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Stansbery Cemetery

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Located: 30 ft north of SR 294 west of Brownstown and .3 mile west of SR 67 in Mifflin twp. Wyandot Co., OH.
This website created by: Kristina L Kuhn Krumm; Email:
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I copied some of this information from stones, back in 1980's. Took photos in Jan 2001. Now I find I can not match info to some stones that are unreadable this 20 years later, "unreadable stones" at bottom,

I have photos of many tombstones in this cemetery.

Wyandot county cemetery locations

Surname Given Name Notes Birth...Date
Bloomfield Ersal h/o Dorothy Ward 14 Nov 1917 8 May 1991
Bloomfield Dorothy J w/o Ersal;  d/o Charles and Effie (Stansbery) Ward 27 Aug 1934 2 may 1990
Bridgford Ivan Paul   14 jul 1906 7 aug 1977
Bridgford Arvilla Jane w/o Ivan, d/o Isaac & Clara (Akron) Stansbery 17 aug 1914 22 may 1982
Burkhart Charles Edward h/o Elizabeth Stansbery; s/o George Burkhart 17 dec 1887 9 apr 1948
Burkhart Elizabeth w/o Charles; d/o William and Orilla (Straw) Stansbery 19 feb 1887 16 jun 1928
Byers Paul Cecil   1909 1909
Dawson Barton (GAR); s/o Thomas & Amelia (Alfred) Dawson; h/o Lydia Marks and Orilla Stansbery 25 Apr 1842 16 May 1917
Dome Wm Henry s/o Cornelius & Eliza Jane (Stansbery) Dome; h/o Charlotte Stansbery 15 dec 1887 22 apr 1960
Dome Lottie (Charlotte) w/o William Henry; da/o William and Orilla (Straw) Stansbery 23 jul 1884 17 may 1959
Hogan Larry Eugene s/o Emerson and Vera (McCleary) Hogan; 3rd cousin once removed to Kris Kuhn Krumm 2 may 1939 31 mar 1952
Hogan Naomi Elizabeth mother of Emerson and Dale Hogan; w/o Charles Hogan; d/o William and Orilla (Straw) Stansbery 14 sep 1891 4 feb 1946
Hogan Paul Eugene   1932 1932
Infants   Who do these belong to? 9 Apr 1949 2 Feb 1950
Kennedy Carl s/o Harry & Lydia (Stanbery) Kennedy 1 May 1909 9 may 1925
Kennedy Cecil R WWII 21 Oct 1910 30 Jun 1971
Kennedy Harry s/o Jerome & Matilda Rose; h/o Lydia Stansbery. His tombstone shows death 1951; death certificate shows 1952 27 may 1877 10 feb 1952
Kennedy Lydia Stansbery w/o Harry Kennedy; d/o Samuel Jr. & Almira (Dawson) Stansbery; tombstone shows death 1911; death certificate shows 1912 8 oct 1879 15 feb 1912
Klugh Malinda Clabaugh   1887 1928
Krites Beulah Agnes d/o Joseph & Blanche (Zeller) Stansbery; w/o Ralph Krites; 1st cousin 2X removed to Kris Kuhn Krumm 22 jun 1920 7 feb 1943
Larick Carl F son of Russell and Eunice Larick 1934 uncut
Larick Elizabeth M daughter of Harry and Margarate (Brayton) Ehrhart 1940 1993
Larick Eunice Mae d/o Isaac & Clara (Akron) Stansbery; w/o Russell 19 jun 1916 20 dec 1934
Leonard Elizabeth (age 82y)  w/o Philip  1777 14 Jul 1859
McGowan Louise I d/o Barton & Lydia (Marks) Dawson 20-Sep-1903 14-Oct-1950
Ober Joseph A  WWI 20-Feb-1890 7-Jul-1966
Ober Reva (located near Guy Stansberry's grave)    
O'Neal Elizabeth      
