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Wyandot Co., OH

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Carey Association/ Pioneer Cemetery

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Location: in Crawford twp. is: .2 mile south of SR 199 (old SR23) and 10 ft west of Patterson St. in Carey corp.
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Wyandot county cemetery locations

Facts from Cemetery Book:

   This cemetery was neglected and/or vandalized and in about 1950 the Village Council decided to abandon the tract for cemetery purposes and make it into a park with recreational facilities. According to the plat which recording was done in the 1930's. (Cemetery Book printed in late 1980's)
Row 1 #1 Crawford William Lieut. in Revolutionary War. Was scalped and died later during the battle in which the army of Col. Crawford was defeated. Born about 1745, he died 8 June 1782
Row 8 #43 Smith S.R. Civil War
8#42 Williams J. S Civil War
  Dickerson W.T Civil War
  Shepherd Jacob (W.Rev.) Born 1757; died in Carey, date not known and was buried in the old Pioneer Cemetery there. Presumably Pioneer Cemetery and Carey Association Cemetery were the same

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