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Wyandot Co., OH

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Unknown Cemetery

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Located in Tymochtee township
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From the Tombstone Inscriptions from Cemeteries in Tymochtee Township Wyandot County, Ohio.........
"About 1978, my father and I set some turtle lines in Tymochtee Creek in the southwest quarter of Section 18.  One day we tied the boat near an old house on the south bank and just east of Township Highway 107.  There was a ravine between the road and the house, which is now a pond.  The lane went down through this ravine to the house and barn.  We had probably tied the boat at the mouth of this ravine because the bank was too steep to climb elsewhere.  When we returned, I think we parked in the barnyard because I remember looking at the front of this small, run-down old house.  Jack Maloy, known as "Lobbo" was living there at the time.  To get to the creek, we walked behind the house to the creek bank and then down into the ravine.  Behind the house and near the steep bank, we noticed several old gravestones.  I think they were about 8 x 24 inches in size, and I don't remember if there were any legible names.  The underbrush was thick, and I wasn't interested in old gravestones at that time.  I remember 4 or 5 stones and a couple were still standing.  My father, Frederick J. Tanner of McCutchenville, remembers 7 or 8 stones.  A few years later, another area resident, Willy Rettig, coon hunted quite often with a man named Ronald Hines, known as "Hoppy", who lived there.  Willy thought there were 3 or 4 stones, all lying on the ground.  In fact, he thought they were old building slabs of some sort.  Evidently, they were all down by this time, but his daughter Sherry Rettig also saw them.  She remembers several of them and says they were definitely gravestones.
The 1975 aerial photo of this place shows the old lane and barn very clearly.  The house was hidden by trees, but can be spotted if you know where it stood.  A large spruce tree, which stood in front of it, still remains near the new pond and can be seen on the aerial photo.  I don't know who was the first owner of this property was, but if it was a Kear, I would think he would be buried in the nearby Kear Cemetery.  Nathan Kear deeded this property to his brother in 1857, but he lived in Salem Township.  He may have rented the place to a tenant farmer." L. D. Tanner, 10 Jan 1996

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