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Old Mission Cemetery

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Located: Crane twp. in Upper Sandusky, on East Church St., abt. 500 feet east of SR 53 and 67, on north side of town. Office phone number is: 614-294-3763
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Work here began Apr 30, 2001. My husband and I each with a digital camera took photos for THREE hours.  We decided to start in the oldest sections first near the Mission building... 459 photos later, seems we only scratched the surface.

Photo of Charlotte Holubeck, creator of spreadsheet for this cemetery

Charlotte Holubeck

  • Charlotte finished the spreadsheet for all 459 photos that we had taken. To do this she looked at EACH photo and typed in the info, which was SLOW and HARD work for her!
  • More help came in as Alice Halderman, Mary Ann Sieberg and Barbara Richardson Smith create spreadsheets of burials.
  • Next came Darlene Clinger and her husband, Dan, who pitched in with taking over 4000 tombstones of tombstones at this cemetery. Darlene took the extra mile an placed her name on each photo and renamed the files according to the names on the tombstones. You have no idea how many HOURS that takes of photo editing! Darlene also obtained copies of burial records to help her place where the photos were taken.
  • Next it is my job to sit here and create the pages for the listing, add all the new names as I see them in the photos, that were not found in the old burial listing we had, and create hyperlinks to all those photos! YIKES! this is gonna take me a long while- and will entail creating all new webpages using the spreadsheets originally sent to me by the girls listed above.

    Indian's with no surname are in the listing with surname "Indian"

    CLICK HERE for information on the Mission Church at the cemetery
    Note July 18, 2007: Here are links to the new pages I am working on:

    A B-Bi Bl-By C D E F G Ha-He Hi-Hy I J K L Ma-Me Mi-My N-O P-Q Ra-Ri Ro-Rw S-Sh Si-Sp St-Sw T-U V-W Y-Z

    These new pages will load FASTER and be easier to work with.
    Also note that I am seeing the year of birth on these spreadsheets as "almost" always being one year in error!
    Total so far of 4, 820 names and MANY more to be added!
    As I create links to the photos I am correcting the dates as I see the errors. Those names with a dash in front of the surname are new to the listing or have new information added

    July 20, 2007: worked 10 hours creating links to 300 pics for Section A from Darlene
    July 26, 2007 finished creating links to 363 pics for Section A from Darlene
    August 2007 received 379 more pics from Darlene these are from Sections Q, R, S and D
    August 12, 2007 was able to creat links for this batch of pics up to letter B
    August 16, 2007 worked 10.5 hours and got from B to R all linked up.
    Sept. 9, 2007 worked two hours and got from S to Z all linked up, now I have another 192 photos from her that I uploaded and began work on for the rest of the night, Eight hours and I completed linking photos up to the G's
    Sept 11, 2007 worked another three hours and got up to the letter R all linked.
    Oct 29, 2007 worked again for four hours and finished this batch!
    Dec 17, 2007 uploaded another set of photos from Darlene ( 166) and worked until after midnight and finished getting links created to all of them.
    Dec 18, 2007 Darlene has been busy! She sent me another 269 today, which I have uploaded. So far I have up to the letter "F" linked of this new group. It's midnight.. work on it more tomorrow...
    Dec 19, 2007 I was able to work an hour this morning and got up to the letter J linked of the 269 group.
    Dec 20, 2007 worked Midnight until 2:15am and got up to letter O linked.
    Dec 21, 2007 9pm finish up linking all of this batch. Meanwhile, Darlene sent me another batch of 114, so I began work on creating links to those until about midnight and got up to the letter R.
    Dec 22, 2007 up in the morning and back at this group and have completed all links by noon.
    Dec 31, 2007 Darlene sent me 324 more files. Morning of Jan 2, 2008 I begin creating links to them, worked 8am to 2pm got up to the C's completed.
    Jan 15, 2008 been working a bit here n there and I am up to the letter I in this latest batch.
    Jan 16, 2008 worked most of the day and got up to the letter R linked.
    Jan 19, 2008 I found I was having a difficult time working on the "S" page, well turns out it was to BIG, so I broke it in half, seems to be working now. I finished links to the S's off.
    Jan 21, 2008 All of this batch are now linked! So I am all caught up and awaiting more photos from Darlene.
    Jan 27, 2008 Darlene sent me 351 more photos. I have them all uploaded and did get up to the B's linked in the listing, but it is nearly midnight, so will work more on this tomorrow.
    Jan 30, 2008 Worked on creating links last night and this morning. I am up to the letter "L" so far.
    Feb 1, 2008 11:45am finally finished all links to this batch... But Darlene is actively sending me another batch as I type this update!
    Feb 7, 2008 Uploaded 427 photos that Darlene sent to me. Worked seven hours today, got up to the Letter "N" all linked. I am continuing to break pages in half as they get too large to work with.
    Feb. 24, 2008 Starting back to work at letter "N" at 4am this morning and got up to the "Smith" by 5:45am Going back to bed now, Up and 9:30am and worked until noon and finished all links to this batch. Naturally Darlene has already sent me another set which I can now begin to upload.
    Well it is now Nov. 7, 2008 and I took a big break from this project, just got burned out on it. Today I uploaded 338 photos (that batch Darlene sent back in Feb) and have began creating links to those.
    Nov 8, 2007- I just finished linking up all those 338 pics. Darlene has been sending emails all morning to me with more photos attached, she keeps me busy! ha ha
    Nov 28, 2008 I am all caught up with Darlene, just waiting for her to send more pics...

  • Meanwhile.. you can also view these remaining old pages..

Section A - photo of the section
Section F (380 names);
Section H; (267 names);
Page one of Charlotte's list

Wyandot county cemetery locations

Photos for this cemetery from:

  • Me and my husband, Ken Krumm
  • Dan and Darlene Clinger
  • Pam Kerschner sent by JackFlak
  • Joe Swinehart
  • Dean Sollberger
  • Terry Zeidler

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