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Little Sandusky Cemetery

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Location: in Pitt twp. on east side of Little Sandusky village .2mile west of SR 23 and .1mile south of SR 294. Note on location (from Valerie): Located on south side of Rt. 294 and west of Rt. 23, at western side of the town of Little Sandusky.
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Spreadsheet of 880 burials by Alice Halderman
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Wyandot county cemetery locations
Surname Given name at death Birth date Death date Age at death Notes
??? ??   21Jan1851 20y                21d Probably Mother & child
??? Infant   11Jan1851 21d Infant
????         unknown serviceman
Albert Garnethe   30Apr1888 8m     6d d/o E. G. & J. J.
Albert Jacob   01May1838 58y      2m   28d  
Albert Malinda C   26Jul1866 16y                  2d d/o J. & M. A.
Alden Ann     06Jul1843 65y        3m    23d w/o Daniel
Alden Daniel   25Jun1837 66y      9m16d(ll?)  
Alden John   17Oct1844 24y       11m     23d  
Alkire Henry 1861 1914    
Alkire Ida A 1874 1952    
Alkire Mary Helen   15Feb1916 1y     11m     19d (on grave with John)  d/o W. H. & L. A.
Althouser Wm G  1935     s/o Donna
Anderson ?? Twin sons   11Apr1853 2m 5d (or 15)   (between row 8 and 9)
Anderson ?? Twin sons   10Apr1853 2m     14d  
Armstrong Elizabeth   02Nov1841 37y      8m     19d w/o Alexander; Marker now missing (may 2004)
Armstrong John L closeup 24Jun1834 3y       3m       1d s/o A. & E.
Armstrong Mary D   06Oct1836 7y       6m      8d d/o A. & E.
Arnee Infant       d/o John G. & Catharine
Barber Alice B 1874 1950    
Barber F. Lucille 1908      
Barber Frank W 1875 1946    
Barber Kathryn A 1924 1962    
Barber Nora 1885 1969   w/o Clyde
Barber W Clyde 1878 1930    
Barber  Les A 1910      
Barnthouse Catharine   1834 1904    
Barnthouse Franklin E 1862 1937    
Barnthouse James H 1832 1910    
Barnthouse Myrtle L 1863 1937    
Bell Charles E 1902 1973    
Bell Elmer       no stone 
Bell Florence E 1902 1970    
Bell N Pearl 1912     m. 16Oct1929
Bell Richard Birk 20Aug1938 02May1951   s/o T. & N. P.
Bell Theodore R 1908 1979    
Bellows Ora      29Aug1820 28y       5m   20d First burial in this cemetery
Benjamin Harrick   26Aug1835 41y     5m      2d  
Benjamin Richard   02Nov1833 24y  E5   1m    25d  
Bentley Bryant 1883 1962    
Bentley Edna B 1886 1953    
Berry Clarabell E 1915      
Berry Howard S 1913 1973    
Berry Infant   29Feb1845   Infant  d/o J. A. & H.
Bevington Infant   18Nov1834   Infant  d/o W. & S. J.
Bevington Naomi   15Feb1845 3y       3m     8d d/o W. & S. J.
Bevington Orange L   22Oct1852 1y      2m   26d s/o W. & S. J.
Bevington Sarah C   21Jan1845 2y       2m    21d d/o W. & S. J.
Bevington William W   01Sep1834 10m     9d s/o W. & S. J.
Binn----- Infant   15Nov1904 3d d/o W. J. & L. M.
Blackburn Thomas   14Sep1834 63y     ***m   ***d  
Blakeman John   26Jul1846 25y       9m    17d  
Bolinger Harry Edgar 1920 1927    
Bolinger Mae 1896 1930    
Book Henry Clyde   1916 16d s/o Ohley & Ida Ritter
Book Ida   05Dec1930   w/o William
Book John   27Oct1884 50y               ***d  
Book Will   1920 (or) 1935   (I) s/o Everett & Martha Bernice
Book William 21JAN1871 25Jan1916    
Bowen Charles L   22Jul1864 10m     13d s/o H. C. & J. D.
Bowen Harman 09Oct1821 25Aug1898    
Bowen Howard 1854 1942    
Bowen Jane D Woolsey   19Nov1864 26y        9m    23d w/o H. C.
Bowen John   03Feb1868 44y    6m    8d  
Bowen John       could be same as Row 2 1/2 , Lot 15
Bowen Joseph   11Nov1833 41y    3m     4d (on Morral stone)
Bowen Nancy   22Dec1880 49y  E411   1m    16d  
Bowen Rebecca 22Oct1823 22Apr1905    
Bowen  Henry C 1827 1911    
Boyd Myrta Luella Fowler 1860 1891    
Boynton Matilda Brewer        
Brewer Calvin C 1906 1915   s/o C. C. & F. S.
