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How Liberty OK Became an Incorporated Town

Submitted by Jack Spradling

Liberty OK
20484 Sheridan Rd., Liberty OK

Luther Spradling's dream was to keep the small unincorporated community of Liberty, located south of Bixby, separated from rapidly growing towns that surrounded the area. He did not want the area to lose its name through annexation.

To accomplish his goal, he designate a 40-acre parcel of his farm land located on the east side of Sheridan between 201st and 211th streets for the town of Liberty. The land was originally purchased in 1912 by Wallace and Alma (Randle) Baird, the parents of Luther's wife, Ethel, when they settled in Oklahoma.

It was not until the 1970s, after Luther's death, that his dream became a reality. At the time, the law required a minimum of three voters and landowners to incorporation a town. Luther's son, Jack, was named mayor, his daughter-in-law, Yvonne, clerk, and his widow, Ethel, treasurer.

They incorporated the town on the Spradling property so no one else would be affected unless they chose to participate. Several families did petition to annex into the town. Subsequently, Liberty grew to a town of its current 300 residents.

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