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Fannin, Orville Kellum 
Farmer, Bobby E. 
Farmer, Cletus W.
Farmer, Clifford Eugene 
Farmer, Darla Jean 
Farmer, Odis W.
Farmer, Ruffy D. 
Farr, Eual B. 
Farrar, Estelle  
Faulkenberry, Elmer C. 
Faulks, Eliza Francis 
Fawcett, Carl E.
Fawcett, Leora V. 
Fawcett, Virginia
Feathers, Eva C. 
Fenderson, Helen Faye 
Fenner, Irene 
Fergeson, Rickey Lee 
Fergeson, William Brown 
Ferguson, Dorothy Jean 
Ferguson, George A. 
Ferguson, George 
Ferguson, Nena Wales 
Fielden, Bonnie Augustus 
Fielden, Steve 
Fields, Edna M. 
Fields, Warden R. 
Finch, Troy Buel 
Finchum, Elnora 
Finchum, Hillary Lee 
Fine, Emma 
Fine, Marilyn Sue 
Fisher, Ada Bell 
Fisher, Harvey Earl
Fisher, Mary Jane
Fisher, Mina Cates  
Fleetwood, Carl 
Fleetwood, Charles 
Fleetwood, Drucilla Hogan 
Fleetwood, E. L. 
Fleetwood, Fred
Fleetwood, George  
Fleetwood, George 
Fleetwood, Mamie Mae 
Fleetwood, Sallie 
Fleetwood, Wilma 
Fleming, Laurana  
Fletcher, C. R. 
Fletcher, Crystal Dawn 
Fletcher, John Henry 
Florence, Virgil 
Floyd, Velma Faye 
Flud, Emma 
Flud, Nora Colbert 
Foldoe, Vonnie I. 
Foos, William 
Forbes, Louise L.
Ford, Arthur 
Ford, Gladys 
Ford, Harvey Earl
Ford, Mary Magnolia
Forrest, Martha 
Forrest, O.W. 
Forry, Irene 
Forry, Loraine Marion
Forry, W. W., MD
Foster, Arthur Campbell 
Foster, Paul D. 
Foster, Paul Henderson 
Foutch, Jackson Lemial 
Foutch, Thomas Elmer 
Fox, John  
Fox, Luke 
Fox, Oval 
Fox, Sammie 
Fox, Sammie 
Frady, John Edward Sr.
Frady, Ollie May  
Francher, Harry H.
Frank, Nellie Staley 
Frank, Newt 
Frank, Seymour 
Frazier, Chad James 
Frazier, Fred R. 
Fred, George Landers
Freeman, Don D.  
Freeman, Elmer Glen
Freeman, Losco Franklin 
French, Marie E. 
Frenchman, Wesley Adam 
Friese, William L.
Frisbee, Jessie 
Froese, Bertha 
Frogge, Forest 
Froman, Helen Lee
Frownfelter, Eula Mae Bardon 
Frownfelter, Theodore Earl 
Fryar, Malta Lee  
Fulks, Opal Mae
Fuller, Bill W.
Fuller, Jennings B. 
Fuller, Kenneth Eugene 
Fulton, William R. 
Furrow, Barbara Kay
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