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Little Sandusky Cemetery

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Location: in Pitt twp. on east side of Little Sandusky village .2mile west of SR 23 and .1mile south of SR 294. Note on location (from Valerie): Located on south side of Rt. 294 and west of Rt. 23, at western side of the town of Little Sandusky.
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Spreadsheet of 880 burials by Alice Halderman
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Wyandot county cemetery locations
Surname Given name at death Birth date Death date Age at death Notes
Sanderson  V Carol 1938      
Sanderson  William A 1939 1966    
Savage Betsey   16Aug1832 22y ***d consort of Hiram
Savage Hiram     18Sep1832 27y 24d  
Schafstall Frieda       no stones
Scharr Jacob   08Oct1881 36y 11d  
Schwilk Frances E 1908      
Schwilk Herbert F 1906      
Searles Harvey D 1874 1954    
Searles Ludica E 1877 1949    
Seebach Clarence F 1879 1924    
Seebach Emma 1858 1939   w/o Frank
Seebach Frank 1854 1939    
Seebach Gertrude  1883 1966    
Sheets Margaret 1828 1903    
Sheets Peter 1828 1901    
Shepard Infant   20May1845 10d infant s/o J. & M. E.
Shepard Thomas   22Dec1852 2y 8m ***d s/o Martha
Shoemaker Harvey R 16May1928 01Jan1976    
Shorb John H   no dates    
Shug John Henry   28Aug1862 2y 6m ***d s/o J. P. & S.
Smith Cooney 12May1909 12Aug1972    
Smith Edith Edington 1888 1930   w/o G. Smith
Smith Elizabeth 02Dec1802 03Dec1873   w/o Jacob
Smith Grace R 1923 1980    
Smith Harold J and Grace J   1936   ch/o J. R. & M. I.
Smith Herbert H   1915    
Smith James T 1933 1934    
Smith Lilla   21Apr1862 22d d/o ? & L.
Smith Mary Florence       illigible small stone
Smith Matilda   06Sep1850(60?) 1y 11m 16?d d/o ? & ?
Smith Minnie I        
Smith Russell J 1908 1968    
Smith Thurston 1916 1943    
Smith  Jacob   15Mar1800 11Apr1874    
Snyder Elizabeth 1822 1908    
Snyder Henry 1817 1891    
Southward Mildred F Swihart 1915 1934    
Spellman Hazel L 1940      
Spellman Paul H 1939 1980    
Staats Dwight 1898 1915    
-Staats Fred T 1901 1954    
Staats George 1894 1913    
Stacy Joseph   26Sep1853 2y 1m 6d s/o W. & A.
Stalter Anna   26Aug1856 17d d/o J. & J.
Stalter Catherine   31Mar1880 68y 10m 28d  
Stalter Harriet     24Sep1851 11m   26d d/o Hiram & Anna
Stalter Jacob   09Dec1825 26y 6m 2d  
Stalter Jerome   12Oct1861 40y(?) 6m 21d  
Stalter Louisa   29Dec1851 29y 11m   22d w/o Hiram
Stalter Mary M   12Dec1849 13y 9m 7d d/o Hiram & Anna
Stalter Victoria E   22Aug1846 1y 7m 7d d/o H. & L.
Stanford Ruth 1809 1893    
Stevens Benedict 15Jun1846 15Dec1890    
Stevens Charles A   09Nov1860 1y 7m 12d s/o W. E. & A.
Stoufer John   29Sep1856 57y    7m   19d  
Stoufer Sharlock   03Jul1866 27y    2m 5d  
Straw David 06Mar1801 28Feb1862   b. Waterbury, VT
Straw Ivy   13Apr1861 8m    ***d d/o David & Rebecca
Straw Tunis T   06Oct1856 23d s/o David & Rebecca
Summers Marion F   22Jun1842 2y        7m    28d s/o Wm. & Martha
Summers Samuel E   27Jun1842 7y        3m 9d s/o Wm. & Martha
Swartz  D N 1840 1910    
Swayze Elizabeth   16Feb1857 47y 7d w/o Daniel
Swigert Julia     20Jan1848 27y 3m 15d w/o Milton
Swihart Anna P 1901 1919    
Swihart Bertha A 1878 1953   w/o S. H.