O'Neal Jonny      
Orth Eliza Jane w/o Henry C Orth; d/o William and Orilla (Straw) Stansberry 29 aug 1882 10 oct 1913
Pittington Maleta I d/o Joseph+Sarah (Zeller) Stansbery; w/o Charles Pittington/Pettington; 1st cousin 2X removed to Kris Kuhn Krumm 29 may 1910 Nov 1983
Richards Donna Rose d/o Raymond & Iva (Stansbery) Richards; 2nd cousin once removed to Kris Kuhn Krumm 7 jan 1940 30 jan 1940
Richards Iva Marie d/o Joseph + Sarah (Zeller) Stansbery; w/o Raymond D. Richards; 1st cousin 2X removed to Kris Kuhn Krumm 29 aug 1902 28 dec 1967
Stansbery Arthur Wm s/o Leonard & Mary Etta (Musgrave) Stansbery 2 jan 1920 21 jun 1920
Stansbery Bonnie Irene   infant abt 1919
Stansbery Charles A s/o Iverson & Mary Ann (Dawson) Stansbery 22 mar 1870 19 jan 1952
Stansbery Charles  (age 5y 5m) s/o Ephraim & Charlotte (O'Neal) Stansbery 1855 22 Jul 1861
Stansbery Charlotte J   1891 1891
Stansbery Charlotte w/o Ephraim; nee: O'Neal 25-Dec-1836 1-Apr-1909
Stansbery Clara B nee: Akron; w/o Isaac R Stansbery 1895 1970
Stansbery Clarence D   1899 1899
Stansbery Cozetta Mae d/o Joseph + Sarah (Zeller) Stansbery; 1st cousin 2X removed to Kris Kuhn Krumm 26 jan 1915 16 jul 1928
Stansbery David H  WWII 23-Apr-1918 7-Mar-1970
Stansbery Dickie Lynn   1954 1954
Stansbery Donna Rose   1939 1939
Stansbery Edward  (WWI veteran) 2-Oct-1888 11-Apr-1967 
Stansbery Elizabeth no marker; d/o James & Margaret (Dumond) Claybaugh; w/o Thomas Stansbery 22 oct 1887 4 may 1928
Stansbery Elmira d/o Thomas and Aurila (Alfred) Dawson; w/o Samuel Miller Stansbery, Jr 1851 19 jul 1921
Stansbery Ephraim, III  h/o Inis Ulrich; s/o William and Orilla (Straw) Stansbery 4 mar 1893 27 apr 1968
Stansbery Ephram, Sr. h/o (1)Charlotte O'Neal and (2)Margaret Dumond; s/o Samuel Miller and Sarah (Leonard) Stansbery 13-May-1834 15-Oct-1921
Stansbery Everett (age 7 mos) s/o Willard + Larkie (Zeller) Stansbery; 1st cousin 2X removed to Kris Kuhn Krumm 1905 1 mar 1906
Stansbery Francis Morris s/o Ephraim & Charlotte (O'Neal) Stansbery 1865 1866
Stansbery George Benjamin s/o Ephraim & Charlotte (O'Neal) Stansbery 1869 1961
Stansbery Guy W h/o Lucille M Pryor; s/o Joseph + Sarah (Zeller) Stansbery; 1st cousin 2X removed to Kris Kuhn Krumm 7 apr 1918 21 sep 2000
Stansbery Henry Richard  h/o Lucy J Dumond; he had three wives; s/o Ephraim+Charlotte (O'Neal) Stansbery 2 dec 1860 1957
Stansbery Herbert R   1928 uncut
Stansbery Inis Alta w/o Ephraim, III; d/o Daniel & Leah (Start) Ulrich 8 apr 1896 1980
Stansbery Isaac R s/o Henry & Lucy (Dumond) Stansbery 5 oct 1892 19 dec 1965
Stansbery Joseph Alonzo (Alfonzo)  h/o Sarah Blanche Zeller; s/o Ephraim & Charlotte (O'Neal) Stansbery 16 feb 1876 1 apr 1959
Stansbery Larkie May w/o Willard; d/o William and Salinda (Shirk) Zeller; G-Grandaunt to Kris Kuhn Krumm 12 Dec 1875 22 oct 1927
Stansbery Lawrence s/o Ephraim & Charlotte (O'Neal) Stansbery 14 mar 1874 27 oct 1927
