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McKenzie Cemetery

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Location: in Crawford twp. 22 ft from CR 5 on the north side of road, 2.6 mile from SR 53 and .6 mile west of TR 106
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This letter came to me from: Carol Harrison;  on June 6, 2001
You are doing a wonderful thing putting all those cemetery photos online for everyone to see. Your website is fantastic. I noticed under Crawford Township you have the McKenzie Cemetery listed, but with no stones remaining. The McKenzie's are my ancestors and I am so sad that the stones are all gone. But thank goodness I have photos of the stones that were still there in 1981, including William and Sophia  McKenzie, who came to the area before 1830. These photos were taken for me by Francis Smith who was curator of the Wyandot County Historical Society. They are wonderful color Polaroid photos. I have had copies made and would love to send them to you if you would like to have them to put on your website. I have a list of 18 graves in the cemetery from the Wyandot Cemetery book and will also send a copy of that page, but I have photos of only seven of the gravestones. I think that is all that remained in 1981. Vandals, Frances said in her letter.  So sad. This was a small family cemetery and looks to be near a road, so I guess was an easy target for vandals. If you would like to have the copies of these gravestones, please E-mail your mailing address to me and I will put them in the mail to you right away.

Thank you very much.

note from Kris: I responded and have received a nice letter, the listing of graves and the photos on Jun 15, 2001. The listing for this cemetery in the Wyandot Cemetery book says this- "..Situated 22 feet from Co. Rt. 5 on the north side of the road, and 2.6 miles from St. Rte. 53 and 0.6 mile west of Twp. Rd. 107.... No stones are remaining, if there ever were any, other than recorded. If there were stones they have been gone long ago that there is an excellent stand of well kept grass." Now the odd thing about this is the photos were taken by this aforementioned curator in November, 1981. When I have time I intend to take a look for it myself.

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Surname given name birth date death date age at death notes War involvement:
Crane Rhoda K 30 jul 1786 30 mar 1878 92y 8m    
Myers Oriers         Co. B 49th Reg. OVI
Myers Duris   24 nov 1875 55y 11m 14d    
Myers Mary Ann   23 aug 1898 74y 10m  w/o Duris  
Frey Jacob 9 feb 1844 4 jun 1891   born in Switzwerland; immigrated to America 1851  
Hoover John   15 may 1871 40y 3m 1d  h/o Lucinda McKenzie: she was a d/o Wm and Sophia, she later moved to Iowa with a son.  
Hoover Alice J   21 jul 1865 4y 3m 19d d/o J & L  
Hoover John M   20 jul 1865 2y 7m 1d s/o J & L  
Hoover William B   6 apr 1860 7m 28d s/o J & L  
Medcalf Harold Ray 26 jul 1891 19 jan 1977     WWI  Pvt US Army
McKenzie Ellamay   27 sep 1860 2y 11m 12d d/o R & R McKenzie  
McKenzie Curtis   18 dec 1860 3y 11m 7d s/o R & R McKenzie  
McKenzie William     12 may 1866 81y 3m 7d  born in MA; h/o Sophia  
McKenzie Sophia  Ackley   2 sep 1859 67y 6m 16d  born in CT; w/o William  
Knowlton William P 30 nov 1844 15 sep 1848   s/o A & L  
Knowlton Jay 21 aug 1846 26 dec 1851   s/o A & L  
Knowlton Louisa McKenzie 12 aug 1819 28 sep 1848   w/o Austin; d/o Wm and Sophia  
Knowlton Austin 15 nov 1809 19 may 1902   h/o Louisa; he moved to Seneca county and remarried  
Knowlton Urr Byron no dates     s/o A & L  
Knowlton Mark 10 jan 1843 17 oct 1862   s/o A & L Grd. Johnson Is. Co.C Hoffman Bat. Civil War
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