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Willow Springs Township

1910 US Federal Census

Enumeration Districts 214

Head of Household Index

Name Est. Birth Year Birthplace Race Gender
Irie Anglen abt 1881 Missouri White Male
Iner Baker abt 1901 Arkansas White Female
Louisa Barker abt 1889 Iowa White Female
Tom Barker abt 1908 Oklahoma White Male
Ernest Barnwell abt 1888 Arkansas White Male
John A Berryhill abt 1864 Missouri White Male
Peter Bond abt 1853 Not Recorded White Male
Samuel T Boyd abt 1878 Tennessee White Male
Lee Bradford abt 1868 Louisiana Colored Male
Charles A Bradley abt 1865 West Virginia White Male
Eldrige L Bradley abt 1887 West Virginia White Male
Henry H Brannon abt 1863 Missouri White Male
Allen Bruce abt 1887 Missouri White Male
Richard H Burris abt 1878 Missouri White Male
Flora C Cadgu abt 1883 Missouri White Female
Herchel Cannon abt 1875 Arkansas White Male
William A Cattron abt 1866 Kentucky White Male
Thomas G Clay abt 1856 Missouri White Male
John D Clyne abt 1856 Arkansas White Male
Gerome Cook abt 1877 Arkansas White Male
Daniel Coon abt 1855 North Carolina White Male
Pete R Cox abt 1878 Arkansas White Male
George Craigg abt 1859 Illinois White Male
Hillary Creel abt 1882 Arkansas White Male
James A Creel abt 1855 Tennessee White Male
Lewis J Carvey abt 1892 Oklahoma Indian Male
Lydie Childress abt 1825 Oklahoma Indian Female
Richard Childress abt 1901 Oklahoma Indian Male
Henry Grayson abt 1882 Oklahoma Indian Male
David Hodge abt 1841 Oklahoma Indian Male
Edward Jackson abt 1876 Illinois White Male
Joe Johnson abt 1872 Oklahoma White Male
George W Jones abt 1861 Illinois White Male
Victor T Jones abt 1875 Iowa White Male
Veltis M Keele abt 1858 Missouri White Male
Benjiman F Keeth abt 1868 Missouri White Male
James H Kerr abt 1873 Missouri White Male
James N Killpatrick abt 1880 Alabama White Male
Samuel H King abt 1863 Kentucky White Male
Major D Kinston abt 1895 Texas White Male
James M Lowman abt 1868 Illinois White Male
Bonney Lumpkins abt 1868 Oklahoma Indian Male
Theophilus L Mathews abt 1859 Missouri White Male
Lewis Mc Henry abt 1866 Oklahoma Indian Male
Lee Mcintire abt 1888 Kentucky White Male
George H Meads abt 1873 Ohio White Male
Lit Mikels abt 1883 Kentucky White Male
James E Miller abt 1873 Illinois White Male
Robert L Mitchel abt 1873 Missouri White Male
Loni Moore abt 1885 Missouri White Male
Alexandrea Morris abt 1847 Pennsylvania White Male
Humphra C Munroe abt 1858 New York White Male
Andrew J Neighbors abt 1891 Arkansas White Male
George G Neighbors abt 1854 Illinois White Male
Edgar Norris abt 1857 Missouri White Male
Charles Parker abt 1845 Kentucky White Male
Alfred Parks abt 1891 Arkansas White Male
John Parmer abt 1874 Missouri White Male
Elbert Patterson abt 1887 Arkansas White Male
Lydia Pearyman abt 1882 Oklahoma Indian Female
Japp Pearson abt 1893 Arkansas White Male
Otis Pearson abt 1890 Arkansas White Male
Ben Pelston abt 1877 Missouri White Male
Zeb C Porter abt 1855 Georgia White Male
Harve P Price abt 1882 Virginia White Male
Charlie B Puckett abt 1882 Iowa White Male
Joseph B Puckett abt 1853 Indiana White Male
William C Puckett abt 1887 Iowa White Male
Mary Rankin abt 1858 Alabama White Female
Edgar Ray abt 1875 Nebraska White Male
Samuel D Ray abt 1846 Illinois White Male
George W Roberts abt 1850 Virginia White Male
Joseph H Rooks abt 1855 Missouri White Male
Avery L Routh abt 1867 North Carolina White Male
Edd D Sankin abt 1884 Arkansas White Male
Robert Schoeffler abt 1876 Mississippi White Male
Asa Seals abt 1878 Arkansas White Male
Elderado Seitz abt 1874 Missouri White Male
Thomas M Smith abt 1877 Tennessee White Male
Lillie Smoot abt 1888 Illinois White Female
John P Stafford abt 1862 Illinois White Male
John Stanfill abt 1874 Tennessee White Male
Andrew J Stewart abt 1858 Arkansas White Male
Martha E Swanner abt 1862 Illinois White Female
William Thomason abt 1865 Texas White Male
Samuel E Thompson abt 1868 Kentucky White Male
Charlie Tice abt 1877 West Virginia White Male
Marshall Walker abt 1878 Texas Colored Male
Riley Walker abt 1888 Texas Colored Male
Thomas F Wallace abt 1884 Alabama White Male
Rosa L Warriner abt 1861 Oklahoma Indian Female
Melvin Weems abt 1880 Tennessee White Male
John E Weer abt 1860 Indiana White Male
James P Whitaker abt 1845 Kentucky White Male
Clarence G White abt 1870 Indiana White Male
Paul White abt 1887 Indiana White Male
Mark Whittle abt 1882 Texas White Male
William B Wilbanks abt 1862 Missouri White Male
Budwill Williams abt 1852 Georgia WhiteMale
Charles C Williams abt 1883 Kentucky White Male
Daniel Wilson abt 1854 Missouri White Male
Zeb Wilson abt 1889 Arkansas White Male
Lemuel C York abt 1873 Indiana White Male
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