Swihart Charles E 10Jan1931      
-Swihart Charles 1841 1905    
Swihart David M 1860 1949    
Swihart Edna B 1861 1936    
Swihart Elton E 1900 1948    
-Swihart Elizabeth 1843 1941    
Swihart Ezckiel   26Jan1862 48y     10m 8d  
Swihart Henry 1866 1902    
Swihart Ina E 1873 1937    
Swihart Iona M 1908 1957    
Swihart Jeremiah J 1835 1919    
Swihart Joyce E 16Oct1929 06Feb1980    
Swihart Millard T 1883 1948    
Swihart Nellie B 1879 1895    
Swihart Neoma 1860 1909    
Swihart Pete M 1864 1949    
Swihart Peter M Sr 1840 1929    
Swihart Rhoda M   26Dec1892 84y 4m 21d w/o E.
-Swihart Richard Fitzgerald 1852 1932    
Swihart Scott H 1880 1964    
Swihart Sophia V 1841 1917   (m)
Swihart Stephen P 1901 1974    
Swihart Susan C 1897 1980    
Swihart Winniefred 1850 1938    
Swinehart Eliza Jane 2nd photo 13Jul1859 17y 8m ***d d/o J. & M.
Swinehart Frank N 1874 1957    
Swinehart Helen M 1898 1920    
Swinehart Jacob   25Dec1883 68y    3m   25d  
Swinehart John H    15Jun1863 28y 11m 8d  (one marker for preceding four)
Swinehart Lydia Ellen   09Nov1851 2y    9m   23d  
Swinehart Lydia L   09Nov1850 2y    6m   23d d/o J. & M.
Swinehart Mary Ann   28Dec 1886 70y 9m 28d h/w
Swinehart Myrta E 1880 1967    
Sworts Charles H 1875 1916    
Sworts Ebenezer 1831 1912    
Sworts Hannah J   11Mar1892 53y   11m 15d ss/o Mary E.
Sworts Mary E       old stone.  New one in Row 8 Grave 10
Sworts Mary E   18Mar1886 28y    5m 18d  
Sworts Mary Minerva 1865 1931    
Thompson George S 1892 1897   s/o R. W. & Ruth
top broken     01Sep1854 47y 9m 5d top broken
Trimble William   24Sep1849 52y    3m   ***d  
Vallow Catharine    15Feb1860 72y ***d w/o Stephen
Vallow Stephen   13Feb1860 74y     11m   20d  
Vannorsbrand Isaac   26Sep1849 79y ***d  
Vaughn Adella   26Aug1886 03Mar1978    
Vibber Eliza A   12May1831 1y      2m    ***d d/o Russell & Mary
Vibber Russell    10Jan1839 50y     ***m ***d  
Vibber Wm. S   06Aug1834 8y      6m    ***d s/o R. & M.