Brewer Calvin C 1872 1949    
Brewer Clarence A 1857 1922    
Brewer Cora B 1855 1979    
Brewer Cornelia A   03Sep1855 11m   10d  
Brewer Cornelius   02Dec1898 84y  E354   11m   8d (h)
Brewer Daniel 25Mar1848 25Apr1849   s/o M. A.
Brewer Daniel V   1849 1865  
Brewer Donald        
Brewer Eliza J   14May1845 2m    9d d/o O. & M.
Brewer Emery V   1862 1863  
Brewer Florence 1885 1971    
Brewer Flossie M 1895 1981    
Brewer Frank E        
Brewer Frank E.       no dates
Brewer Jacob   23Jun1837 50y    **m    ***d  
Brewer Jacob A   05Jun1888 74y     4m   14d  
Brewer James     72y   11m  27d (f) 4/14/1881
Brewer James H       no dates
Brewer John 1840 1929    
Brewer John E   11Sep1858 1y       3m       12d s/o ?? & M. A.
Brewer John S 1875 ?    
Brewer Kevin Wayne 04Jun1965 04Jun1965    
Brewer Lucy   02Feb1891 17y       8m  10d w/o Frank
Brewer Lucy    1847 1908   w/o John
Brewer Mary   13Mar1845 21y       4m   **** w/o Cornelius
Brewer Mary A   08Apr1892 4y       2m    22d d/o J. N. & M. A.
Brewer Mary A     84y    9m   15d (m) 4/1/1883
Brewer Meema Z 1912 1930    
Brewer Myrta    18May1889 9m      11d d/o J. H. & Dora
Brewer Nathaniel   05Jul1845 9y        9m      8d s/o Parris C. & Roxana
Brewer Nettie M 1885 1953    
Brewer Osborn   23Jun1843 1m       13d s/o Jacob & Susan
Brewer Oscar   29Oct1887 35y      10m     ***d          s/o Jacob & Susan Eyman B.
Brewer Parris   1824 1862  
Brewer Rose May 1905 1906    
Brewer Samuel H 1885 1957    
Brewer Sarah   04May1850 77y        2m    18d w/o Daniel
Brewer Sarah M   09Sep1829 1y       ?m    ***d     d/o Parris C. & Roxana
Brewer Sheridan A 1877 1951    
Brewer Susan       w/o Jacob A.
Brewer W H H 1866 1895    
Brewer Washington   30May1849 1d s/o J. & M. A.
Brewer William 1827 1898    
Brewer William H   17Jul1853 1y       11m        11d s/o ?? & M. A.
Brewer       80y         8m     2d broken top
Bridge Ada   07Jan1864 1y                  26d d/o D. G. & M. E.
Bridge Bobbie 1891 1908   s/o J. E. & K.
Bridge D  G 01Jun1836 23Jan1880    
Bridge E. F. 22Dec1836 24Jan1899    
Bridge John 1865 1948    
Bridge Kathryn A 1870 1936    
Bulis Susan M   06May1848 ?y       1m    20d d/o R. M. & E.
Bunn Everett E   31May1918    
Bunn John R 1852 1937    
Bunn Mattie C   16Sep1887 1y   8m   16d d/o J. R. & O. M.
Bunn Olive M 1852 1936    
Bunn Susie   21May1890 57y    6m    3d w/o Henry
Bunn Walter E   06Sep1881 1y    1m  26d s/o J. R. & O. M.
Businger Catharine    29Dec1855 62y   10m   ***d w/o John J.
Businger John J   20Oct1855 50y             22d  
Butler Charles H 1905 1979   step-father
Butler Donna E Althouser 1915     m/o Wm. G., w/o Charles
C. G. H.         footmarker
Campbell Barney       s/o C. W. & S. E., no date
Campbell Casper W 1873 1950    
Campbell Foster E 1904 1981    
Campbell Mabel M 1899 1979    
Campbell Mary 1830 1910   (m)   
Campbell Susie E 1876 1929    
Carpenter John W   Aug ? 1 4y      5m  14d?  
Carpenter Nancy   02May1848 5y       1m      5d d/o J. M. & S. Y.
Chapin Emma F   06May1860 8y       4m    ***d d/o C. C. & J.
