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Wyandot Co., OH

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Gibson Cemetery

Last update 29-Dec-2005 10:59 AM

Photo of Gibson Cemetery by Steve Coffman
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Located in Tymochtee township, is
Located .3 mile east of Wyandot County Highway 107, and .5 mile north of Township Highway 29.  Sets atop a knoll, easily seen from the road. Note from Kris: if you stand at the mailbox for 4052 CR 107 and look across the road into the field you will be looking at the cemetery.
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listing of 31 graves by Sandy McGee

Note from Kris, Jan.2002: My husband and I found this cemetery. A neighbor in the area told us the man that owns the land had plowed up the lane that lead back to the cemetery AND had bulldozed the stones all in toward the center so that he could farm all around it! Consequently we could not get to it. However we did get a photo of it from the road with the help of a telephoto lens. It was a COLD blowing winter day. Maybe one day a bit warmer I shall return and trek across this field to photo the stones that are left.
Note: May 21, 2002: 15 Photos supplied by Sheree Brown
November 2003: 42 photos sent by Steve Coffman

Views of the cemetery from varying distances and from different sides Click Here

Wyandot county cemetery locations

Steve's photos Surname given name at death birth date death date age at death notes Grave 
Photo Reynolds Ellen   23 Oct 1871 22y7m19d w/o Joshua 1
Photo Gibson Harriet   15 Nov 1868 52y8m12d w/o David 2
Gibson David   11 Dec 1879 66y7m20d Stone broken into two parts 3
Photo Gibson Daniel 1843 1906     4
            plain stone - no inscription 5
photo Gibson Ammaly C.   1 Nov 1867 8y8m16d d/o Benjamin & Mary 6
photo Gibson Benjamin plot photo 21 Oct 1867 30y9m19d   7
photo Gibson George M.   11 Oct 1863 1y1m12d s/o B & M 8
            small plain stone 5" wide 2" thick.  Located 3' west of #8 9
photo Gibson Sarah E.   11 Sep 1853 23y8m11d d/o B & M 10
photo Gibson John       stone broken in half at some time.  Top half was set in a new foundation hiding death date and age. 11
Photo Gibson Benjamin F. photo 2 24 Oct 1846 1m29d s/o W & M 12
Photo Gibson William J. photo 2 25 Aug 1847 1y3m3d s/o W & M 13
Photo Gibson Oremus Photo 2 27 Oct 18??   s/o W & M J  now unreadable 14
Photo Gibson Josephine Photo 2 29 May 1863 2y3m d/o W & M J 15
Photo Gibson Ida Jennie Photo 2 17 Nov 1863 5y11m27d d/o W & M J 16
            small plain stone - probably footstone for #16 17
Photo Gibson Ibisinda photo 2 16 Nov 1862 16y24d d/o W & M J 18
            small plain stone - probably footstone for #18 19
photo           small footstone with initials ?. G. 20
            small footstone with initials I. G. - probably for #16 or #18 21
            small footstone with initials A. G. -probably for #23 22
photo Gibson Amelia closeup 30 Aug 1849 70y3m10d w/o Robert, North side 23
photo Gibson Robert closeup 26 Jan 1868 89y4m29d West side 24
            small footstone with initials R. G.- probably for #24 which is 3' East 25
photo Gibson Diana closeup 13 Feb 1868 75y5m1d w/o Robert, South side 26
photo           small footstone with initials D. G. -probably for #26 which is 3' North 27
photo Coulter Ruth closeup 15 Nov 1842 85y5m14d w/o Joseph, East side, 4 names #23, 24, 26, & 28 on same stone 28
photo Gibson William S.   16 Dec 1888 70y8m20d   29
photo           small footstone with initials J. G. - 1' West of #29 p 30
            small footstone 5'South and 1' East of #19 -no inscription  31
Photo Gibson illegible         32

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