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Wyandot Co., OH

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Nevada Cemetery

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Cemetery entrance

Located: in Eden twp. is west side of SR 231, .3mile south of SR 30 east

Note from Karen. June 2005: Mary and Ed Daniels are no longer the caretaker for the Nevada Cemetery, in Nevada, Wyandot County, Ohio. The new caretaker is Tracy McClain with husband James, their phone # is 740-482-1802. They have very limited information on the older graves in this cemetery, but if they are after the year 1900, they usually do have copies of the burial permits to go along with the head stone information.  Mary and Ed Daniels passed the mantle of caretaker over after serving for 5 years.

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  • a panorama (kind of) photo of cemetery a grouping of photos my husband took.

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  • Photos of the Mausoleum

  • Marge Gish  created the spreadsheet for the listing. It contained info on 3920 burials!!
  • Interested in a photo? drop me a line!
  • About this listing: I have found MANY of the dates listed are NOT death dates but burial dates. As I look at a photo that has full death date engraved, I am changing the info online to reflect what is on the stone. Be sure to double check any death dates you see on this listing. It may actually be a burial date! I have also found many names were missing! Especially of double graves like wife/husband. So I am adding the new goodies as I see it on photos.

  • These pages are HUGE especially as I have to add hundreds (yes hundreds!) of new names as I see them on the photos. This has enlarged the list to 4,545 names. So the pages may take two minutes to load a page... Be patient! I still have sections E and A to finish taking photos, so there will be more names added at that time!

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Note from Kris:  Twenty photos sent to me from this cemetery by Dean Sollberger and  27 photos sent to me by Mike and Ann Roberts.

My husband, Ken Krumm and I stopped at Nevada cemetery on August 20, 2001. We took 351 photos of tombstones.

My husband and I visited the cemetery again on Nov 7, 2001. Sunset was approaching but we managed to get a few more photos. 326 photos my husband took, and 328 that I took.

Our visit there on May 7, 2003 yielded another 1,076 photos.

I stopped in by myself May 18, 2003 and gathered 315 more shots.

Ken and I stopped by again on May 25, 2003 and I took 701 photos of markers. Ken forgot to bring his camera that weekend! So he took 40 winks in car while I ran around the cemetery.

July 20, 2003 Ken and I finished photographing sections B2 and C2. We took 434 photos

Interested in a photo? drop me a line

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