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Abbott, Hazel Catherine
Abbott, James Elmont
Abernathy, Van L.
Ackerman, Charley C. 
Ackerman, May M.
Acord, Ethel 
Acree, Trilby
Adachi, Kimi
Adams, Barbara Sue 
Adams, Blanche Shafer
Adams, Dave
Adams, Fannie 
Adams, Frank C. 
Adams, John Henry
Adams, Nancy Elizabeth 
Adams, Orville
Adams, William David 
Adcock, Clyde O. 
Adelman, Walter 
Albey, Lawrence M. 
Aldridge, Benjamin Bedford 
Aldridge, Bessie B.
Aldridge, Leona
Aldrige, Henderson 
Alexander, Charlotta 
Alexander, Clara E. 
Allcorn, Frances Evelyn 
Allen, Austin Z. 
Allen, Final L. 
Allen, Jim 
Allen, John 
Allen, Willard Monroe
Allison, Lena T.
Allison, Mamie
Allison, Marion L.
Allton Joe Lee 
Alsabrook, Estes 
Alsabrook, W. F. 
Alston, Billy Jack 
Alsup, Kenneth Jackie Jr.
Altom, Alona,
Altom, Edgar J. 
Ames, Helen Louise 
Ammons, Talmage A.
Anderson, Hallie 
Anderson, Marshall 
Anderson, Mattie 
Anderson, Samuel B.
Anderson, Solomon William 
Anderson, Wilma Faye 
Anglin, Frank 
Anglin, Isaac Cephus
Anglin, Louie Elvie 
Archer, Elsie 
Archer, Jim 
Archer, Joe 
Archer, LaVina 
Archer, Loretta Seago 
Archer, Marguerite Sara 
Archer, Roosevelt
Archer, Viola 
Archer, Walter T. 
Archer, William Riley 
Armstrong, G. W. 
Arnold, Fayedell 
Arnold, Jesse E. 
Arnold, Leola Pregler
Arnold, Thomas J. 
Arnold, William C. 
Ary, William P. 
Asbury, Benjamin Francis
Asher, Pauline F.
Asher, Ramah Lee
Atchley, Ruth Carol
Aud, Joe Arthur 
Audrain, Charles Louis
Austin, Frank 
Avery, Willard E., Mrs.
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