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Bixby Township

1910 US Federal Census

Surnames Beginning with C & D

Head of Household & Individuals Living Independently

Enumeration Districts 212 & 213

· C ·

Name Est. Birth Year Birthplace Race Gender
??? Caldwell abt 1887 Missouri White Male
Cyrus Caler abt 1877 Pennsylvania White Male
Clarence Call abt 1903 Oklahoma White Male
John Call abt 1872 Illinois White Male
Simon Campbell abt 1851 Pennsylvania White Male
Jesse Canarian abt 1887 Illinois White Male
Benjamin Capps abt 1893 Oklahoma White Male
Luther S Capps abt 1871 Tennessee White Male
Sherman H Capps abt 1881 Tennessee White Male
Henry Carpenter abt 1879 Mississippi Colored Male
Thomas Carroll abt 1876 Kentucky White Male
William Carroll abt 1841 Mississippi White Male
William Carroll abt 1884 Arkansas White Male
Clifford Carson abt 1898 Missouri White Male
James A Caruthers abt 1845 Pennsylvania White Male
Gus Chambers abt 1871 Nebraska White Male
Fred E Champion abt 1855 Illinois White Male
Fred Chandler abt 1882 Texas   Male
Ottie Chaney abt 1823     Female
Luther Chase abt 1896 Missouri White Male
Sidney Compton abt 1883 Kentucky White Male
Wm A Conner abt 1862 Missouri White Male
John Connors abt 1854 Ohio White Male
Charlie Cooper abt 1890 Kansas White Male
Maud C Cooper abt 1896 Missouri White Female
Thomas H Cooper abt 1849 Indiana White Male
Juel C Cope abt 1882 Arkansas White Male
William J Coppedge abt 1866 North Carolina White Male
John W Cosey abt 1846 New York White Male
Earl Cox abt 1888 Kansas White Female
Harper Cox abt 1875 Arkansas White Male
Helen Cox abt 1909 Oklahoma White Female
Helen Cox abt 1909 Ohio White Female
Walter D Cox abt 1878 Indiana White Male
Wm H Cox abt 1853 Tennessee White Male
May Crane abt 1895 Kansas White Female
Ray Crast abt 1878 Ohio White Male
Minor L Craw abt 1845 Iowa White Male
Press Crawford abt 1887 Oklahoma White Male
Noah Criplehorn abt 1882 Ohio White Male
Etta Crogar abt 1898 Arkansas White Female
Berry Crosby abt 1842 Georgia White Male
Fred Cross abt 1884 Arkansas White Male
William Cross abt 1880 Arkansas White Male
James F Crowell abt 1876 New York White Male
Henry A Crowl abt 1863 Kansas White Male
William T Crowl abt 1864 Kansas White Male
Linn Cruncleton abt 1879 Missouri White Male
Shelton Cruncleton abt 1895 Missouri White Male
Vertrand Cumby abt 1856 Illinois White Male
Ona Cummings abt 1880 Missouri White Female
Robert L Cummings abt 1863 Missouri White Male
Thomas Cunningham abt 1857 New York White Male


· D ·

Name Est. Birth Year Birthplace Race Gender
Elijah G Darby abt 1885 Missouri White Male
William Daugherty abt 1880 Pennsylvania White Male
Guy Davis abt 1877 West Virginia White Male
Henry Davis abt 1876 Texas White Male
Jesse G Davis abt 1869 Tennessee White Male
Louis M Davis abt 1877 Illinois White Male
Manford Davis abt 1867 Illinois White Male
Rosa Davis abt 1882 Illinois White Female
Isaac Debery abt 1860 Ohio White Male
Joseph Deen abt 1870 Missouri White Male
Wm L Defriese abt 1880 Missouri White Male
Alex Degarden abt 1885 Missouri White Male
Wm H Degarmo abt 1865 Pennsylvania White Male
Elmer Delanley abt 1883 Missouri White Male
Della Delcour abt 1867 Missouri White Female
Etna Denison abt 1862 Iowa White Female
Mack Devers abt 1860 Georgia not shown Male
Fred W Deverse abt 1881 Illinois White Male
Bettie Dickerson abt 1879 Kentucky White Female
Gotlief Dicks abt 1862 Illinois White Male
Val Dicus abt 1875 Iowa White Male
Charlie Dill abt 1861 South Carolina White Male
Roe B Dill abt 1883 Arkansas White Male
Rufus F Dill abt 1855 South Carolina White Male
Stephen Dill abt 1886 Arkansas White Male
William L Dixon abt 1846 Kentucky White Male
Henry H Dobson abt 1868 Arkansas White Male
Francis Donahue abt 1854 New York White Male
John Doneldson abt 1889 Arkansas White Male
Alexander Donnelly abt 1873 Pennsylvania White Male
Melton Dooner abt 1881 Missouri White Male
Fred Dose abt 1885 Arkansas White Male
Joseph F Dose abt 1841 not shown White Male
Barney Dougherty abt 1877 Indiana White Male
Charles F Dowel abt 1877 Illinois White Male
Peter Dower abt 1841 Pennsylvania White Male
Lee Doyle abt 1873 Kentucky White Male
Dennis C Driscoll abt 1852 Indiana White Male
Jack Duncan abt 1888 Oklahoma White Male
Jesse L Dunlap abt 1870 Tennessee White Male
William M Dunlap abt 1842 Ohio White Male
Robert A Dunn abt 1874 Arkansas White Male
McDowell D Dweley abt 1860 Missouri White Male
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