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Wyandot Co., OH

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Oak Hill Cemetery

Last update 29-Dec-2005 10:59 AM

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Located: Crane twp. in Upper Sandusky, CR 119, .3 mile south of SR 67 and being 1.3 mile south of Upper Sandusky corp. limits.
Contact person for this cemetery is Mark Gossman. The number number for Oak Hill Cemetery is 419-294-4843
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  • I have photos of many tombstones in this cemetery.
  • Interested in a photo? drop me a line!

Kathy Baker, has completed the listing for this cemetery. She spent $30 of her own money to have copies of the pages sent to her in Italy! Then she entered all this information into an Excel spreadsheet and emailed it to me. There are 4820+ graves that she listed! What a huge contribution from her to the genealogy community here at Wyandot County! A big hand and thanks you to her!

NOTES: Taken from burial records please be careful, I notice many of the "death" dates listed are actually "burial" date. I have changed or added information to her original listing where ever you see a hyphen in front of the surname. This is a HUGE project! A work in progress, MANY of the dates in the listing are wrong. Please be patient for slow loading pages!

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  • I have photos of many tombstones in this cemetery.
  • Interested in a photo? drop me a line!
Here is a map of the cemetery. The sections highlighted in Yellow are the ones in which we have photographed the stones. Will take more photos on another visit to the county. Click on thumbnail to see in a larger view:------->

Wyandot county cemetery locations

Politicians buried here:

Note from Mike Roberts: Charles Fremont Smith who is buried in Oak Hill:  His obit states that he served 5 years in the Ohio Legislature in the 76th and 77th General Assemblies beginning in 1903.  I also have a picture of him taken from a book which pictures and describes all the members of the General Assembly from that time period

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