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Bixby Township

1910 US Federal Census

Surnames Beginning with E, F & G

Head of Household & Individuals Living Independently

Enumeration Districts 212 & 213

· E ·

Name Est. Birth Year Birthplace Race Gender
Daniel J. Eaton abt 1866 North Carolina White Male
Ethel Eberhart abt 1891 Pennsylvania White Female
James M Edwards abt 1871 Arkansas White Male
Napoleon B Edwards abt 1861 Tennessee White Male
Harry Eger abt 1871 Pennsylvania White Male
Maud Eichinger abt 1885 Missouri White Female
Thomas P Elder abt 1884 Kentucky White Male
William Ellis abt 1865 not shown White Male
Charles E Emick abt 1859 not shown White Male
Bluford F England abt 1844 Tennessee White Male
William Enslow abt 1889 Oklahoma White Male
Edwin A Ernst abt 1879 Indiana White Male
James Estes abt 1888 Missouri White Male
Evan B Evans abt 1851 Pennsylvania White Male
Lucile Evans abt 1897 Texas Colored Female
Ulyses S G Evans abt 1864 Iowa White Male
Joe Evens abt 1880 not shown White Male
Henry B Everett abt 1870 Texas White Male
Geo H Ewins abt 1875 Missouri White Male


· F ·

Name Est. Birth Year Birthplace Race Gender
Loraine M Farry abt 1872 Ohio White Female
James D Faulk abt 1824 Ohio White Male
Leonard A Fears abt 1872 Georgia White Male
William A Ferguson abt 1877 MIssissippi White Male
Clarence Fesler abt 1880 not shown White Male
Elmer Finley abt 1880 Missouri White Male
Andrew J Fisdale abt 1835 Kentucky White Male
Allen Fisher abt 1871 Texas Colored Male
Casander J Fisher abt 1856 Missouri White Female
Charles W Fisher 1885 Ohio White Male
Patric Fitzgerald abt 1877 West Virginia White Male
Thomas Flannery abt 1871 not shown White Male
Calvin Fleetwood abt 1880 Missouri White Male
Elihu Fleetwood abt 1882 Missouri White Male
George Fleetwood abt 1886 Missouri White Male
Isaak Fleetwood abt 1842 Indiana White Male
Mack C Fleetwood abt 1857 Missouri White Male
William M Fleetwood abt 1879 Missouri White Male
Jacob Fletcher abt 1885 not shown White Male
Barney Flynn abt 1876 Pennsylvania White Male
George Ford abt 1865 Ohio White Male
Ghoist Ford abt 1866 Missouri White Male
Hattie Forester abt 1899 Arkansas White Female
Samuel Foster abt 1864 Tennessee White Male
William W Fox abt 1887 Wisconsin White Male
Harry Frank abt 1887 Oklahoma White Male
Hughes Frank abt 1876 Kansas White Male
Rudolph Franz abt 1860 not shown White Male
Oscar Bert Freed abt 1887 Kansas White Male
Homer Freeman abt 1896 Indiana White Male
David Frendenthaler abt 1867 Michigan White Male
William Friese abt 1872 not shown White Male
Edward E Frye abt 1882 Pennsylvania White Male
Daniel Fulbright abt 1858 Missouri White Male
James D Fulbright abt 1862 Missouri White Male
William A Funk abt 1875 Missouri White Male


· G ·

Name Est. Birth Year Birthplace Race Gender
Daniel Gallagher abt 1863 not shown White Male
Violet Gard abt 1896 Oklahoma White Female
Alex Garrison abt 1852 Illinois White Male
Andrew Gatewood abt 1871 not shown White Male
Rowe Gay abt 1890 Missouri White Male
Fred George abt 1886 Ohio White Male
George Gerr abt 1879 Ohio White Male
August Gerrard abt 1867 Mississippi Colored Male
Rosa Gerry not shown Indiana White Female
Charles W Fisher 1885 Ohio White Male
William Gillcrease abt 1868 Louisiana White Male
Charlie Gillham abt 1884 Missouri White Male
Robert N Gillmore abt 1880 Missouri White Male
Eli Givens abt 1874 Iowa White Male
Sam Givens abt 1882 Ohio White Male
Robert Glenn abt 1868 Missiyru White Male
William W Godfrey abt 1884 Kansas White Male
George C Goode abt 1874 Arkansas White Male
Earl B Gooder abt 1886 West Virginia White Male
Ray Goodrich abt 1881 Illnois White Male
Emma V Gorbet abt 1870 Texas White Female
Chas E Graham abt 1851 Indiana White Male
Wallace O Graham abt 1881 Indiana White Male
Chas F Grant abt 1859 Missouri White Male
Jean F Grass abt 1854 Missouri White Male
William A Greathouse abt 1866 Illinois White Male
Dwight Greenfield abt 1889 Kansas White Male
James M Griffitts abt 1880 Kentucky White Male
William S Griffitts abt 1850 Tennessee White Male
Starling Grifin abt 1884 Texas White Male
William Gunz abt 1868 Illinois White Male
James W Guthrie abt 1873 Missouri White Male
John D Guthrie abt 1872 Kansas White Male
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