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Callahan/ Robinson Cemetery

Located on TH 84 just one half mile north of its intersection with TH 53 there in Jackson Twp in Wyandot Co., Ohio  (also known as "Robinson Cemetery" in my family's bible) Many of the stones at this site are not in their original location.  This website created by: Kristina L (Kuhn) Krumm  email:    If you would like to help with placing cemeteries on the web please write me.  Please stop by my homepage for more cemeteries: Click Here

From the time the tombstones were read back in the 1980's (data used to create the below listing)
 to now twenty years later...
many stones there are missing, illegible, sunken down into the ground (hiding dates) or broken with parts missing.
This place is in really bad shape.
I guess we have to be lucky it is even kept mown.
No new burials here in over 100 years

Interested in a photos from here? Drop me a line!

Surname given name notes birth date death date age at death War involvement:
? Stephen A       3y 4m 6d  
Almy Sarah A w/o Henry   18 oct 1863 26y 5m 20d  
Bainbridge Lucinda     19 feb 1876 81y 1m 5d  
Bainbridge Rev. Richard S   13 mar 1794 18 jul 1868 74y 4m 6d  
Bainbridge   ?/o J & AE sunken stone      
Benjamin Nettie d/o JH & AG   29 nov 1886 30y 2m 29d  
Bibler Charles s/o J & C   11 sep 1851 1y 23d  
Bibler Elizabeth d/o J & C   18 jul 1841 4m 29d  
Bibler William s/o J & C   12 dec 1845 2y 2m 10d  
Bleam Martha w/o Hiram   11jan 1863 29y 4m 22d  
Bowman Mary Alice sister to MA Southward and w/o John 25 jul 1878 27y 2m 5d  
Bushong Catharine d/o Jacob and Hannah   13 sep 1859 12y 11m 3d  
Bushong Eva w/o JE Bushong  d/o SE & EA Bushong 4 nov 1891 23y 11m 4d  
Bushong Jacob     7 feb 1859 52y 7m 5d  
Callahan Charles s/o D & LE   22 apr 1862 3y 9m  
Callahan Huldah M w/o WH   29may 1883 45y 28d  
Callahan Lizzie L     9apr 1884 2y 2m 21d  
Callahan Lois H _/o T 11sep 1883 17oct1897    
Callahan Mary  w/o TM   7 sep 1882 60y 8m 6d  
Callahan Thomas M   14 nov 1818 1576 85y 5m 10d Civil War
Callahan  Leo H     1615 8y 4m 21d  
Calvin  Mary J d/o WP & A E   29 jun 1866 2y 3m 14d  
Carter Joseph  s/o Z & ?   26 jul 18?? 3y 2m 19d  
Cavalry Ira Co.I 135th Ohio Inf       Civil War
Caverly Carpenter     26 feb 1865 74y 3m  
Clark Andrew     12 dec 1852 88y 3d  
Clark Catharine w/o Andrew   27 jan 1860 80y  
Clark Effa M d/o TA & EE   6 sep 1865 5y 2m 14d  
Clark Elizabeth w/o Abraham   28 sep 1857 52y 2m 10d  
Clark Fanny A d/o TA & EE   17 aug 186_ 2y 2m 8d  
Clark Sisson w/o James   10 apr 1869 46y 8m 11d  
Clark   _/o TA & EE   9 nov 1870 19y 8m 13d  
Coffman Rachel     18 oct 1862 94y 10m 25d  
Cook Edna C d/o WF & SA   17 nov 1886 3y 11d  
Cook Orla s/o WF & SA   1872    
-Dardinger Stephen see obit below 5 oct 1824 sep 1899   no marker found
Dycus Hannah w/o John   17 jan 1864 24y 3m 28d  
Ellis Nancy E w/o LM   4 feb 1877 22y 9m 22d  
Etherton Susanna     17 mar 1871 6y 1m 17d  
Flowers Ann M child/o W & M   12 oct 1873 17y 9m  
Flowers Emma J child/o W & M   28 oct 1865 8m  
Flowers Franklin P child/o W & M   20 dec 18?? 9m 12d  
Flowers James  child/o W & M   28 jul 1870 5y  
Fulk Abraham CO.F. 55 Reg. OVI   1 jul 1890 56y 6m 24d Civil War
Fulk Anna P w/o Abraham   5 ? 1888 ?6y 18d  
Fulk Joseph Hooker s/o A & A   3 jan 1884 17y 18d  
Gatchell   d/o Eld CH & MJ   26 jan 1895 27d  
Gilliland Hariet Winters d/o Reuben & Margaret 9 aug 1853 15y 8m 17d  
Gilliland Selah Dawn d/o VH & MS   30 aug 1855 2y 1m 3d  
Heller Georgie s/o Philip & Sarah 4 aug 1873 28 jul 1878 4y 11m 24d  
Heller Maggie (Margaret W) d/o Philip & Sarah 27 may 1872 5 sep 1872 4m 20d  
Heller Sarah L.J.  Warner w/o John L.A. (this is my gg-grandaunt) died of Consumption 5 sep 1866 10 sep 1889 23y 5d  
Howe Father Sylvanus   1795 1875    
Jacobs John s/o C & E   25 jul 1881 4m 1d  
