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Little Sandusky Cemetery

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Location: in Pitt twp. on east side of Little Sandusky village .2mile west of SR 23 and .1mile south of SR 294. Note on location (from Valerie): Located on south side of Rt. 294 and west of Rt. 23, at western side of the town of Little Sandusky.
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Spreadsheet of 880 burials by Alice Halderman
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Wyandot county cemetery locations
Surname Given name at death Birth date Death date Age at death Notes
Lee Lucretia 03Jun1836 13Sep1840   d/o P. & E.  - see R10 - G20
Lee Lucretia     4y     3m    10d d/o Parker & Eliz. (stone between row 9 & 10, listed also in row 9)
Leeth Allan   24Feb1846 8y     3m     16d s/o John & Eliz.
Leeth Clarke   02Feb1846 2y     8m     15d s/o John & Eliz.
Leeth Mary   28Feb1846 11y     5m   23d d/o John & Eliz.
Leeth Olive     01Feb1844 2y     1m     18d d/o John  & Eliz.
Lewis Flora M   18Aug1862 3y    11m   16d  
Lewis John   29Mar1859 36y              ***d (a member of the Wyandot Indians)
Lewis Julia C   29Dec1855 11m    ***d d/o S. J. & W. M.
Lewis Minerva S   28Aug1847 5m      6d d/o S. J. & W. M.
Lewis Scott W   16May1853 6m    22d s/o S. J. & W. M.
Lomason John        
Lough Arthela   12Apr1844 3y      10m    3d d/o John S. & Eliza A.
Lumbardson James 1882 1955    
Lumbardson M. Bernice 1895 19--    
Lumbardson Wm        
Lumberson Jacob A 1872 1919    
Lumberson Margaret E 1877 1967    
M.A.W.         small stone next to Cunningham
Manhart Edna B 1925 1925    
Manhart Robert Raymond   Jun1931    
Manhart Stella M 1878 1922   w/o T. F.
Manhart Thomas F 1873 1960    
Marks Emma L   21Feb18-3   (I) d/o John & S. A.
Marks Wm 1878 05Oct1900   s/o Mary 
Martin Caleb S 1819 1902    
Martin Charles 26Aug1876 19Nov1897    
Martin Elizabeth 1830 1909   h/w
Marvel Fri--ei-n   01Oct???0 10y      9m    ?d s/o W. & M.
Marvel Peter     2m    3d s/o W. & M.
Mason James J   15Aug1873 43y   10m     3d  
Mason Martha J 15Aug1827 30Jul1891 62y    11m    15d  
Mason Mary M. Cameron   16Dec1878 79y    1m     11d w/o Wm. - m/o Hugh & James
Mathews Charles S 1900      
Mathews Clarence       no stones
Mathews Hattie 1875 1950    
Mathews Marion 1872 1955    
Mathews Susie G 1896 1947    
Mauhorter Ambrose   29Mar1842 1y       5m     3d s/o J. & M.  (between two rows)
Mauhorter Harison   26Apr1842 2y      11m     8d s/o J. & M.
Mauree Elizabeth   06Oct1864 62y      4m     ***d w/o H
Mauree H   03Sep1849 48y     10m     ***d  
Mc Rill Elijah S   12Aug1845 7y      2m   15d  
Mc Rill Joshua B   18Oct1842 9m    12d  
Mc Rill Luther   21Apr1862? 8y      8m   18d  
Mc Rill Susannah   08Mar1867 58y      11m    8d w/o L.
McAnich Clarence D   14Oct1875 15y     9m         3d s/o J. & B.
McBeth Infant   30Dec1868   d/o R (?) & E.
McCarthy Bertha A 1900 1960    
McClain Matilda E Barnthouse 1849 17Apr1887   (m)
McHorter Clindia   24Dec1836 4m     16d d/o Wm. & D.
McLain Adaline 1839 1859    
McLain Adda J 28Jul1869 23Apr1884 14y    8m   25d  
McLain John C 1834 1909   f/o Adda
McMahon Mary 1859 1924   h/w
McMahon Michael 1863 1949    
McPike James Clyde   30Jan1924   (I)
Miller Claude J 1897 1962   s/o Jacob & Dollie
Miller Dollie Mouser 1873 1944    
Miller Harriet J 09Dec1852 14Jun1865   d/o J. & H.
