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Bixby Township

1910 US Federal Census

Surnames Beginning with K & L

Head of Household & Individuals Living Independently

Enumeration Districts 212 & 213

· K ·

Name Est. Birth Year Birthplace Race Gender
Beulah Kay abt. 1890 Missouri White Female
John R Kay abt. 1851 Indiana White Male
Ray Kay abt. 1884 Missouri White Male
William Kay abt. 1872 Georgia White Male
Jesse F Kays abt. 1869 Missouri White Male
John Kelley abt. 1873 Missouri White Male
Ruby Kelley abt. 1900 New Mexico White Female
Thomas M Kelley abt 1854 Arkansas White Male
Conrad Kerk abt 1875 Illinois White Male
James A Kerr abt 1863 not shown White Male
James H Killian abt 1867 Texas White Male
Carl King abt 1808 Indiana White Male
Marvin Kinney abt 1886 Pennsylvania White Male
Robert H Kirk abt 1869 Missouri White Male
Georgia Kirkhart abt 1886 Missouri White Female
Henry Kissee abt 1872 Missouri White Male
Jacob Kissee abt 1854 Missouri White Male
Phillip Kissee abt 1858 Missouri White Male
Earl Kittle abt 1891 Missouri White Male


· L ·

Name Est. Birth Year Birthplace Race Gender
James Langworth abt. 1863 Pennsylvania White Male
Emma Lawmaster abt. 1869 Illinois White Female
Jesse T Lawmaster abt. 1864 Ohio White Male
William Lawry abt. 1876 Wisconsin White Male
Milton Layman abt. 1875 Missouri White Male
William M Layshot abt. 1882 Illinois White Male
John Leach abt. 1867 Georgia White Male
Lydia Lee abt 1887 Arkansas White Female
Conrad Kerk abt 1875 Illinois White Male
Silas A Lee abt 1870 Missouri White Male
William B Lee abt 1844 Iowa White Male
George W Likens abt 1855 Illinois White Male
Roy W Lines abt 1883 Illinois White Male
Edward Linkhart abt 1880 Illinois White Male
Frank Linkhart abt 1877 Illinois White Female
John Linkhart abt 1856 Ohio White Male
Joseph S Linkhart abt 1850 Ohio White Male
Margaret Linkhart abt 1854 Illinois White Male
Orian C Linkhart abt 1874 Illinois White Male
Tray H Linkhart abt 1889 Oklahoma White Male
Clyde E Litson abt 1878 Kansas White Male
Albert Little abt 1886 Missouri White Male
Peter Liver abt 1866 Illinois White Male
James M Lockett abt 1873 Indiana White Male
Louis O Lofton abt 1852 Illinois White Male
James M Logan abt 1869 Pennsylvania White Male
Ray E Logan abt 1884 Missouri White Male
Luther Lorentzen abt 1879 not shown White Male
Shelton R Lowman abt 1864 IlIndiana White Male
Charles F Luthrie abt 1875 Missouri White Male
James M Lutts abt 1857 Tennessee White Male
Audie Lyman abt 1898 Missouri White Female
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