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Wyandot Co., OH

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Schoenberger Cemetery

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Location: in Salem twp.25 ft east of CR 96 and .5mile south of SR 30west
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List of 275 graves by Alice Halderman
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Wyandot county cemetery locations

Note from: Dianne O'Connell []
I am attaching photographs I took of tombstones at Schoenberger Cemetery.
I am sorry that I only took photos of those stones which pertained to my family.
The family name was originally "Renschler", but obviously, this branch of the family preferred "Rangler".
(signed) Dianne O'Connell, Anchorage, AK
  • Jacob Renschler, or Rangler, is buried with his wife and two of his daughters at Schoenberger Cemetery, a mile or so outside of Kirby, Wyandot Co., Ohio.  His stone reads:  Jacob Rangler, born July 29, 1831, died Jan. 8, 1887.
  • Beside him is his daughter Charlotte's stone:  Charlotte Rangler born Sept. 30, 1886, died June 22, 1888.
  • Beside these two stones is a third, an oblisque with two names carved on it:  Catherine A., wife of Jacob Rangler, died Aug. 8, 1899, aged 70 years, 21 days. And on the same stone, Eliza Dempsey, died Nov. 1898.



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