Miller Jacob A 1875 1918    
Miller Martin V B   12Jul1855 15y    5m    4d thrown from a horse 7/4/1855
Miller Peter R 1854 1912    
Miller Ralph J 1902 1928    
Miller  J       Serviceman - service not indicated
Mills Mary Jane Gorman   22Aug1855 19y      4m       25d w/o of Joseph W.
Moler Samuel   29Apr1850 57y                   5d  
Montee Charles E 1886 1965    
Montee Dale F 1908 1908    
Montee David L 1856 1926    
Montee Ida M 1887 1979    
Montee Mary E   Apr1862 2 (or 7)y   1m  14d d/o Wm 
Montee Mary J 1861 1936    
Monter John E   11Mar1852 5m     8d s/o J. & D.
Moore John V 1895 1965    
Moore Lucy B 1894 1965    
Moore Walter R 18Jul1893 21Jul1945    
Moore William 1851 1906    
Morland Paula Kay Aug1956 Aug1956   d/o Richard
Morral Elizabeth   27Nov1825 46y   w/o Wm.
Morral Elizabeth   18Nov1820 11y d/o Wm
Morral Lizzie   11Nov1879 20y    8m      2d d/o S. & M.
Morral Margaret   13Aug1887 84y    2m     4d widow of Joseph Bowen & w/o Samuel Morral, Sr.
Morral Rosannah   30Mar1837 36y  w/o S.
Morral Samuel   13Dec1880 80y   5m     28d  
Morral Wm   07Apr1828 51y   ****    ***d  
Moser Charles Ralph 1931 1931    
Moser Frances   1895 1915    
Moser Jacob   1863 1935    
Moser Louise 1871 1945    
Moser Stephan 1876 1967    
Moses Charles 1903 1985    
Moses June 1913 2000    
Moulds Richard 1836 1903    
Moulds S. H. Marvil 1836 1876    
Moulds  Ann Porter 1841 1873    
Moulds  Mary Castanian 1837 1910   h/w
Moulds  Richard 1836 1903    
Mouser Betsy S   30Jun1869 52y       7m   16d w/o Wm    b. Pickaway Co.
Mouser Cindarilla   09Aug1851 9y       6m   15d d/o W. & Eliz.
Mouser Malitia   16Feb1851 9m   ***d d/o W. & Eliz.
Mouser William 03Mar1808 01Jun1888   b. Pickaway Co., O.
Murray Allan Ray 1941 1941    
Murray Mary E 1906 1919    
Murray R Ray 1903 1973    
Murray Robert E 1926 1931    
Mutchler John   29Mar1847 24y       6m     29d  
Myers John     06Mar1862 28y      10m    16d s/o S. & M.
Myers Mary     about  60y         ***d   w/o Wm. R.
Myors Ada Jane   07Sep1865 6y        11m      9d d/o J. F. & M. J.
Nash Margaret Ellen McAnich   07Jul1863 19y     8m       20d w/o Edmund  d/o James & Barbara McAnich
Nesbitt H. W. 1826 1872    
Newland Elza E 1877 1957    
Newland Frances E 1884 1943   w/o Elza
Newland Phoeba 10Mar1916 09Apr1916   d/o E. E. & F. E.
Nitrauer Daniel 1827 1911    
Nitrauer David T 1856 1937    
Nitrauer Ella 1862 1933   w/o David
Nitrauer Maggie 1903 1903   d/o D. & E.
Nitrauer Maria M 1830 1907    
Nitrauer Samuel 1873 1945    
Norton Gladys K 27Feb1895      
Norton Joseph M 1897 1962    
Norton Lewis A 12Oct1892 04May1972    
Norton Nellie J 1899 19--    
Nufter Odessa L 1883 1904    
Orians Dortha 19May1910 07Feb1980    
Orians Fred W 08Dec1908 05Dec1975    
Parker Ann   02Aug1887 34y    2m   18d w/o Richard
Parker Ann 1842 1873   h/w
Parker Betsey   06May1877 33y    2m   18d w/o T. S.
