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Wyandot Co., OH

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Tymochtee (Old Shriver) Cemetery

Last update 01-Oct-2006 05:43 PM

Photo of the sign to the cemetery

Location in Marseilles twp. located on east side of Twp Rd. 94, 0.6 mile SE of State Rt 67. (heading south on TR 94 from SR 67, cross over Tymochtee creek)
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Sep 8, 2001: note from Kris:

My husband and I searched and found this cemetery. The sign is close to the road, however the cemetery itself is far back from there down a lane that circles at the base of the newer section and comes back out to the road. There is clearly and "old" section and a "new" section. See photos of cemetery as a whole above.

"Marseilles Township. This cemetery is shown on the Engineers plat as Shriver Cemetery. It has always been the Tymochtee Cemetery Assn., but was behind (on the lane) the homestead of the Shriver family. Situated on the north side of Twp. Rd. 94, .6 mile south-east of St.Rt. 67. It is platted Section 1, west of the lane is the Old part. Section 2, immediately east of Section 1, is the newer part. In 1980, Elisabeth Van Sickle deeded the section east of the lane, south of Section 2 and extending to the right of way of Twp. Rd. 94 to the Cemetery Assn. At this date it has not been formally platted, although two lots have been sold. Rows in Sec. 1 are numbered from south to north, and lots from west to east. Section 2- This section is east of Section 1. The lots are platted numbering from left - or north - for Row 1, then serpentine in each succeeding row. Immediately south of Section 2 is the 2.51 acre tract that has been donated in 1980 by Elisabeth Heckathorn Van Sickle, a member of Col. Wm. Crawford Chapter Daughters of the American Revolution. (labeled "new" on this spreadsheet) This land has not been platted into lots; however, two lots have been sold. They are east of the lane and just south of lots 1 & 2 of Sec. 2. Temporarily they are numbered."

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