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Wyandot Co., OH

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Thomas Cemetery

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Location in Marseilles twp. 800 ft south of TR 71 and .7mile west of SR 37 being 1.2 mile north of Marseilles village
Notes from Tom Hooker: "In 1997 the Enoch Thomas Cemetery was identified by local residents as the Old Indian Cemetery. To reach the cemetery, go northeast out of Marseilles on State Route 67, turning left on Township Road 71. Park at the first farm house on the right before the road drops down a hill to Tymochtee Creek. Cross the road and walk southwest through a field, following the woods line on the right side of the field for about 800 feet until a small cemetery is reached on the banks of Tymotchee Creek. A wire fence surrounds less than a dozen markers in an area overgrown with weeds and brush"
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Listing of 14 burials by Jeannie (Lucas) Fleck
The three rows are numbered from the east (67) and graves from south to north.
Darlene Clinger has photographed stones at this cemetery.
She reports the place is horribly overgrown and totally neglected.

 See the Cemetery photo showing the mess!

Wyandot county cemetery locations

Surname given name at death birth date death date age at death notes War      involvement Row Grave 
Farmer John   16 Aug 1819 19 y  9 m  11 d  s/o John & Sarah   2 4
Farmer John   12 Apr 1839 61 y  8 m h/o Sarah   2 6
Farmer Sarah   28 Aug 1847 84 y   w/o John; stone broken in half   1 2
Hilderbrand Levi   uncut   h/o Margaret Thomas; tombstone uncut; death date 1917; obit states buried at Fehl cemetery   2 3
Hilderbrand Margaret S   28 Oct 1873 31 y  3 m  9 d  w/o Levi; d/o Enoch & Jane Thomas   2 2
Thomas David M.   22 Apr 1834 36 y  20 d   h/o Jane   3 5
Thomas Enoch   28 Mar 1865 7 y  6 m  28 d  s/o Enoch & Sarah   2 1
Thomas Enoch Photo of him!

30 jul 1814

24 Mar 1888 78 y  7 m  24 d  h/o Jane (whom he married in 1842); h/o Sarah Ann Bates Thomas (whom he married in 1857)   3 1
Thomas Infant   20 Oct 1837 1 d   s/o David & Jane   2 7
Thomas Jane 28 jun 1828 23 Mar 1854 43 y  8 m  22 d  w/o David M. and then Enoch; d/o John & Sarah Farmer   3 4
Thomas Sarah 1824 1919


w/o Enoch Thomas      
Young George   9 Jul 1845 106 y   h/o Rachel"Born enroute from Ireland in 1739." "Served in (R. W.). Baltimore, Md.  1st Reg.  Enlisted 8/28/1776, discharged 11/15/1783" 1 4
Young Rachel McElsey Allen   9 Aug 1854 82 y   2nd w/o George   1 3
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  Illegible marker 3              
Note from Dick Lodge, email: Enoch (Thomas) was born in Hardy County, West Virginia; and we have been there and copied all the records we could find on his family, wills and deeds and marriages. The tombstone of Sarah Thomas, wife of Enoch Thomas, is not in the THOMAS cemetery.  Sarah is buried in YORK STREET cemetery on route 37 north of Marseilles.  She is buried with members of her family.  She was Enoch's second wife, following the death of Jane Farmer Thomas.  Jane actually was married to David Thomas and when he died, she married Enoch and bore him children.  Sarah also was the mother of two children with Enoch, but most of Enoch's children and descendants are buried in CHANDLER cemetery. I cannot connect tie above David to Enoch, other than the fact he also came from Hardy county, he was listed on his deed as from there. (note from Kris: But SARAH has a tombstone here at Thomas!!)
Note from Steve Wilde []: Enoch [Thomas] is buried in a private cemetery on the bank of the Tymochtee Creek, just south of Marseilles, Ohio across from where the old homestead was located

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