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Cutting Cemetery

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Located in Tymochtee township, Originally was platted starting 20' north of Township Highway 36 and 400' west of Township Highway 40.  The area is wooded with a ravine bordering the north and west sides.  It is platted for 89 graves but most may have been unused.  Very little remains and it appears that at some time fallen stones were pushed over the hillside
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listing of ten graves by Sandy McGee

Wyandot county cemetery locations

Surname given name at death   death date age at death notes  
Leighton Sam L.   14 Feb 1842 21y son of General S H Leighton of Alfred, Maine.  Stone is broken, 3 pieces remain 1
          empty base. Stone is missing 2
Cutting Lucy Ann 16 jun 1819 14 oct 1827 9y8m28d d/o Elijah & Betsey 3
          blank stone (standing) 10" x 18" 4
          blank base 5
          2 small pieces 4" x 6" blank 6
          small blank stone 6 " x  8" (against #8) 7
Cutting Betsy Hale 18 nov 1777 27 may 1868 90y6m9d broken stone remaining piece 8
          empty base pushed over hillside 9
          empty base pushed over hillside. About 18" from #9. 10
Note from Steve Coffman: I have found maps of the Tymoch Twp cemeteries.  It is my belief that the Cutting Cem was NOT located where the stones are currently.  I believe that a past farmer (I have the name, but that's not important) moved the stones to the hilltop in the early 1900's.  He also likely used some stones for a sidewalk, as an older resident has said he remembers the sidewalk being made of tombstones.  I believe that the original cemetery was located next to the creek west of the current site.  It used to curve in a manner that fits the odd shape of the cemetery plat.  It currently runs N-S in the area in question. Sam Leighton's stone is no longer visible.  It either has been stolen or has become hidden beneath leaves

From Charles Faber dated May 2008: I am an archaeological/historical researcher of the Delaware, Wyandot and Negrotown people in Wyandot County. My relationship with the Wyandot Tribe goes back many years and now I'm putting together a project to identify and protect those burial sites in Wyandot County.
I've read and used your website for years and would like to thank you for your efforts.
This morning I noted the comments Steve Coffman made regarding the Cutting Cemetery in Tymochtee Twp. It's always been my understanding that the cemetery was named for a Cutting who was the first miller at the old Wyandot mill. He fell from a beam during mill construction, drown in the Sandusky river and was the first burial in the cemetery.
Supposedly there were African-americans from Negrotown and also Wyandot Indians buried there. Since it's very closed to the Wyandot Indian Villages of Half-King, McCormick's Town and the Negrotown area this would make sense.
Jonathon Pointer is also supposed to be buried there.
BTW: We would use ground-penetrating radar to locate or correlate the cemetery sites.
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