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Wyandot Co., OH

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St. Peter Cemetery

Last update 29-Dec-2005 10:58 AM

Location: in corporation of Upper Sandusky. Original sections are on east side of North Eighth Street about 1000 ft. north of West Church Street. Kathy Baker says:  The new addition to the cemetery is on the west side of North 8th Street right across from the old section
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Kathy Baker has presented me with a listing of all the graves in this cemetery. See links to pages below.

Wyandot county cemetery locations

Below are pages with an alphabetical Listing of graves:

  • May 2003 I photographed all tombstones in the old section. Total 900 photo's!!

  • UPDATE INFO: I have been able to update the listing by looking at each photo:

    • persons with their surnames NOT in all caps are new additions. They were NOT in my online listing before.
    • persons with a dash in front of their surname, I have edited their info (such as adding a middle initial, or changing dates, or adding a name of spouse...)
  • June 2004 Darlene Clinger and myself photographed all markers in the new section. Darlene took 200 photos herself that day, and I took 239. I have updated the listing adding info from Darlene's photos, but still have to enter those from mine
  • Interested in a photo? drop me a line!
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Note for Anna Brecher stone from Kathy Baker: this stone is in the St. Peter's Cemetery (old section) in Upper Sandusky. Lot 8. In the cemetery listing it shows BRECHER, Stephan 3/4/2865 54y (this is absolutely incorrect). The person buried there is his wife, Anna Catherine Donnersbach, born in Moesdorf, Mersch, Luxembourg, Belgium, on Dec. 5, 1810. Also listed next to this stone is a half stone showing Elizabeth h/w (we do not know who this is at this time but it may not have any relationship to Anna's grave.

This is a burial listing by Section (these pages will NOT be updated):

Note from Scott Baker: St. Peter's Catholic Church in Upper Sandusky is at 225 North Eighth Street, zip code is 43351. The Catholic cemetery is a few blocks to the north on the same street.

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