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Early Lawmen & Outlaws


David Adams - US Deputy Marshal Muskogee, I. T., Western District
Elias Andrews - US Deputy Marshal, Creek Nation
Lee Atkins - Creek Indian U. S. Deputy Marshal, killed by Amos McIntosh in Creek Co.
Dee Ausmus, Sr. - Creek Co. Sheriff, born in Fincastle TN, Sapulpa OK
James Monroe Bailey - Justice of the Peace, Okmulgee Co. OK
Leo E. Bennett - US Marshal, 1897 - 1901, Northeast District, I.T.
Richard Berryhill - Capt. of the Eufaula District of the Creek Nation
Ray Bolton - One of the first Motorcycle Highway Patrol officers, Tulsa Co. OK
Charles O. Briggs - One of the first Motorcycle Highway Patrol officers, Tulsa Co. OK
Cumsey Bruner - Seminole Lighthorseman
Dave Bruner - Creek Lighthorseman
Heck Bruner - US Deputy Marshal; drowned in 1902 while swim across the Grand River
Thomas Bruner - Seminole Lighthorseman
John Carroll - US Marshal, Creek Nation
Samuel Checote - Creek Lighthorseman
Marshal Cook - City Marshal; killed in a gun battle sometime before 1938, Creek Co. OK
Henry F. Cooper - US Marshal, 1921 - 1926, Eastern OK District
Milo Creekmore - US Deputy Marshal, Indian Territory
William N. Ellis - Creek Co. Deputy Sheriff, 1909, US Deputy Marshal, 1914, Tulsa Co.
B. A. Enlow, Jr. - US Marshal, Eastern District, 1913 - 1917
R. D. Faught - US Deputy Marshal, Western District, Sapulpa I.T.
Noah Frank - Creek Indian U S Deputy Marshal, 1866 - 1941; was an Indian interpreter in the Court of Judge Parker; served under Pussyfoot Johnson until 1907; previously was special Indian police under George Hanna.
John Garrett - US Deputy Marshal; killed by the Buck gang, Okmulgee I. T.
Tom Grayson - Creek Lighthorseman
Edmund Harry - Capt. of Creek Lighthorseman
Pink Hawkins - Officer of Creek Lighthorseman
Samuel Haynes - U S Deputy Marshal; Creek Lighthorseman, 1857-1948
Micco Haikey - Officer of Creek Lighthorseman
Tiger Jack - Creek Lighthorseman
V. N. Johns - One of the first Motorcycle Highway Patrol officers, Tulsa Co. OK
Claude Johnson - Early Creek Co. lawman
Frank Jones - US Deputy Marshal, Creek Nation
Bud T. Kell - US Deputy Marshal, Creek Nation
Era A. Kelley - Tulsa Co. Sheriff killed by "Pretty Boy" Floyd near Bixby OK
Mark Kuykendall - Posseman; killed by Seaborn Kalijah in Creek Nation
Newton LeFlore - US Deputy Marshal, Creek Nation
Lon Lewis - US Marshall; Tulsa Co. first sheriff
W. J. McAnally - Beggs OK Chief of Police; killed by Matthew Kimes.
W. M. McCullough - Tulsa Co. Sheriff, Carried out Tulsa Co. only legal hanging. Amos Bell was executed March 31, 1911.
Crowder Nicks - US Deputy Marshal, Creek Nation
John S. O'Brein - US Deputy Marshal, Wagoner I. T.
Oktars-Sars-Har-Jo - Officer Creek Lighthorseman
George Phillips - US Marshal, Okmulgee Co.
Gen. Pleasant Porter - Captain Creek Lighthorseman
Baz 'Bass' Reeves - US Deputy Marshal, Creek Nation; served 32 years; died in 1910
Samuel M. Rutherford - US Deputy Marshal, Northern District, I. T., 1895
Andrew J. Smith - US Deputy Marshal, Creek Nation
Phillip B. Stone - One of the first Motorcycle Highway Patrol officers, Tulsa Co. OK
Arthur Wilson - Creek Co. Sheriff, 1925
Nocus Yahola - Creek Nation Judge


