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Cadjew, Leslie Ralph
Cagle, Alvin D. 
Cagle, Richard Houston 
Call Charles C. 
Call, John Henry 
Call, John M. 
Call, Pearl Lee 
Call, Thomas J. 
Call, Viva Beatrice 
Campbell, Bertha Mae 
Campbell, Fannie 
Campbell, Floyd 
Campbell, Fred 
Campbell, Inez Lorena 
Campbell, Leamer, Mrs. 
Campbell, Peggy Lou 
Campton, Irene M. 
Canard, Margaret Ann 
Canifax, Wesley 
Cantner, Clyde Edward 
Cantner, Marie Myrtle Hurd 
Cantu, Debra Lee
Cantu, Luis L. 
Caplen, Lyman Bruce 
Carey, Arden Earl Jr. 
Carmichael, Chester W. 
Carner, Bob 
Carney, Byrd 
Carney, John Russell 
Carney, William Walker 
Carpenter, Florence E.
Carpenter, Ford Denham 
Carpenter, Roy V. 
Carr, Sandy Joe 
Carroll, Emma Melvina 
Carroll, Tom N.
Carsten, Charles B. 
Carter, Dale 
Cartwright, Elijah 
Cashon, Osella 
Cashon, Ralph Sr. 
Cates, Carolyn Sue 
Catlin, Ida Elizabeth 
Cauthen, Elmer Haskell
Cavely, Eddie Lee 
Cavely, Edgar
Cavely, Edward 
Caves, Clarence 
Chaffee, Alta Melissa 
Chafin, Ethel 
Chambers, Jack Franklin 
Champion, Jesse Lee 
Chancey, Sam 
Chapman, Abbie Catherine 
Chapman, Robert Lester 
Charles, Rosella 
Charley, Suzanne 
Chasteen, John T. 
Cheatham, Homer Bruce 
Cheatham, James 
Cheek, Robert Davis
Cheeves, Birdie 
Cheeves, Charles Cleveland 
Cheeves, John Charles 
Cheeves, Lawrence H. 
Chesbro, Edward Jay 
Chestine, Cecil W. 
Chilcoate, Kate Emma 
Childers, Clara Ethel 
Childers, William Earl 
Chisholm, Sam 
Chlouber, Grethel L. 
Chrisman, Ray Harvey 
Christian, Billy Ray 
Christian, Ida 
Christian, Samuel
Christie, Herbert H. 
Clark, Everett A.
Clark, Julia Alice 
Clark, Laura Francis 
Clark, Mary Rebecca 
Clark, Morris W. 
Clay, Charlie 
Clay, Fred 
Clay, Henry Washington 
Clay, Justin Ray
Clay, Vinita 
Claypool, John H. 
Clevenger, Franklin Keith
Cline, Chauncey S. 
Cline, Edward Earl 
Cline, Ruth Bell 
Clovis, Gambill N 
Coats, Austin Neal  
Cobb, Leamon C.
Cochran, Doris Edward 
Cochran, Marjorie Burton
Cochran, Marshall Radford
Cochran, Nora Ellen
Colbert, Beatrice 
Colbert, George Jr.
Colbert, George 
Colbert, Isom 
Cole, Dicie E.
Cole, Eddie Orin 
Cole, Elmer Clifford 
Cole, George Lee
Cole, Iva M. 
Cole, James Aaron 
Cole, Wesley G. 
Coley, Robert L. 
Collins, Betty Jane
Collins, Celia I. 
Collins, Doris Mae 
Collins, Francis C. 
Collins, Homer O. 
Collins, Lindsey C. 
Collison, Lucille 
Colvin, Earlie Mae 
Combs, James H. 
Combs, M. A. 
Combs, Mack Charles 
Company, William Edward 
Compton, Ruben H. 
Conley, James William 
Conley, Marjorie Louise
Conrad, Cara Beth 
Conrad, Carol W. 
Constantine, Brad 
Cook, Dencil Woodrow 
Cook, Jenna T. 
Cook, Jennie 
Cook, Maude E. 
Cook, Sheridan 
Cooke, Regina Christine 
Coonce, Julia Cathleen 
Cooper, Joe C. 
Cooper, John L. 
Copenhaver, Anton
Copenhaver, Thomas J. 
Cordray, Bessie Mary Ann 
Cordray, Elizabeth Katherine
Cordray, Henry Alfred 
Cordrey, Clem F.
Cordrey, Mollie Evelyn 
Corle, Anna E.
Cosby, Barry M. 
Cosby, Ira Woodrow 
Cosby, Martha Paralee
Cosby, Walter Herman 
Cotner, Clara Lillian 
Cotner, Fred L. 
Cotner, Jane 
Cotner, John A. 
Cotner, Ronda Irene 
Cotner, Walter L.
Cottom, Clement V. Sr.
Couch, Charles W. 
Couch, Rotha O. 
Coulson, Arlie Lanford 
Courtney, William R. 
Cousins, Della 
Covington, Eugene Lewis 
Covington, Lois Jean
Cowell, James V. 
Cowell, Larry Leon 
Cowell, Lena 
Cox, Ada
Cox, Andy P. 
Cox, Arah Mae 
Cox, Bertha Ellen 
Cox, Daniel Eldon
Cox, Dicie Helen
Cox, Eliza Ellen
Cox, Everett 
Cox, Fred Houston
Cox, Fred L. Sr.
Cox, James Ervin 
Cox, James Thomas
Cox, Janie Lou 
Cox, John William 
Cox, Jollie J. 
Cox, Joseph Franklin Jr. 
Cox, Mittie Lou
Cox, Patsy Lavona 
Cox, Robert Eugene
Cox, Ruby Fern
Cox, Ruby Stella 
Cox, Ulysses Selmar
Cox, Wilburn Sr. 
Crabtree, Betty Jane 
Crabtree, DeWayne Don 
Crabtree, Irene 
Crabtree, Thomas Andrew 
Cravens, Edith Alene 
Creason, Jerry K. 
Creason, Nannie 
Creekmore, Alonzo E.
Creekmore, Arvel
Creekmore, Charley 
Creekmore, Clarence Thomas 
Creekmore, George  
Creekmore, Mary
Creekmore, Milo 
Creekmore, Sarah A.
Creekmore, Simpson 
Creekmore, Vivian L.
Creekmore, William A. 
Crenshaw, Lucy Ellen 
Criner, Barbara Irene 
Criner, Devo 
Criner, Vandora Kay
Crisler, Hettie B. 
Crisp, Edna 
Crittenden, Louvennia 
Crockett, Ralph 
Croft, William Benson 
Crooke, John Alexander 
Crosby, Charles Ellis 
Crowder, Francis L.
Crowder, Lula 
Crowder, Zelma Martha
Crowell, Gertie E. 
Crowell, James Paul 
Crumley, Kenneth V.
Cullison, Harold Brian 
Culp, Myrtle 
Cumming, Alfred 
Cummings, Essie M. 
Cummings, Wayne Edward 
Cummins, David William 
Cummins, Newton Carl 
Cummins, Robert Ellsworth
Cundiff, Virginia 
Cunningham, Cicero M. 
Cunningham, Edith Edna 
Cunningham, Regeina
Cunningham, Thomas 
Cunningham, Thomas
Curtis, Iva 
Cutright, Levi Zechariah 
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