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Peter's Cemetery

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Location: in Crane twp. west side of SR 199 (old SR 23) 340 ft from the roadway, and .2 mile south of CR 55. Lies on private property behind the barns
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This cemetery is abandoned and a real mess! Tombstones are broken and laying all over the place. The weeds are grown up making it difficult if not impossible to find all tombstones. Ken and I visited this place and took photos of the stones that were in a mowed area in May 2005. We did not attempt to enter the overgrown area as we were not dressed properly (needed to have long pants on!)
The Groff children have on long stone base upon which were mounted a small stone for each deceased child. Now the base is there but the small stones are off and laying all over the area. The base reads "Children of Joseph H & Leah Groff." The Wilson family plot is overgrown evergreens, where the roots have helped topple stones as much as the vandals.

Wyandot county cemetery locations

Surname Given Name Death Age Notes Row
Berry Laura 11 sep 1855 7y 3m 18d d/o C&E 8
Brown James W 3 sep 1858 ?y 11m 11d   17
C.E.L         8
Fegtly John W 15 oct 1858 4m 12d s/o J & S 8
Fegtly Martha E 19 feb 1856 2y 8d d/o Rev. J & S 8
Groff Flora E 10 aug 1868 9m 20d Photo of the Groff family mess 3
Groff Jimmie C 24 feb 1867   some more Groff markers 3
Groff Peter 10 oct 1863 1y 10m 3d the middle of this photo has two of the Groff children markers 3
Groff Sophia 24 sep 1857 10m 20d Photo of the base 3
Groff unreadable     second photo of base 3
Groff unreadable 1865 8m 18d   3
Henderson Robbie 6 feb 1858 3m 28d s/o RA & LA 15
Hill Maria R 24 jan 1864 2y 6m 26d d/o S&M 11
I.R.G         1
Junkins Leonard B 29 aug 1856 14y 2m 10d s/o JH & S 6
Leslie Mariah E     d/o J&Harriet 17
Lindsay Alexander M 8 jan 1857 39y 10m 19d third photo 3
Lindsey Caroline 4 may 1858 21y 9m 7d d/o D&C 10
Lindsey David 3 nov 1857 44y 2m 28d   10
Mager ? 20 dec 1860 1y 8m 18d d/o H&SL 1
McCleary Robert 20 mar 1873 53y 4m 29d   15
McGill ?     s/o J & MA 6
McGill Martha erected 1855   ss/o MA 16
McGill Wm H 30 jan 1857 32y 9m   15
McJunkin Walter S 24 aug 1852 18m 4d s/o Joshua & Nancy 13
Noll Mary     d/o JS & E 14
S.G         8
unreadable stone       6
unreadable   2 aug 1853 26y   15
Waggoner Bonobus 22 sep 1871 82y 9m 17d   4
Waggoner James   War of 1812 no marker 4
Waggoner Sophia 11 nov 1857 42y w/o Bonobus NOTE: stone broken in three parts, we found two of those 4
Willoughby Eliza E 23 jun 1853 8y 3m 22d d/o TB & Dianna (see note below..) 12
Wilson Annie (no dates) 4m photo of grave area 1
Wilson Junie (no dates) 6y   1
Wood Reber 28 jan 1852 44y 3m 13d   9
unknown       photo of a base, but marker is lost  
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From: "Rebecca (Willoughby) Clark" : I am hoping that you might be able to assist me with a small problem. Before my father died, he was very active in fixing family tombstones, especially those that were in need of repair. When he died, we discovered that he still had a tombstone in his procession and we would like to be able to replace it where it rightfully belongs. We did visit the cemetery, and unfortunately it is in a sad state of being. It seems that this cemetery was never taken care of, although the land owners are mowing. Most of the stones are missing or out of position. The lady at the house where this cemetery sits, stated that she remember that there was a man that spoke with her father prior to taking the stone for repair. (He had permission). We are hoping that you have a layout of this cemetery. It might help us determine where row 12 is located, and what position on row 12 she would be buried. The information that you provided on your website was very helpful in locating the cemetery, but it appears that you have more information. We would greatly appreciate any assistance that you could provide. (in regards to tombstone of Eliza Willoughby)

Note from Cecelia DeBolt Upper Sandusky:

I had visited Peters Cemetery about 15 yrs ago when I first started seriously researching my family history. John Stewart Methodist Church owned it at that time. I was very concerned about the condition as it had been many many years since the church had maintained it. Mrs. Sammet lived there and said she and her husband (long passed) used to turn the sheep out in the area to keep the overgrowth down. A phone call to the church gave no results. I was told no one claimed any of those people any longer and it was too difficult to access. My gggrandfather is Robert McCleary and his stone is near the front. According to his death certificate I have obtained (Vol. 1, page 16, Wyandot County Record of Deaths) his correct year of death is 1873, not 1877, as the website states. Rush McCleary, a "cousin" in Texas had at one time uprighted the stone and it was standing 15 yrs ago. At that time my son (10 yrs) and I loaded up the push mower and went there and he mowed the area around Robert's grave all summer. Rush also wrote a book which is in the Upper Sandusky Community Library and in it he has pictures and transcription from the stone. My family line in Rush's book ends with Robert McCleary. My line begins with Robert's second wife, who is not included in Rush's book. (I hope to complete an addendum sometime!!) I took a 10 yr or so break from my genealogy and have recently been working on it again. I visited there yesterday and the state of things seems even worse than before. Geena still lives there, and I believe she has a family link to McCleary's altho she may not realize it. I could be wrong. Anyway, Robert's stone is now turned over again. I called John Stewart church to see if they stilled owned it. I talked to Marilyn Geissinger, the minister's wife, and she wasn't sure if the church had turned it over to the Township trustees or not. The church trustees meet in a couple weeks and she will check on that for me and express my concerns for my ancestor's final resting place. It sounds as if she may get the stone uprighted since it has not (yet) been broken. I have even considered removing the stone to the property of one of my kids if it is going to be ignored and destroyed. I have mixed feelings about the whole thing, actually, especially since it was a cemetery supposedly under the care of a CHURCH, and I expressed this to her. I will let you know what I find out. I am sending this pic as it was yesterday when I was there. By the way, I am not the only "grandchild" of Robert's still living in Wyandot County. (April 2008)

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