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Wyandot Co., OH

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Masedonia Cemetery

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Photo of Mesadonia Cemetery, Wyandot County, Ohio

Do you have photos of tombstones from this cemetery??

Location: in Antrim twp. .5 mile south of TR 72 and 13 ft east of TR 135
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Note: This entire spread sheet created for me by: Sandy Klieger  Thanks Sandy!!
  • 13 photos from Valerie Longwell Collins   Thanks Valerie!
  • Ken and I visited here May 1, 2004 and took the above photo at the cemetery


Wyandot county cemetery locations

Surname given name at death birth date death date age at death notes War involvement
Beaver A. 8/3/1828 2/18/1907      
Beaver Abraham L.   10/28/1862 7y 9m s/o A. & C.  
Beaver C. 8/15/1831 11/18/1902      
Beaver Sarah E. 2/10/1870 3/29/1873   d/o A. & C.  
Beaver Sarah J.   1/27/1884 5y 2m 14d d/o J.M. & J.E.  
Beaver   11/8/1886 9/13/1887   infs/o A. & C.  
Bibler Mary   24 sep   w/o Daniel Bibler  
Boxter Frederick   12/19/1854 29y 2m 4d    
Boxter Samuel   4/1/1857 72y 2m 15d    
Boxter Sarah   1852      
Bricker Jacob   4/14/1833 10y 7m 9d s/o Sarah  
Bunneli Mary H.   7/ ? / ?   w/o N.d.  
Cavens Joseph A.   8/11/1851 26y 11m 19d    
Comstock David 1829 1910      
Comstock Minerva Jane   3/3/1851 10m 4d d/o H. & H.  
Field Elisha   4/4/1824 4y 8d s/o J. & S.  
Field June   2/24/1824 26y 24d w/o S.  
Hite David   12/?/1839 35y h/o Elizabeth  
Hite Elizabeth   10/13/1853 57y 6m 21d w/o David  
Howe Alice M.   9/1/1889 27y 1m 24d d/o W. & R.  
Howe Asa R.   9/20/1850 31y 10m 11d    
Howe Elizabeth   11/10/1872 85y 6m 26d    
Howe Matilda C.   10/22/1843 23y 6m 18d w/o Wm.  
Howe Nathan   12/24/1827 6y 2m 21d s/o Wm. & B.  
Howe Rachel   1889   w/o Wm Howe  
Howe William   9/30/1881 94y 6d    
Jury Jesse   8/20/1850 64y    
Jury Linda Ann   8/1821 7y  d/o Martha  
Jury Martha   10/8/1850 60y w/o Jesse   
Jury Michel       d/o H. & M.  
Jury Rebecca   12/21/1830 20y 8m 11d d/o J. & M.  
Jury     8/1/1821   I/s Jesse & Martha  
Longwell Belinda   8/12/1834   d/o Geo. & Marg.  
Longwell Benjamine   8/2/1847 17y 3m 23d s/o L. & S.  
Longwell Elizabeth   8/31/1845 2y 6m 20d d/o L. & Harriet  
Longwell Isaac Newton   9/6/1851 11y 27d s/o L. & S.  
Longwell John Wesley   12/4/1850 12y 3m 17d s/o J. & M.  
Longwell Mannington   8/20/1847 12y 5m 11d s/o G. & M.  
Longwell Margaret T.   11/18/1851 36y 9m 5d w/o James  
Longwell Phebe   1823   w/o Isaac  
Longwell Phebe   9/18/1825 35y 6m 25d w/o Isaac  
May Henry   2/19/1833   i/s/o H. & S.  
May Henry   10/4/1838 38y 4m 2d    
May Mary   11/1/1844 10y 8m d/o H. & S.  
May Nancy   12/12/1835 11y 11m 6d d/o H. & S.  
May Sarah   6/9/1877 73y 6m 15d (w)  
McHenry William   7/28-1851 1y 11m 28d    
Messenger Martha Jane   8/29/1834 2y 10m 19d d/o M.E. & R.  
Messenger Nathan   8/30/1831 5y 8m 3d s/o M.E. & R.  
Messinger Sarah D.   4/27/1828 7y 9m d/o M.E. & R.  
Morral Sarah May   11/29/1848 20y 2m 16d w/o Wm.  
Mount Asa R.   11/3/1864   13 Reg. OVI Civil War
Mount Charles W.   6/22/1837 2w 2d s/o J. G. & S.  
Mount Eliza    4/16/1866 24y w/o T.  
Mount George   1/6/1843 7w s/o J. G. & S.  
Mount Henry U.   10/12/1861 25y 6m rd 141 Reg. ONG Civil War
Mount Joseph 9/20/1816 3/5/1882      
-Mount Margaret   11/29/1854 56y 8m 19d w/o T.B.; stone laying flat in dirt  
Mount Mary   6/5/1861 23d d/o Wm. H. & K.J.  
Mount Sarah M.   2/11/1838 6y 11m 4d d/o T. & M.  
Mount Sophronia 9/20/1816 6/7/1882   w/o J.  
Mount Taylor W.   11/18/1864 17y 7m 15d 13 Reg. OVI Civil War
Mount William          
Norton Amanda   9/30/1851 7y 11m 8d d/o I. & E.  
Norton Benjamine E.   4/1/1852 7d s/o I. & E.  
Norton Catherine   9/7/1851 8m 22d d/o I. & E.  
Norton Finley   9/19/1851 3y 5m 11d s/o I. & E.  
Sails Abigail   4/25/1869 70y 6m 17d w/o Elijah  
Sails Elijah   3/18/1862 76y 4m 16d    
Sims     10/1847   I/d Wm. & Harriet  
Smith Abraham   2/2/1852 5d s/o H. W. & Amanda  
Smith Daniel B.   2/18/1851 10m s/o H. W. & Amanda  
Smith Joseph   7/20/1841   s/o A. & Harriet Ann  
Smith Loretta   2/3/1841 24d d/o A. & Hester Ann  
Smith Mary   5/28/1848 4y 4d d/o A. & Hester Ann  
Smith     10-1847   I/d A. & Hester Ann  
Williamson Mary Melissa   8/4/1849 2y 10m 19d d/o B.J. & M.J.  

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