Parker Eliza 1819 1907   grandmother
Parker Elmer B   19Nov1891 7y     9m    7d s/o J. & M. A.
Phillips Ellen 08Mar1872 09May1897    
Pisel Birt E 1875 19--    
Pisel Charles D 1881 1953    
Pisel Clarence E 1879 1934    
Pisel Edward 1872 1906    
Pisel William 1869 1948    
Pryor Samuel   17Oct1851 36y                11d  
Quaintance Albert Denslow   09Mar1837 11m       3d s/o D. & E.
Quaintance Alphus D   14Apr1837 2y       8m       7d s/o D. & E.
Ra** Mary A   24Oct1863 10m       29d d/o Wm. & E.
Racy Hannah A   05Oct1851 12y       11m   20d d/o Joseph & Nancy
Racy Mary L   13Sep1848 1y       11m    13d d/o Joseph & Nancy
Rainsberger Anna Kerns       h/w
Rainsberger Joseph 18Jun1840 12Apr1910    
Ramey Butler 24Feb1812 13Mar1832   s/o Presley & Mary
Ramey Hannah   05Dec????   d/o J. & Katherine
Ramey Katherine       w/o John
Ramey Katherine       d/o --
Ramey Laviner       w/o John
Ramey Polly Ann 30Oct1841 15Jan1842   d/o J. & K.
Ramey Presley 17Aug1785 28Aug1841    
Randolph Jane A   15Apr1858 1y     10m   24d d/o Harold
Rappe Ann Eliza        
Rappe Infant 27Aug1857 27Aug1857   d/o John & Mary Hennessy
Rappe Infant 04Feb1850 04Feb1850   s/o J. S. & M. A. Hennessy
Rappe Johnnie A   21Oct1857 12y              10m at Little Sandusky
Rasey  Hannah J Brewer   09Nov1885 47y       2m     6d w/o John C.
Rasey Bernice M 30Mar1915 03Sep1921   d/o J. D. & M. R.
Rasey Effie F 1908 19--    
Rasey Elizabeth   03Jul1842 11m    2d d/o W. & Mary
Rasey Erastus   02Jan1838 2y  E197     2m  20d s/o W. & Mary
Rasey Jacob A 1869 1935    
Rasey Jennie A 1880 1947    
Rasey John 1903 19--    
Rasey John C   09Sep1909 73y     10m   24d  
Rasey John C 1890 1964    
Rasey Mary   13May1843 30y      2m    8d w/o Woster
Rasey Mary E   16Sep1893 30y       3m    12d w/o John C.
Rasey Mattie R 1896 1964    
Rasey     Apr1833 10d (I) s & d/o W. & Mary
Raymond Emma M 1877 1924    
Raymond Gilbert 1878 1962    
Raymond Wayne H 1912 12Jun1944   Killed In France
Reed Clara Cressida   29Dec1851 1y                 28d d/o A. A. & S.
Reed Cleonnes   11Aug1846 1y        9m       1d s/o S. A. & Caroline S.
Reed David H   12Jul1868 48y      7m     ***d  
Reed Eudorah L   22May1860 5y     4m    ***d (all three on one marker)
Reed Josephine   13Aug1853 1y              ***d d/o W. A. & A. H.
Reed Justine   11Aug1852 2m   ***d d/o W. A. & A. H.
Reed Priam   04Jan1840 10y      5m    14d s/o R. & C.
Reed Sanders A   02Dec1847 81y        2m   25d  
Reed Sarah   29Mar1891 65y    5m      16d  
Richmond Hannah 1835 1913   (w)
Richmond Joseph C 1842 1917    
Roach Charles   30Sep1835 24d s/o T. M.
Roach John W   13Oct1837 10m    23d s/o T. M.
Roberts Benjamin F 1860 1933    
Roberts Caroline C 1861 1945    
Roberts Clarence G 1886 1971    
Roberts Harold   24Nov1896 25d s/o B. F. & C. C.
Roberts Maude C 1887 1968    
Robison Charles R   12Apr1860? 10y      11m      1d s/o J. & J.
Root Susan   05Apr1843 16y    3m    28d d/o A. & M.
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