Von Blon Lucy Gail 1881 1894    
Vroman Alice C 1857 1907   h/w
Vroman Isaac 1850 1934    
Walker B--H Lydia   13Nov1849 20y 1m   10d w/o George W
Walker Matilda Williams   07Jun1902 24y     5m 5d w/o George
Wallace Jessie V 1902 1975    
Walter Ruth 1903 1976    
Walter Wm N 1905 1974    
Walterhouse Bertha E 1869 1940    
Walterhouse Florence E 1904 1954    
Walterhouse Frank H 1885 1946    
Walterhouse Gerald R 1899 1974    
Walterhouse H. Elmer 1867 1934    
Walterhouse Israel        
Walterhouse James 14Dec1891 07Jan1960    
Walterhouse Lucinda 1850 1906    
Walterhouse Mary E 1848 1935    
Warner Lou M 1871 1901    
Washburn Elias   07Aug1860    
Washburn Elizabeth   22Jan1888 52y 27d w/o Elias
Watkins Jane Louise 1941 1944    
Watkins Jessie F 1897 1967    
Watkins Lowell A 1931 1973    
Watkins Thomas O 1898 1944    
Weist ??Jr. 15Jul1894   24y     3m 26d  
Weist Christopher 1824 1900  2nd photo  
-Weist Christopher   1872 2nd photo  
Weist Emma C 1855 1922  2nd photo  
Weist Floyd E 1886 1974    
Weist John G 1855 1929  2nd photo  
Weist Magdalena Schroth 2nd photo 25Jan1884 34y 3m   9d w/o Christopher
Weist Martha A 1857 1911  2nd photo  
Weist Mary 1831 1889  2nd photo  
Weist Maud       Mother - no name
Weist Nellie E 1889 1963    
Weist Samuel 1857 1934  2nd photo  
Welch Floy E 27Jul1906 ? 9m    22d  
Welch Stephen A   13Aug1834 1y 3m 3d s/o Wm. & Marie
Wertman Daniel Z 1858 1898    
Wertman Mary Ellen    1861 1933   h/w
Wetterauer Barbara 1839 1911    
Wetterauer Barnhart 1830 1909    
Wetterauer Emma     03Aug1882 2y     2m 11d  
Wetterauer Mary A 1865 1922    
White Brenda Sue   21-22Jul1954    
White James        
White John   11Mar1862 24y 11m   3(or 9)d  
Williams Alice E   31Aug1900   d/o D. & M. - no age
Williams Daniel   no date civil war marker  
Williams Daniel 1843 1937    
Williams David   20Mar1852 30y     3m 24d  
Williams David   20Mar1852 36y      5m 24d  
Williams E G 1856 1910    
Williams Eliza J   11Mar1899 28y     8m 18d w/o George
Williams Foster   05Jan1842 21y ***d s/o G. & M. A.
Williams George 28Jan1789 10Jul1873 84y     6m 13d  
Williams George W 1857 1931    
Williams Iva L 1892 1908    
Williams John N   28Jan1899 86y     8m 3d  
Williams Levina   15Mar1898 72y 8m   20d  
-Williams Mary 1843 1923   w/o Daniel
Williams Mary A   07Sep1843 53y ***d w/o G.
Williams Mary J   29May1844 9m     ***d d/o D. & S.
Williams Mary J   20May1844 3y ***d  
Williams Samuel H 1867 1940    
Willmuth Aurilla A 1847 1936    
Willmuth Samuel 1838 1906    
Wilmeth George M   10Feb1880 7y    2m 7d  
Wilmeth John H   08Sep1864 4m      2d  
Wilmeth Rebecca J   13Mar1885 55y    6m 19d w/o Wm.
Wilmeth Rebecca J   13Mar1885 55y      6m 14d  
Wilmeth William   28Aug1881 54y 8m    22d  
Wilmoth Jonah   24Oct1837   s/o J. & E.
Wilmoth Joseph   10Dec1842 1y     9m   ***d s/o Joseph & Eliza
Wilmoth Pethena   05May1865 4m     5d d/o S. & L.
Wilmuth Jonah   08Apr1864 4m      2d s/o W. & R. J.
Wilson Caroline   06Feb1822   d/o Cornelius & Susannah
Wilson Chlorine Woosley footstone 19Sep1823 34y 7m   23d w/o Joseph; in Woosley plot
Wilson Cornelius   02Jun1843 44y 9d s/o John & Mary
Wilson D   07Dec1859 54y 1m     21d  
Wilson Daniel Davenport W 04Jul1804 19Feb1888 83y 7m   15d h/o Johannah; Whitehall, N. Y.