Stansbery Leonard s/o William and Orilla (Straw) Stansbery; h/o Mary Etta Musgrave 15 oct 1880 27 apr 1953
Stansbery Lewis s/o Samuel & Sarah (Leonard) Stansbery; h/o Permelia Williams 15 aug 1841 13 sep 1911
Stansbery Lucille M Pryor w/o Guy W 16 jul 1920 4 may 1987
Stansbery Lucy Jane Dumond w/o Henry Richard Stansbery; d/o Reuben & Sarah Jane (Lear) Dumond 4 jul 1864 13 july 1910
Stansbery Lidia  (Lydia) d/o Ephraim & Charlotte (O'Neal) Stansbery 1858 1863
Stansbery Mary Ann  d/o Samuel & Sarah (Leonard) Stansbery 1829 21 Feb 1860
Stansbery Mary Etta Musgrave w/o Leonard Stansbery 19 dec 1894 13 jul 1971
Stansbery Orilla w/o William Stansbery; d/o Joseph & Elizabeth (Straw) Stansbery; Wm and Orilla were first cousins 9 jan 1857 13 aug 1900
Stansbery Permelia wife of 1. Lewis Stansbery, 2. Iverson Stansbery; d/o John and Mary Williams 23 apr 1844 30 mar 1930
Stansbery Ralph T s/o Joseph + Sarah (Zeller) Stansbery; 1st cousin 2X removed to Kris Kuhn Krumm 13 Jun 1912 2 Apr 1982
Stansbery Samuel Miller, Jr. s/o Samuel & Sarah (Leonard) Stansbery; h/o Elmira Dawson 18 apr 1847 25 feb 1934
Stansbery Sarah Leonard  age 79y 4m 22d; w/o Samuel Miller, Sr. 26 jun 1806 4  Feb 1885
Stansbery Sarah Blanche w/o Joseph; d/o William and Salinda (Shirk) Zeller; G-Grandaunt to Kris Kuhn Krumm 12 dec 1879 12 mar1963
Stansbery Willard W h/o Larkie Zeller; s/o Ephraim & Charlotte (O'Neal) Stansbery 14 feb 1872 9 jul 1943
Stansbery William s/o Ephraim & Charlotte (O'Neal) Stansbery; h/o Amanda Straw 11 nov 1856 22 oct 1932
Stansbery William Jr s/o William and Orilla (Straw) Stansbery; h/o Mabel Stansbery; because of other inter-marriages in the family, Mabel and William are both first and second cousins to one another 12 mar 1897 17 jul 1954
Ward Betty Elaine d/o Charlie & Effie (Stansbery) Ward 8 jun 1940 3 oct 1940
Ward Charles Frank h/o Effie Stansbery 29 may 1909 16 jan 1980
Ward Donald Eugene s/o Charlie & Effie (Stansbery) Ward 3 dec 1936 20 dec 1936
Ward Effie Leona w/o Charlie; d/o Ephraim and Inis (Ulrich) Stansbery 28 apr 1917 20 jul 1953

unreadable stones click on link to view:

Please write to me if you know what these say..

infant who is this no name1 infant2

    I myself am the grand niece of both Willard and Larkie (Zellers) Stansbery, and Joseph and Sarah Blanche (Zellers) Stansbery. These were sisters who married brothers.

    Some Information was sent to me to add on this page by Sheila Jaynes Gurr : "I am the granddaughter of Charles and Effie and the niece of Dorothy and
    Ersal Bloomfield."

    Some Information was found on a list extracted and indexed by Doris Rodewald from STANBERY GENEALOGY by Henry D Williams.

    Received this note from Richard Stansbery, very nice job on your web page (stansberycem) have thought of doing it for many years buy never did i am richard stansbery great grand son of ephraim and inis stansbery if you think i can help you in any way write me back  -richard

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