Our Military Men and Women

Past and Present

It is our intension to include ALL past and present military men and women in the Bixby area. Please contact Bixby Historical Society Online with information about those not shown in this roster. Include name and branch of service. Roster corrections, additional information and stories are also appreciated.

. . . least we forget the sentry at the gate of freedom . . .

. . . least we forget the sentry at the gate of freedom . . .
Abel, Roy G.
Adams, Jack S.
Adams, Jerry
Adams, James
Adams, Thomas - CSA
Adkinson, Kenneth
Akins, Thomas - CSA
Alby, James D. - Army (KIA)
Aldridge, Henderson - Army
Alexander, Charles L. - Army
Alexander, Layerwood W. - Army
Alexander, Mary Rogers - Air Force
Alexander, Stephen - Air Force
Alfaro, Richard
Alfaro, Ryan
Allison, Cecil - Army
Allison, Henry Clay - Union Army
Amones, David
Anderson, Frederick
Anderson, J.F. - CSA
Anderson, John
Anderson, Kenneth R. (KIA)
Anderson, Ned
Antrikin, Earnest - Navy (KIA)
Armstrong, Kevin K. - Navy
Askins, B.H.
Bailey, Harold E. - Army Air Corps
Baker, Charles
Baker, Jimmie Dale - Army
Baker, William
Ball, Clarence
Barber, Henry
Bardon, Charles Thomas - Navy (KIA)
Barker, Phil C.
Beene, J.M.
Beene, Willie L.
Bell, Joyce
Bell, Percy
Berry, James O.
Bevard, Billy - Air Force 
Biggs, Willard
Blackford, Jimmie
Boatmun, Charles E.
Bolding, Dennis
Bolton, Glen Harrison - Army
Bolton, Harold D. - Army
Bolton, Sherd  - Union Army
Boone, Tom
Bottoms, Claude
Bowen, Ray - Navy
Boyd, A.W. - CSA
Boyer, John - Army
Bradley, W. L.
Brannon, John Walter - Army
Brewster, Aaron
Broad, William Ray - Navy
Broam, John B.
Brown, Adrian J. - Navy
Brown, Allan J. - Army Air Corps
Brown, John B.
Brown, Johnny
Brown, Ronald G. - Army 
Brown, Roy T. - Army
Brummett, Bobby G.
Brummett, J.C. - Army
Brummett, William
Bruner, David (KIA)
Bruner, James
Bundy, James
Bundy, Kenneth
Burns, W. David - CSA
Buffalo, J.M. - CSA
Bullock, Virgil Orville - Navy
Bullock, W.G.
Butler, Allan D. - Army 
Buttrick, Ithamar H. - Union Army
Chaffin, Dennis
Call, Arch
Carroll, Raymond B. - Army
Case, David C. - Army
Campbell, Samuel C. - Army
Capehart, Harold Glee - Navy 
Carmichael, Chester W.
Carter, Richard
Champoux, Raymond
Chapman, James
Cheatham, James, Jr. - Army (KIA)
Childers, Daniels G. - CSA
Christian, Donald
Christiansen, Patrick
Cobb, Carl
Coley, Lynn
Combs, Billie
Compton, David Franklin, Jr. - Navy
Cooley, Charles
Cooper, Joseph F. - CSA
Couch, Gene - Army
Covington, Ted G.
Covington, Ted R.
Cowen, Dave
Cox, Ernest James - Navy
Cox, Virgil Lee - Army Air Force
Criner, Russell D. - Army
Crockett, Leonard
Crosby, Berry Martin - CSA & US Army
Crosby, Harvey E. - Army (KIA)
Cross, G.W. - CSA
Cunningham, John
Cunningham, Michael
Daily, Pat O. - Air Force
Dale, Eugene
Darby, Robert
Darnell, William J. - Union Army
Darrow, Jesse C. - Army
Daugherty, Robert H.
Davenport, Grover
Davis, Boog - Marine Corps
Davis, George M., Jr. - Navy 
Davis, Ray E. - Marine Corps  (KIA)
Davis, William - Air Force
Davis, William Richard - Army
Dean, Elmer L. - Army
Dean, Walter - Army
Deore, W.A.
Dickson, Owen D. - Army Air Corps
Dill, Grover Cleveland - Army
Dipietro, Nicholas
Dobson, Edmond Ellis - CSA
Dowler, Thomas Franklin - Union Army
Driscoll, Harry - Navy
Driscoll, James Albert - Air Force 
Driscoll, Joe - Navy
Dunham, Noland - Army
Eastham, Herbert
Easton, Noah - Navy
Edwards, Charles D. - Army
Edwards, Jacque - Army
Edwards, Reese - Army 
Edwards, Roberta M. - WAC
Ellard, Irvin W. - Air Force
Elliot, Richard
Evans, Charles
Evans, R.D. - Army
Fairchild, Edward
Fischer, Helmut
Floyd, Charles Dempsey - Navy
Fleetwood, Isaac - Union Army
Foran, James
Fowler, William
Frailey, Arthur
Frankfather, Ralph
Frazier, Fred, Jr. - Army (KIA)
Frazier, Gene Allan (KIA)
Froning, Robert H.