Wilson Ferris 15Apr1842 19Jun1860   s/o Daniel D. W. & Johannah
Wilson Johannah French  20Jun1809 20Sep1896   w/o Daniel; Essex Co., N. Y.
Wilson John   18Mar1838 64y 2m 12d  
Wilson John Jr.   02Oct1823 19y 8m    25d s/o John & Mary
Wilson L S   09Jul1845 8y 6m     24d s/o D. & A.
Wilson Lavina   21Nov1824 2m    14d d/o Cornelius & Susannah
Wilson Lovina   ??May1884(?)   d/o James & Rachel
Wilson Mary   13Aug1823 3m   28d  
Wilson Mary E 17Sep1834 28Oct1836   d/o Daniel D.W. & Johannah.
Wilson Ochser   22Feb1844 8m    27d s/o James & Rachel
Wilson Rachel A   07Jun1850 1y 10m 8d d/o D. & A.
Wilson Sabina   23Jan18-8(7)   d/o James & Rachel
Wilson William Henry 30Aug1830 09Jul 1858   s/o Daniel D. W. & Johannah
Wilt Charles 1841 1905    
Wilt Elizabeth 1845 1941    
Wimer Grace 1905      
Winslow Benjamin   21Jul1859 1y 8m      21d  
Winslow John W   09Jan1834   stone broken in half
Winslow Margaret 07Mar1777 18Dec1868   w/o S
Winslow Samuel 28Jul1769 19Mar1841 72y 8m 23d winslow plot
Woessner Andrew 1869 1943    
Woessner Barbara   11May1891 47y ***   *** w/o Matthew
Woessner Henry   01Oct1866   (I)
Woessner John       no dates
Woessner Matthew   28Dec1890 71y ***   ***d  
Woessner Matthew 1905 1926    
Woessner Pearl E   11Jun1902 1d s/o A. & Sarah
Woessner Sarah 1872 1919    
Woessner Victor E 14Oct1903 27Feb1907   s/o A. & Sarah
Woessner Wm H   05Apr1856   s/o J. E. & Jane
Wollum John   24Jun1948    
Wollum Louis 1914 1972    
Wood Infant   12Oct1857   d/o John & Catherine
Wood Infant   22Sep1860   s/o John & Catherine
Wood Mary Ann   28Aug1855 8y 4m    14d d/o John & Catherine
Woolsey Hezekiah   10Oct1831? 3m 6d  
Woosley A       foot marker only; in Woosley plot
Woolsey Infant   Sep1845   d/o W. & Hariet
Woolsey Leafy A   01Aug1835 18m d/o W. & Hariet
Woolsey Walter 01Jun1793 06Oct1851 58y 4m 5d  
Woolsey William 1765 28Nov1820 55y 10m   27d in Woosley phot
Woolsey (?) Sheldon   16Mar1843 2m 2d s/o ?  
Worley Cemantha 1840 1910   h/w
Worley Charles D   23Mar1853 about 9m   ***d s/o C. V. D. & M. A.
Worley George H   08Sep1855 1y 3m 3d s/o C. V. D. & M. A.
Worley Infant   14Oct1865   d/o J. G. & C. V.
Worley Jacob G 1833 1921   (f)   
Worley Jacob G 02Nov1833 1921   b. Somerset, N. J.
Worley Jane   17Oct1872 88y 3m    5d w/o Peter
Worley Peter   26Apr1876 90y 4m   21d  
Worth B   07Nov????    
Worth Ellan D 04Nov1840 05Feb1841    
Worth Helen M 12Jan1842 03Apr1842    
Worth Mariah   23Jan1837 18y3m 2d d/o J. & M. Wilson
Worth Wayne W   19Oct1851 4y                 5m s/o S. V. & B. A.
Worth         ch/o Guy C. & Aurelia W. (all 3 on same stone)
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