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Eads, Evelyn 
Earp, Allie Namoa 
Eastham, Farley L. 
Easton, Carol Rae 
Easton, Joe C. 
Easton, Marion W.
Easton, N. W. 
Easton, Rose Sherrill 
Easton, William 
Eatherly, Cleo 
Eatherly, Cleo, Mrs.
Eatherly, Virgil Lloyd
Edison, Ronald Lee 
Edmonds, Elmyra 
Edmonds, Hugh 
Edmonds, William Harrison 
Edmondson, Johnny A. 
Edmonson, Rada 
Edmonson, S. R. 
Edwards, Annie 
Edwards, Cecil 
Edwards, Charles Thomas 
Edwards, Charles 
Edwards, Edgar M.
Edwards, Emma 
Edwards, Ethel 
Edwards, Frank V 
Edwards, John Harold 
Edwards, John R. 
Edwards, John 
Edwards, Linda Sue 
Edwards, Margaret 
Edwards, Maudie E. 
Edwards, Nora Bell 
Edwards, Stacy Clara 
Egger, J. H. 
Eggers, John Kenneth 
Ekhoff, Dick W. 
Ellard, Cayce P.
Ellard, Hettie Sherrill 
Elliott, Uel Curtis 
Ellis, Martha 
Ellison, Shelly Deann 
Emery, Abby Marie
Engel, Mary Norris  
Ennis, George W. 
Ennis, Ida  
Enochs, John Arthur 
Epperson, Donald Gary 
Epperson, Fred W.
Ethridge, Frank 
Ethridge, Ida 
Ethridge, Ila Arlene 
Ethridge, Mary Elizabeth 
Ethridge, Vica C. 
Etzkorn, Trina Lynn 
Evans, Dale, E. 
Evans, Granville Vernon 
Evans, Nicey C. 
Evans, Thelma Earp 
Evans, Willis Edward 
Eveland, Imogene R.
Ewing, Bobby Lee
Exendine, Nora 
Exendine, Russell 
Ezzell, Iva E.
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