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Wyandot Co., OH

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Mexico Cemetery

Last update 29-Dec-2005 10:58 AM

Location: in Tymochtee twp., 280 ft north of CR 9 and 340 ft west of CR 37 in Mexico village
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Pam Kerschner and Sandra McGee have provided me a list of the cemetery. Pam has sent 55 of the tombstone photos posted here:

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Wyandot county cemetery locations

The additional information on the Montz family stones was furnished by Pam Kerschner. Thanks Pam!!

Notes from Sandy McGee:
additional information which was listed in the book"Tombstone Inscriptions from Cemteries in Tymochtee Township Wyandot County, Ohio"  from the Wyandot Tracers.
Names from an earlier record (source not cited) that were not found at the 1993 reading:
Babcock, David  28 Jul 1854 35y
Caughy, Samuel 1791-1854
Heistand, Mary w/o G Heistand 1824-1907
Henry, William 1797-1893
Jaqueth, Mrs. Mary J. 1827-1901
Jump, Mrs. Virgil (Hulda) 1853-1890
Paulin, Peter 1823-1860
Pauline, Ury    1847-1900
Stubbs, Theodore CW
Willson, Susannah 1826-1884
"Wyandot County, Ohio Cemetery burial Records" DAR 1981 lists the following"
Babcock, David
Beatty, Watson 1847-1897
Campbell, Sarah 1854
Cooper, C C  /1851
Fishel, Daniel
Fishel, David 1853 2y
Fishel, Infant 1818 4d
Harris, Laura
"An Inventory of the Surnames as Set Forth on Monuments and Markers in Seneca County and Eight Border Cemeteries" compiled by Robert G. Keppel 1961 lists the following:
Babcock, David 1827-1851
Caughey, Samuel 1791-1843
Cooper, John  no info
Stalter, William H.  1816-1853
Stalter, Elizabeth wife  (This could be Abraham 5 May 1816-31 Dec 1853 and his wife Elizabeth 23 May 1816-7 Sep 1900)
"Early Vital Records of Ohio"  DAR 1953 lists the following:
Babcock, David   d 28 Jul 1854 35y
Beatty, Watson 1847-1897
Bogard, Wm Co F 123 Ohio INF
Brown, Mrs. Harmon (Sarah) 1758-1839
Caughy, Samuel 1791-1854
Culver, Mrs. Sylvester (Mary) 1815-1881
Fox, Ladusky C. 1853-1896
Henry, Wm 1797-1893
Heistend, George 1832-1907
Heistend, Mary w/o G 1824-1907
Ingman, Catherine 1830-1861
Ingman, Mrs. E G 1823-1850
Jaqueth, Mrs. Mary J 1827-1901
Jump, Mrs. Virgie (Hulda) 1853-1890
Pancoast, Casper C 1826-1884 GAR
Paulin, Peter 1823-1860
Pauline, Ury 1847-1900
Stubbs, Theodore GAR
Willson, Mrs. Albert (Francis) 1828-1873
Wilson, John 1821-1896
Wilson, Susannah 1826-1884

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