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Wyandot Co., OH

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St. Joseph Cemetery

Last update 29-Dec-2005 11:00 AM

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Photo of St. Joseph cemetery furnished by Kathy Baker

Location in Salem twp. on CR 103 about .35 mile north of CR 44 on west side
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  • To see photo of the St. Joseph Church   Click here

  • all tombstones on this page donated by Kathy Baker. THANK YOU, KATHY!

Spreadsheets on the "surname page" links below were completed by: Carolyn Reinbolt.

She took extra time to look up additional information in: the SSDI, her own database, the IGI, and in the Ohio death records online. 432  graves she entered here for this cemetery!!!

Thanks Carolyn!!


Note: I have a total of 461 photos!!

  • I have photos of many tombstones in this cemetery.
  • Interested in a photo? drop me a line!

    We took 2-4 shots (one up close of inscriptions, one back to see all of stone) of some of them, as they were hard to read in any distance. This cemetery is "not exactly straight" on the rows, and I see we missed a few. However, we got the "majority" of 'em!!


Wyandot county cemetery locations

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This is the original list and photos (from Kathy Baker) that I started with:

Surname given name at death birth date death date age at death notes
Brodman Henry        
Brodman Margaret   12 feb 1899 42y w/o Henry
Brooks Margaret 1883 1917    
Brooks Sebastian   25 jan 1900 32y  
Eberly Anna 1870 1901 31y w/o R.W.
Eberle Anton   22 apr 1887 72y 4m 9d  
Eberle Luzia 11 dec 1809 8 sep 1879 69y 8m 25d  
Everly Katherine     59y 11m name is on Elizabeth Heckman monument
Heckman Elizabeth 1760 8 jul 1858 92y 7m  

Notes from Kathy Baker:

Brodman, Henry and Margaret: Margaret was the daughter of Benedict Logdson and Catherine Engelmann.

Brooks, Sebastian: was unmarried. He was the son of Sebastian Brooks and Margaret Pauly. This information was also in the St.Joseph's Church burial records.

Eberle, Anna: This headstone is for Anna (Orians) Eberle (once again the Eberle is misspelled). She was the daughter of Joseph Orians and Salome Shumaker. She was 31 years old She is listed in the 1901 St.Joseph's Catholic Church death records as the wife of Reuben. She died on January 22, 1901 and was buried on January 25, 1901.

Eberle, Anton: This is the poor headstone for Anton Eberle who committed suicide on April 22, 1887. He was buried on April 24, 1887 in St.Joseph's Catholic Cemetery, Salem Township, in unhallowed ground. Row X, L1 His cross has not been there for many years.He was christened on Dec. 13, 1814 in Hemmendorf, Wurtemberg, Germany. so probably born December 1814. Age at death 72y 4m 9d. His parents were Peter Eberle and Magdalena Hengerinn. He was married to Luzia (Saile) Daub.

Eberle, Luzia: born on Dec. 11, 1809, in Hemmendorf, Wurtemberg, Germany. She was the daughter of Ludwig Saile and Maria Anna Huft (Maria's parents were Michael and Francisca Starck). Luzia married Anton Eberle on Jan. 27, 1846.They were early pioneers of Salem Township and Anton was one of the first St. Joseph's Church members. Previously married to a Daub.

Heckman, Elizabeth: Elizabeth (Heil) Heckmann (born 1760), died July 8, 1858. She was the mother of Katherine Heckman/Heckmann (Heumann) Eberle, variations of this spelling are seen in many places, who was married to Henry Eberle. Katherine died Jan. 1, 1855 Apparently the headstones say Everly but this is incorrect, Eberle is correct. These people are related to one of the original pioneers of Salem Township, John Shumacher. Katherine and Elizabeth are both listed in the St. Joseph's Catholic Church Death records.



Kathy has also sent copies of some early church burial records Click on the page to view it:

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