Timothy Barnett - Creek Nation Court Clerk; Murder
Wesley Barnett - Outlaw gang leader who killed a Creek Indian named Muddaloke; was killed in Jan.1889 by Wallace Menack
Jim Benge - Murder & Bank Robbery, Henryetta, Okmulgee Co. OK
Tom Bouggous - City Marshal, Dewar, Okmulgee Co.; removed from office for the unlawful sale of liquor; killed by the Ku Klux Klan
Ford Bradshaw - Murder & Bank Robery, Henryetta, Okmulgee Co. OK
Abner Brassfield - Creek Nation Outlaw; Murder; later was Peace Officer at Eufaula, I. T.
K. B. Brooks - Creek Nation Outlaw; executed 01 Jul 1898, Muscogee, I. T.
Rufus Buck - Euchee Indian Outlaw; Leader of the Buck gang; hanged on July 1, 1896 for murder, robbery and rape in Indian Territory
Alexander Carr - Creek Nation Outlaw; member of the Barnett gang.
John Childers - Creek Nation; murder; killed Reyburn Wedding over a horse; first person to hang on the Ft. Smith gallows.
Newton Clayton - Murder & bank robbery, Henryetta, Okmulgee Co.
Byrl Cox - Tulsa area US Marshal; appointed in 1895; years - later killed a man and was sent to prison
Jim Cummings - a.k.a. "James Cunnieus" Creek Nation, larceny & murder; killed Capt. Will Fields
Nark Cunnieus - Brother of Jim Cummings; Creek Nation larceny & murder
Timmie Dick - Creek Nation Outlaw; murder; executed in 1906 by Pleasant Berryhill
Tom Dyer - City Marshal, Jenks OK; served 10 years in Federal Penitentiary for bootlegging
Daniel Evans - Creek Nation; murder, horse thief; murdered 19-year-old William Seabolt, stole his horse and boots; sentenced to hang by Judge Parker; hanged September 3,1875, Ft. Smith AR
G. R. Fletcher - Bootlegger; shot by U. S. Deputy Marshal Bill Colbert in Creek Nation
Charles A. Floyd - a.k.a. 'Pretty Boy'; Eastern Oklahoma bootlegger & bank robber, from Feb. 3, 1904 until October 22, 1934; killed former sheriff Era A. Kelley, April. 9, 1932; was killed in East Liverpool, Ohio
Joe Fulsom - Creek Nation outlaw; arrested by Bass Reeves
Charles Glass - Henryetta gambler & bank robber; killed in a bank hold up with George Birdwell, Boley OK
Dick Glass - Creek & Seminole Nation whiskey runner
Sam Goins - Killed Houston Joyce; executed January 16, 1890, Ft. Smith AR
Jim Grayson - Creek Nation horse thief
Dick Gregg - Tulsa Co. bandit & gunman; killed by Tulsa Captain Ross Darrow, 1929
Chitto Harjo - a.k.a. "Crazy Snake"; leader of a disgruntled group of Indians in the Creek Nation. This group caused what is now known as the Crazy Snake Uprising. Harjo was brought in by Grant Johnson.
Tulsa Harjo - Creek Nation outlaw
Maoma July - Creek Nation outlaw; member of the Buck gang; brother of Bully July; hanged in 1896 for murder, robbery and rape
Seaborn Kalijah - a.k.a. "Seaborn Green"; Creek Nation bootlegger & murderer; killed Mark Kuykendall, Henry Smith and William Kelly who were left in charge of him; brought in by U. S. Deputy Marshal Phillips; sentenced to be hanged in 1887, Ft. Smith AR
Ed Leeper - Creek Nation robber; turned in by his father
George Mack - Whiskey runner
John Postoak - Creek Nation murderer; killed John Ingley and his wife; executed 1878, Ft. Smith AR
Pul-Muskey - Creek Nation murderer
Aaron Purdy - Snake Creek outlaw accused of introducing and selling whiskey in Indian country, train robbery & intent to kill a federal officer; badly wounded in incident with Heck Thomas & posse
Tom Purdy - Brother of Aaron; Snake Creek outlaw accused of introducing and selling whiskey in the Indian country & train robbery
Sam Sampson - Creek Nation outlaw; member of the Buck gang; hanged in 1896 for murder, robbery and rape
Osee Sanders - Killed Thomas S. Carlyle; executed, 1876, Ft. Smith AR
Rentie Smith - Murder; killed Fee Jefferson on Cave Creek; brought in by Heck Thomas, Muscogee Creek Nation
John Tiger - Creek Nation outlaw; brought in by G. Johnson and Bud Ledbetter
Tualisto - Creek Nation murderer & robber; robbed & murdered Emanuel Cochran; executed, 1893, Ft. Smith AR
John Yockey - a.k.a Texas Jack Tulsa & Creek Co. outlaw

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