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Wyandot Co., OH

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Dunaway Cemetery

Last update 29-Dec-2005 10:57 AM

Dunaway cemetery (or what is left of it) Salem twp., Wyandot Co., OH taken by Kristina Kuhn

Location: in Salem twp.abt 150 ft east of CR 96 and .3 mile nothe of CR 42. all stones in a pile top of a knoll by a creek.
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Note: I have now completely photographed each tombstone to this cemetery (or should I say what is left of it). 
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Wyandot county cemetery locations

Surname given name at death birth date death date age at death notes
Dunaway Mary   25 apr 1866   w/o John
Grady Sarah Jane   6 may 1870 13y 3m 19d d/o Wm and M
Grady Elizabeth   7 apr 1855 15y 2m 10d d/o Wm and M
Grady Wilson   11 apr 1855 ? 7m 11d s/o Wm and M
Grady Martha   24 apr 1874 61y 1m 24d w/o Wm H
Grady Sylvester   15 feb 1852 12y ? ?  
Herndon Sarah J   engraving never finished 1y 3m d/o A.J & M.J
Thurman Sarah J   15 feb 1882 1y 5m 1d d/o C & DF
(possible Grady) E.G. no dates      
(possible Grady) W. G. no dates      
(possible Thurman) S.J.T no dates      
unknown S. G       possibly a marker for foot of a grave; maybe for Sarah Grady?
From me (Kristina Kuhn): March 31, 2001: My hubby and I went to find this cemetery. Floyd Dunaway had requested photos of the stones. It was a "Kris and Ken adventure" for sure! after walking up and down the creek bank and "knolls" repeatedly, we finally we had to just ask a neighbor. It was a good thing we did! His name was Doug Weaver. He was great helping us out. Took us right to the spot. Nearly all the stones were partially covered but one. Ken found a metal fence post lying near and he used that to jab into the ground listening for a "clink" indicating a possible tombstone. We pried up all we found and pulled them out. I rubbed them off with sticks and dead grass getting them readable to photograph. It was quite exciting to find yet another one each time and while cleaning them off to slowly be able to read what was there. I felt like an archeologist!! Even Mr. Weaver got involved going to his house to bring back a screwdriver for "probing". The down side of the story is of course the "horror" of this cemetery neglect. Mr. Weaver told of them being bulldozed to their present location to make room for the road years ago. What a sad state they are in as if part of a rubble pile! Who knows where the actual graves are....

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