Fry, Bo
Fultz, Bill F. - Army
Fullbright, Ronald
Gaddis, Benjamin
Gaddis, Bennie W.
Garrison, Samuel
Gash, Claude
Gates, J.B. - Navy
Gibson, R.L.
Gimlin, Robert, Jr. - Army
Girdner, James A.
Goins, Jim Bob - Army (KIA)
Goines, Lloyd A.
Gorbet, James P.
Gray, Farley L. - Army
Greene, Jimmie - Navy
Greer, Jack
Grose, Samuel W. - Navy
Guinn, John - Union Army
Gund, Jeffrey Allan - Army
Gund, Walter D. - Army
Hacker, Jolie
Haffener, Joe
Haffener, Jonathan 
Haikey, B. Benjamin - CSA
Hair, Charles R. - Army
Hancock, Beau
Hardgraves, Albert - Army
Harding, Monte
Hardon, John Bell - CSA
Hare, Arthur Elsworth - Army
Hargrove, James E. - Army
Hausam, Ryan L. - Navy
Hays, Harold
Heflin, James
Henderson, Carwin E. - Army 
Henderson, Donald R. - Army
Henderson, Joseph H. - Union Army
Henderson, Larry D. - Army 
Henning, Harry H. - Union Army
Hobbs, John E. - Union Army
Hodge, David McKellop - CSA
Hofstrom, Brian Joseph - Navy
Hogan, Ralph
Hopper, Solomon C. - Union Army
Hosey, J.W.
Hoskins, Scott
Hoskins, Tracy
House, Eugene - Army
Hulen, William
Humphreys, Larry Don(KIA)
Hyames, Wayne - Navy
Ismael, Morris
Jackson, Clifford - Army
Jackson, Lewis
Jacobs, Jordan
James, Joyce
James, Leon K.
James, Odene
James, Pete
James, Tommie Preston - Army 
Jeffrey, Charles
Jessee, George
Jessee, John A. - Navy
Jessee, Richard L. - Navy
Johnson, Leroy
Johnson, Richard C., Jr. - Army
Johnson, Roger
Johnson, Victor - Army
Johnston, Otis L. - Army Air Forces
Jones, Clarence
Jones, Norman L.
Jordan, Marshall
Kafer, Joseph F. - Army
Kannady, James W. - Army
Kelly, Ted Warren - Army 
Kent, Cecil Lee - Army
Kilburn, Ed
Kilburn, Nelson
Kilburn, Wilson
Kinnick, Darrell E. - Army
Kinzer, Roland
Kleier, James E. - Navy
Krenz, Merlyn
Kulp, Donald E. - Army
Kulp, Melferd - Army
Kulp, Melferd D. - Marine Corps
LaBass, Joe - Army
Lair, Elvin Lee - Navy
Lambert, Evert Kern - Army
LaRue, Larry
Landrum, William, Jr.
Lassiter, Wesley
Ledbetter, John D. - Army Air Corps (KIA)
Ledbetter, Elmo Ward - Navy
Ledbetter, Staffard - Army (KIA)
Ledford, Julian Woodrow - Army
Lee, Billy Don - Army
Lee, Clarence - Army
Lemons, Bonnie Blake - Army
Lewis, Larry A. - Army
Lewis, James
Lewis, Jimmie
Little, John J. - Navy
Little, Karen - Navy
Lovitt, Arlo Dean - Army
Long, Lewis
Lowman, Joe - Army (POW)
Mabry, Olvin A. - Navy
MacKenzie, Donald
Mackey, James
Mankin, Casey
Marler, Andrew
Marlow, Harry
Marlow, Richard
Martin, Clarence - Army
Martin, Thomas W.
Mattke, Michael
May, Charles R. - Army
Mayberry, William E. - Marine Corps 
McClellan, Tyler
McCollow, Margaret
McCoy, Paul - Air Force
McCulloch, Ken
McCulloch, Kenneth
McFadden, Michael
McFadden, Jerry
McGuirk, James
McHenry, James - CSA
McLearan, Ernest - Army
McLearan, Ocey - Navy
Mead, Thomas - Union Army
Melson, Ronald - Marine Corps
Metcalf, Cumon J. - Army (POW)
Metcalf, Luther C. - Army
Miller, Brian
Miller, Clifton D. - Air Force
Miller, Henry
Miller, H.J. - Union Army
Miller, Isaac Newton - CSA
Miller, James
Miller, John - Navy
Miller, Winsford Lee - Air Force
Mitchell, Ervin L. - Army
Mitchell, Michael
Mock, Stephen
Moffitt, John
Mollencupp, David
Moore, Clifton
Moore, Earl - Navy
Moore, John Roy - Army
Moore, Robert Lee - Army
Moore, Teddy E. - Army
Morgan, David
Morgan, Jerry
Morgan, Joseph - Kentucky Volunteers
Morris, Ernie - Army
Morris, Lester N. - Union Army
Mose, Joe E. - Army (KIA)
Mouser, Archie
Mulkey, Raymond - Army
Mulkey, Willis
Mullins, Darrell
Mulvane, Donald
Nance, James Stephen - Army
Nance, William Leonard - Army (KIA)
Neal, Herbert
Neasby, George
Ochsner, Winston
O'Hern, John Gilbert - Navy
O'Hern, Morris Dale - Navy
Orcutt, Calvin
Orrison, Anthony Wayne - Union Army
Outhier, Tom
Overton, Samuel C. - Air Force
Owens, William
Paul, Homer
Parrish, William E.