Johns Lucinda stone lying in dirt   8 oct 1859 14y 6m 18d  
Kaufman Samuel C     17 sep 187_ 27y 6m 71d  
Kees Altha     13 mar 1861 12y 3m 16d  
Kees Jacob     8 sep 1855 45y 6m 21d  
Kees Luther     2 sep 1854 3y 10m 17d  
Ketch Adaline w/o Geo   9 oct 1858 27y 10m 27d  
Ketch Myrle child/o AC & EF   3 jun 1878 3m 9d  
Ketch Ora child/o AC & EF   15 jan 1875 3y 4m 2d  
Liles Charlote Ann d/o Isaiah & Catharine   6 oct 1852 10m 7d  
Liles Isaiah     16 apr 1889 70y 11m 19d  
Liles John CO.F. 101 Reg. OVI died at Danville, KY 3 ? 186? 30y 7m 7d Civil War
Liles Lemuel      27 apr 1853 29y 10m  
Liles Lemuel I   14 oct 1857 12 dec 1893    
Liles Margaret     4 jan 1873 75y 8m 29d  
Liles Martha w/o John   5 oct 1859 22y 11m  
Marshall Lydia  w/o JW 8 aug 1862 1384    
Morgan   ?/o RP & LL   14 sep 1884    
Morrison James R     5 oct 1874 26y 11m 26d  
Opp Jacob     24 jun 1871 36y 5m 27d  
Opp Rosetta     19 feb 1869 1m 4d  
Phillips Marion s/o DI & MC   21 sep 1873 2m 28d  
Robinson Mandice J w/o J   ? Feb 186_ 28y 11m 12d marker not found
Roose David     28 Mar 1875 65y 8m 5d  
Roose John s/o David & Mary   18 oct 185? 1y 5m  
Roose Mary     535 85y 1m 6d  
Rosenbury Adam F   1834 1898    
Rosenbury Margaret A   1837 1880    
Sails Susan w/o Elijah and d/o James Swezy 4 aug 1841 40y  
Shultz Frank C s/o GB & L   11 mar 1870 2m  
Smith Lydia G w/o Wm   29 sep 1859 37y 6m 14d  
Smith   s/o Wm & LC   12 dec 1854 5y 11m 10d  
Southward Anna Bell w/o MA   23 mar 1881 23y 3m 5d  
Southward Edna Eloise d/o MA & AB   24 mar 1881 4m  
Stephens John          
Stephens Sallie          
Stevenson Isabel Young w/o Robert   16 aug 1882 69y 9d  
Stevenson Martha w/o R   2 nov 1861 46y 11m 12d  
Swearinger ?     3 feb 1893 12y 12d  
Swearinger Isaac L s/o WL & MS   1 Jun 1865 29y 1m ?d  
Swearinger William     10 sep 1880 58y 4m Civil War
Tilbury Laurence R s/o J & G   11 nov 1868 11m 29d  
Vantillbury Betsey A w/o A   8 oct 1849 38y 11m 16d  
Vantillbury Johnathan     16 jun 1871 42y 3m 1d  
Vantillbury   s/o J & C   4 oct 1862 5m 21d  
Warner Adna s/o DS & WM   5 mar 1869 3y 1m 9d  
Warner Almira w/o DH   10 jul 1853 49y 11m 14d  
Warner Betsey R d/o DH & A   30 Jul 1840 16y  
Warner David S     25 jan 1871 38y 6m 11d Civil War
Warner Edward "father"   30 oct 1890 91y 5m 16d  
Warner Floella d/o DH & M   26 sep 1856 2y 1m   
Warner John H s/o DH & M   20 sep 1856 1y 1m  
Warner Mary "mother"   11 dec 1889 85y 1m 23d  
Warner Mary Ella d/o DS & WM   20 Oct 1862 1y 3m 2d  
Warner Richard s/o DH & A   29 may 1856 20y 10m 2d  
Warner Sarah w/o EG   10 dec 1876 47y 11m 13d  
Warner Sophronia w/o Edward   12 mar 1840 33y 7m 17d  
Whinery Charles s/o J & R   23 jun 1868 1y 7m 16d  
Whinery George s/o J & R   12 jan 1865 11d  
Whinery John H s/o J & R   6 sep 1872 4m 5d  
Whinery Robert E s/o J & R   27 mar 1868 5y 7m 27d  
Obituary which was printed in the Upper Sandusky newspaper September 7,1899.

STEPHEN DARDINGER - His body laid to rest in the Callahan Cemetery, Near Forest.

Stephen Dardinger was born in Switzerland October 5, 1824. Died August 31, 1899, aged 74 years, 10 months and 26 days. He came to this country the first of May, 1858. His wife died the 19th of last September and then he went to live with his daughter, Mrs. S. C. Jones, at Columbus, where he has been ever since. He was the father of ten children of which eight are still living. Mr. Dardinger was buried from the Presbyterian church of Forest, Dr. Jones conducting the services assisted by Rev. W. J. Dempster. He was interred at Callahan Cemetery where his wife is resting. There was a large number present at the service. - Forest Review

Steven's wife's name was Anna Marie or Almira. Thanks for any help you can give. BTW, just in case you're curious, and since it took me a while to find it, the S of S C Jones was Samuel

Dave Dardinger