baptist Church, called Thorn Creek Baptist Church, bought Lot 29 from Jacob and Susannah Bibler in the southwest quarter of Section 11, Twp 1, Range 14E in Tymochtee Twp.  The 1879 Wyandot County Atlas shows a small creek just north of the cemetery, which was possibly known as Thorn Creek.  Nothing remains of the church today.  (Ghosts and Living. p125)
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Note: listing of 272 graves by Sandy McGee

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 Notes  from Sandra McGee:

  • "Here is a picture of Bibler cemetery where my great grandfather Jacob McPike and Mary McPike are buried. This photo was taken by: Nancy Sauer who resides in Upper Sandusky, Ohio. Nancy is the second grandniece to Mary McPike."

  • a little cemetery out in the middle of nowhere at the intersection of two county roads.  It is called Bibler Cemetery because people by the name of Bibler donated the land.  There was a church there at one time, but the church is long gone.

  • Way in the back are the stones of Adam Milum and 3 of his children and of Jacob and Mary (Milum) McPike



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