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Daily, George Walter 
Daily, Raymond E. 
Dalrymple, Arthur R. 
Daniels, Arthur
Daniels, Helen Mae 
Daniels, James Claude 
Daniels, Lula 
Darnaby, James R. 
Darrow, Mandy Ruth 
Davidson, Ben 
Davidson, Ella Mae 
Davis, Agnes 
Davis, Arthur
Davis, Cathern Belle 
Davis, Clarence
Davis, Custer 
Davis, Cynthia Sue 
Davis, Elmer 
Davis, Etter 
Davis, George M. 
Davis, Harold 
Davis, Iva Inez 
Davis, Jessie Elizabeth 
Davis, Julia A. Brown
Davis, Lettie Francis 
Davis, Lois 
Davis, Mary Lou 
Davis, Raven Wayne 
Davis, Ruby Imogene
Davis, Ruby 
Davis, Ruford Cecil 
Davis, William A. 
Davis, William Clue 
Dawson, Felix Everett 
Day, Willie A. 
Dean, Elmer L.
Dean, Walter 
Dearston, Howard 
Dearston, Nona Blanch 
Deaton, Everett D.
DeBolt, C. A. 
Deevers, W. H.
Delcore, Lillie May 
Delcoure, Charley H. 
Delcoure, Dora Mildred 
Delcoure, Elza L. 
Delcoure, Evelyn G.  
Delcoure, Francis Onalee 
Delcoure, Irene M. 
Delcoure, Jack 
Delcoure, Roy Lee
Delcoure, Sharon 
DePriest, Anna 
DePriest, Jeff J. 
DePriest, Ruford
Devin, Claude E. 
Devin, Myrtle Lilly 
Devine, Olive Belle 
DeWitt, Tom
Dickey, Kathleen A. 
Dickey, Lennie 
Dickinson, Carl 
Dickson, Mattie Sheely 
Dickson, Owen D. 
Dicus, Eugene B. 
Dill, Alta Pearl 
Dill, Jesse Irvin 
Dill, Juanice Marie 
Dill, Marjorie 
Dill, R. B.
Dill, Rufus Ferman
Dill, Stella 
Dittman, Daniel Scott 
Dobbs, Edith Mae
Dobbs, Fred R. 
Dobbs, Jack Isaac 
Dobbs, James A. 
Dobbs, James Walter 
Dodson, James R.
Donaldson, Vera Phillips
Dorsey, Frances Evaline 
Dosher, Willie, Mrs.
Dotson, Billy H.
Dougherty, Willa Elizabeth
Douglas, Frances Myrtle 
Douglas, Joseph E.
Douglas, Mary Frances 
Dowler, George 
Dowler, Zora Malinda 
Downing, Jim 
Downs, James Thomas 
Doyle, Cecil Lee
Doyle, Dell 
Doyle, J. C. 
Doyle, Lawrence Dick 
Doyle, Lou Elsie 
Doyle, Mary Florence 
Doyle, Ruble Lee 
Doyle, Seaborn H. Jr. 
Driscoll, Charles W. 
Driscoll, David Clarence 
Driscoll, Earl E. 
Driscoll, Ethel 
Driscoll, Fern E. 
Driscoll, Fred A. 
Dubler, Kurt Wade 
Due, Kenneth 
Dugan, Hazel B.
Dunbar, Francis Azelle 
Dunbar, Seldon Emmett 
Dunbar, Virginia 
Duncan, Bessie Edna 
Duncan, Clyde L. 
Duncan, Danny Lee 
Duncan, Evelyn M.
Duncan, Floyd Gene 
Dunlap, Charles William 
Dunlap, Dollie 
Dunlap, Dora 
Dunlap, Grace Lee
Dunlap, Hughey 
Dunlap, Iva 
Dunlap, Martha Kays 
Dunlap, Raymond Eugene 
Dunlap, Richard J. Jr.
Dunlap, Richard Sr. 
Dunlap, Robert William 
Dunn, Jesse Eugene 
Durham, W. R. 
Dye, Myrtle 
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