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Wyandot Co., OH

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Wharton Cemetery

Last update 29-Dec-2005 10:57 AM

Have photos of any tombstones in this cemetery?

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Location in Richland twp., is located south of Wharton and is on both sides of SR 293. Large cemetery with many new stones.
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Photos I took here are taken in the rain in the fall hope to return there on a nicer day, but the color in the trees are pretty! This particular cemetery is governed by a joint board consisting of at least one township trustee and at least one village council member.  The records for this cemetery are accessible through Nancy Grubbs, the cemetery secretary-treasurer.  She is also the clerk for the village of Wharton

Mike Wheeler is taking digital photos of all tombstones here and will send them to me when he has project completed.
As of Sep 2004 he had taken over 1000 photos and had about 200 to go.
He then plans on entering the burial cards into a spreadsheet.

Interested in a photo from this place? drop me a line!
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Wyandot county cemetery locations

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Photos sent to me by Scott Baker:

Norena Roland sent a eleven photos. They were ALSO taken in the rain and are very difficult to identify. This is the list she sent along for the photos she attached:

pic #1 Douglas & Mary Bennett
                  1861-1937  & 1862 -1944

              # 2 Clerence &Esther Stumpp
                       dates unknown

                # 3 Clemment L. & Bertha A. Rummell
                   1868-1935                  1878-1940

                  #4 Fredrick & Eliza Stumpp
                       1864-1925      1870-1931

                   #5 Southwards  unknown
                   #6 Hannah Sterling

                  #7 William & Saphrona Sterling
                           1867-1926      1867-1945

                 #8 Lovell A. Rummell

                 #9      Sterlings
                  names & dates unknown

              #10     Riner V. Rummell
                   dates unknown (military)

             #11 James & Rebbecca Rummell
                   9/13/1832 --   1839-1929

Terri Zeidler sent me four photos from here:

1. George W Kear, died 1898; Atty Ann Kear, died 1897

2. Perry Brashares, 1841-1915 GAR; Olive Mullholand, 1847-1926; stone to the left is
Hugh Brashares, 1874-1957 and Minnie M Brashares 1878-1966

3. Milton Kear, d. jan 11, 1909 age 82y and Harriet Kear, died 1901 age 72y

4. Moses O Kear, 1829-1909 and Effa L Hulse 1832-1857


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