Peerson, Bob - Army
Perry, Carol
Perryman, John Ward - CSA
Peyton, Edward Nolan - Army
Phillips, Raymond
Picklesimer, James - Navy
Pittman, Leroy Oliver - Army
Pittman, Ross Leroy - Navy
Pohl, Harold
Pollard, Condell
Pomeroy, William S. - Union Army
Porter, James
Pregler - Marine Corps
Price, Benny
Probis, William R.
Pugh, Christopher
Pullen, Robert
Pullen, John P., Jr.
Radford, Nicholas
Ramsey, L.E.
Ramsey, Jack
Ramsey, Jack D.
Rates, Richard A.
Ravens, Glen
Reasonover, John Joseph - Army
Redding, Richard
Reed, Alford
Rhodes, James - Union Army
Rice, Edward L. - Army
Riker, Kenn Tinkel - Army
Roberts, George
Roberts, Vic
Robertson, Ercel Perry
Robinson, Hugh M. - Union Army
Robinson, William F. - Union Army
Rogers, Brian
Rogers, Clifford
Rogers, George
Rogers, Leo F. - Army Air Corps
Rogers, Vernon - Paratrooper (KIA)
Roley, Matthew
Rosenbrook, Ronald
Ross, John
Row, Jess C.
Rucker, Alice M. - Navy
Rucker, Loyd - Army
Rudrow, Sherman - Spanish-American War
Ruleford, Gary
Ruleford, Richard
Rumbaugh, M. Doyle
Sanger, Fenton M. - CSA
Sawyer, James D. - Navy
Schmitt, Louis
Seago, Leonard - Coast Guard
Segner, Vic
Self, Rufus Lee - Marine Corps
Sexton, Henry Virgil - Air Force
Shahan, Billy Gene - Army
Shanks, Perry - Army
Shanks, Sammy
Shaw, Robert Frank - CSA
Sheridan, George
Shimp, Jerry
Shimp, John Lewis - Navy
Short, George
Short, Jeffery
Skyles, Floyd Lee - Army
Smith, Arthur E. - Army
Smith, Curtis 
Smith, Henry C. - Union Army
Smith, Howard
Smith, John Kenneth - Air Force
Smith, Leon
Smith, Lyle - Navy
Smith, Michael
Smith, Norman Jenson, Jr.
Smith, Norman Jenson, Sr.
Smith, Richard
Smith, Robyn
Smyers, Robert - Cost Guard
Smyers, William W. - Army
Snider, Jack - Air Force
Snider, Lee L. - Air Force
Sorrells, Matthew
Spangler, Norman - Army
Spradling, Jack L. - Army
Spring, Frank
Stanclift, Timothy M. - Union Army
Stevenson, James M. - Union Army
Stewart, Forrest Wayne - Army (KIA)
Stitt, Adrain J. - Navy
Strange, George W. - Navy
Stroud, William
Sweet, George W. - Union Army
Tacker, Quentin
Taylor, Carl
Taylor, Donald
Terry, Leonard Scott - Army
Thibodeau, David
Thomas, Sean
Tillery, Calvin
Trujillo, Carmeto
Truster, James
Turinsky, Aloyce - Army (KIA)
Turnbo, Silas Claiborne - CSA
Turner, Harrison H. - Army
Turner, Jay
Tuttle, John - CSA
Tyndall, John
Vallon, Joel M.
Van Fliet, Luther - Union Army
Van Huss, George
Venable, O.J.
Voigth, Shirley Nichols - Air Force
Wade, Delbert U. - Army
Wages, Jack
Wagnon, Norman - Army
Walker, Darron L. - Army
Walker, G. Wayne - Army
Walker, Terry L. - Navy
Walters, F.J. - CSA
Ward, Arlis - Army
Ware, Orten Lee (KIA)
Waymire, Floyd - Army
Weaver, Arthur
Weirick, Charles D. - Army
Welliever, Joseph - Union Army
Wells, Bryant
Wells, Kennel
Wells, Ken
White, Bud - Army
Whited, Scott
Whited, Stephen
Williams, Cecil
Williams, Marvin
Williams, Marvin L.
Williams, William Henry - Union Army
Williamson, Harold Dean - Navy WWII
Williford, J. B. - Army
Willis, Andy D. - Army
Willis, Hubert L. - Army
Wilmott, George - Army
Wilmott, Harold
Wilmott, Jackie
Winkler, Paul
Winsett, Phillip - Army
Wood, Noah Preston, Jr. - Marine Corps 
Woodson, Billye Joe
Woodson, Joseph
Wyche, Daniel
This roster is compiled from public records, military archives, cemetery tombstones and private family documents.
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