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John Green Cemetery

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Location: in Pitt twp. situated on a little knoll in the Northwest corner of the southwest quarter of section 10. Two miles south of Harpster, Oh; about one quarter miles east of the Prospect - Upper Sandusky Road.
Another detail says: 1.2mile south of SR 294 and .4mile east of CR 119 south of Harpster. you head south out of Harpster. It is on the left side of the road (east side) and it is way back a long dirt lane. I would guess at least 1500 feet or more just at the edge of a woods
Letter sent to me Feb 2003: It is on the east side of CR 119 with a chain across the driveway entrance.  It is on private property.  The owners of the property open the cemetery up to the public on the 4th of July every year and the reading of the Declaration of Independence is read and a picnic held. 

Photo of cemetery submitted by Craig Clinger taken by his father.

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Information on the cemetery from a pamphlet sent to me "The John Green Cemetery, Pitt Township, Wyandot County, Ohio" dated July 4, 2000. The credits on the last page say: "Original text 1963 Charlton Myers. Revisions, 1988 C.M. & T.W. Rewritten, 2000 Tom J Wagner"

"The Greens, Flummerfelts and Mounts came from Warren County, New Jersey. All of these families were a part of this rural area known as Egypt. The beginnings of this ceremony were in the early 1960's. The cemetery, long abandoned and over grown, was rediscovered on the land then owned by the late Judge Charlton Myers of Moral, Ohio. He restored the cemetery and on Memorial Day 1963 held a rededication. Mr. Charles H Lewis of Harpster made remarks and Rev. Marvin Crabtree of Morral did invocation and benediction. A picnic lunch followed. The ceremony continued on Memorial Day for some years then was changed to Independence Day. Until his death in 1998, Charlton Myers would read the Declaration of Independence, "12 minutes total, with no speeches or sermons." Today in Honor and Memory, family and friends continue this tradition."

Following is a listing of burials from the same publication:

Wyandot county cemetery locations

Surname given name at death birth date death date age at death notes
Hite Elizabeth Mount   july 19 1844 20y 10m 9d d/o Thomas B & Margaret Mount; w/o Stephen Hite
Mount Nancy L   7 oct 1831 7y 4m 22d d/o Thomas B & Margaret Mount
Mount George F?   30 apr 1833 14y 27d s/o Thomas B  Margaret Mount
Mount Joseph C (maybe)        
Green Amos   15 aug 1851 29y 3m 25d s/o John & Jemima (Smith) Green
Green John   2 oct 1834 39y 9m bought the 80A on which cemetery is located in fall 1825 from Ebenezer and Juliana Roseberry. Green was killed in a accident involving a wagon loaded with stone.
Green Caroline   14 aug 1836 2y d/o C (or G) and N Green
Wright Mary   27 may 1863 26y 9m 13d w/o James Wright (Mary is last known burial in cemetery
Flummerfelt John   2 apr 1840 30y s/o Andrew; h/o Lavina Smith; m. 5 may 1833
Martin Alice       d/o J & A Martin
Dalzell Robert   18 sep 1835 15y 5m 18d s/o William and E Dalzell; on same stone with James
Dalzell James   24 sep 1835 12y 7m 24d s/o William and E Dalzell
Dalzell William   19 jul 1842 56y 4m 2d  
Smith Sarah   22 may 1850 36y 3m w/o John Smith (might be Sarah Neff)
Smith Augustus   no dates visible   s/o John and Sarah Smith
Smith     30 nov 18?8 8y 11m 20d s/o J & S smith
Smith     no dates visible   s/o J & S smith
Smith Fransis   10 oct 1847 1m d/o Charles and Margaret Smith
Smith Jamima   24 sep 1835   d/o B & E Smith
child possibly a child of B & E smith        
McClane Mary Ann   9 aug 1853 44y 8m 28d nee: Neff; w/o Abraham McClane
McClain Isaac J   22 sep 1845 13y 10m 5d s/o Abraham & Mary Ann; on same stone as Jonathan
McClain Jonathan S   10 may 1836 1y 2m 18d s/o Abraham & Mary Ann
McClain Elizabeth   17 oct 1850 1y 2m 18d d/o J ? & M McClain
McClaine     no dates visible   s/o J & M McClaine
McClaine     no dates legible   d/o J & M McClaine
McClain James   25 aug 1855 82y 8m veteran of War of 1812; immigrated from Western Pennsylvania

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