Christy Lyman Ashton 13Sep1863 12Jul1886 m.  54y               ***d s/o Gertrude Eldridge Suell & Harry Ashton Christy
Christy Wanda Boyd 24Feb1884 11Nov1969   only ch/o Myrta Luella Fowler & Albert Walton Boyd
Clayton Elizabeth   20Apr1872 2y                10d  
Clayton Julia Ann 07May1810 17Jan1862   Woosley plot
Clayton Thriza Jane   16Aug1836 1y       6m   13d in Woosley plot
Cloud Susannah   26Jun1885 28y    8m     26d d/o N. & S. Reed, w/o Ed Cloud
Clugston Margaret   19Sep1845 13m   ***d d/o W. J. & E. J.
Cochran James     65y             ***d no dates
Cochran Jane   06Nov1911 85y             ***d  
Cochran Lavina E 1890 1953   m/o Donna
Cochrun Cleo E 1890 1952   (m)
Cochrun Fern 1913 1964    
Cochrun George D   1942    
Cochrun Lewis 1912 1944    
Cochrun Olieva C   1940    
Cochrun Thomas B 1884 1961   (f)
Cochrun Violet   1944    
Cody Frederick   15Apr1839 22y     2m    26d  
Cole Nancy   04Oct1842 63y        1m   25d w/o Andrew
Coley Bertha I 1890 1914    
Coley Jasper D        
Collins Chester 1905      
Collins Gladys M 1904      
Conkle Daisy B 1897 19--    
Conkle Ira 15Jan1887 08Jun1960    
Conkle Wm 23Jan1895 13Jul1973    
Cook Cynthia C   18Oct1851 3y                  19d d/o L. H. & Sabina
Cook Lorenzo Hopkins   07Apr1874 64y                    5d  
Cook Olive S   28Oct1837 3y        4m      6d d/o R. & P.
Cook Russell H   20Oct1837 34y       3m     15d  
Coon Adam   26May1849         1m      3d  
Coon Clara   22Oct1864? 2y       8m    ***d d/o D. & L.
Coon Edwin E   03Apr1868 3y                25d s/o J. R. & S.
Coon Eleanor   16Feb1831 74y     ***m    ***d w/o Jacob
Coon Jacob   26Dec1881 82y      5m   27d  
Coon James   18Apr1860 6m    ***d s/o D. & L.
Coon John R   30Mar1874 42y      3m    19d  
Coon Lovina   22Oct1846 11d  
Coon Lydia   11Dec1849 36y       5m    22d 1st w/o Daniel 3/20/1865, m. 12/11/1849,d/o James & Sarah Dehmer  
Coon Mary A   26May1849 6y      8m    17d (Probably children of Jacob and Susannah)
Coons Melenda   02Jun1846 4y       4m   20d d/o John & Catherine
Coon Susannah   18Feb1871 60y      6m    15d w/o Jacob, d/o Michael & Marg. Harman
Coons Ambrose   07Sep1857 20y    7m   27d  
Coons Anna Alida   20Aug1851 32y    2m   22d w/o Simeon
Coons Carolline 1843 1933   2nd w/o Daniel d/o Henry & Mary Star Wilt m. 3/19/1866
Coons Catharine Amelia   186(8)7 29y             ***d w/o W. H.
Coons Daisy 1881 1934    
Coons Daniel   10Oct1887 67y                 ***d b. in Fulton Co., N. Y., s/o Thomas & Susan
Coons Eugene 1875 1964    
Coons James   19Jul1854??   s/o T. & S.
Coons Jane 1843     w/o Thomas
Coons John W   28Jan1839 3y       8m    ***d                              s/o T. & S.
Coons Thomas 1832 1906    
Coons William   30May1852 13y      10m     15d  
Cooper         no stone
Core David W 1833 1906    
Core Lucretia J 1834 1919    
Core Mary A 27Nov1856 18Oct1932    
Cottrell Aleeta B 1893 19--    
Cottrell Amber G 1895 19--    
Cottrell Edith D 1864 1951    
Cottrell Infant   18Aug1896   d/o W. A. & Edith
Cottrell Pearl H 1888 1977    
Cottrell Rosa M 20Mar1891 06Jul1902   d/o W. A. & Edith
Cottrell Victor L 1890 1976    
Cottrell William A 1860 1957    
Cowdery Ambrose     18Feb1842 10m     14d s/o A. H. & H. A.
Cowdery Ambrose H   21Apr1844 31y                  ***d  
Craig Lillian A 1896 1938    
Culver Robert V 1903      
Culver Thelma 1907 1963    
Culver & Weist         (owners)
Cunningham Hiram M 04Apr1827 30Jan1889   b. Tuscarawas Co., Ohio
Cunningham Louella   12Jan1874 4y     8m   29d d/o H. M. & E.
Cunningham Rodolphus   07Jan1874 16y     3m     11d s/o H. M. & E.
Curran Elizabeth 22Feb1822 24Mar1896   w/o Maurice
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