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Wyandot Co., OH

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St. Peter Cemetery

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Location: in corporation of Upper Sandusky. Original sections are on east side of North Eighth Street about 1000 ft. north of West Church Street.
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Wyandot county cemetery locations


Surname given name notes birth date death date
    AROUND THE     
BRASCHLER Charles (Rev.)   10/30/1842 1/24/24
FORRER John R. (Rev.)   2/7/1868 in Switzerland 11/28/49
HUTMACHER Aloysius (Rev.)   9/17/1856 7/15/05
REINHART Joseph (Rev.) Fell from a moving train between Upper Sandusky and Bucyrus   d. 2/22/1868
SOSSONG Wm. B. (Rev.)   11/7/1891 7/4/68
VOGEL John (Msgr.)   7/10/1895 5/16/77


Surname given name notes birth date death date age at death
    SECTION 4-At the rear of this section are two rows of single graves with small stones.      
    ROW A      
BOLISH Patrick L.17 1949 1949  
CANTU Hector L.21 1929 1942  
CUNEO Teresa w/o John; d/o Chiava Roffalt L.13   9/25/1873 62y 3m 19d
MC MAR Teresa U. d/o L. CM McMar (?) L.18   10/4/1859 9y 1m 6d
NEIDIG Lena L.3 1877 1879  
PERRI John Santo L.6 1922 1924  
RODRIGUES Luis (i) L.22   7/9/59  
RYAN John L.8   5/7/1879 34y
? ? Two bases only      
    ROW B      
CANALES Hector (i) L.21   1947  
KELLY James L.5   1/1/1868 25y 3m
ORIANS son of Martin and Bess (i)  L.1-no date      
STANSBERRY Shawn Robb (i) L.23 10/20/70 10/24/70  
STUMP Michael Edw. S/o Lee & Kim (i) L.18   2/28/76  
VORDEN Elizabeth Schaefer (rest illegible Stone dumped at back      
WEIMER Mary (i) L.24   5/16/16  
? ? Five obelisks, weathered & illegible      

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