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Jacks, Leona Whitehead
Jacks, Nora B Calvert
Jackson, Brandy Lynn
Jackson, James L.
Jackson, John
Jackson, Lucas
Jackson, Ruth Mann
Jacobs, Roscoe E.
James, Alvin Herman
James, Amos
James, Andrew
James, Bessie Elvina
James, Cecil Edward
James, Clifton V. 
James, Hazel
James, Hubert
James, Lucille Mardell
James, Robert Wesley
James, Ulysses H. 
James, William Thomas
Jamison, Vernie Marie
Javine, Earl Thomas 
Jeffery, Glen B. 
Jeffery, Viola 
Jenkins, Earl
Jenkins, Myrtle Mae 
Jennings, Hettie Florence
Jennings, J. C.
Jennings, John P.
Jennings, Mary Aletha
Jennings, Pearl Guy 
Jenson, Guy Eugene
Jessee, Garland T.
Jessee, John A.
Jobe, Jake
Jobe, Mary Lou 
John, Etta
Johns, Emory Raymond
Johns, Ollie Parham
Johnson Family, Richard, Carrie
Johnson, Annie
Johnson, Carol H.
Johnson, Clay Allen 
Johnson, Eddie L.
Johnson, Edward W.
Johnson, Elmer Leon 
Johnson, Elmo Wayne
Johnson, Floy
Johnson, Haskell R.
Johnson, Helen Marion 
Johnson, Houston 
Johnson, Larry
Johnson, Lena Mae 
Johnson, Lillie Frances 
Johnson, Nora Belle 
Johnson, Pearl
Johnson, Richard Davis
Johnson, Robert Edward 
Johnson, Schuler Lee
Johnson, William H.
Johnson, William 
Johnson, Willie E. 
Johnston, Bobby Lee 
Johnston, Frank David
Jones, Addie Mae
Jones, Albert Troy
Jones, Annie May 
Jones, Bernice Gammon 
Jones, Charles Alvin
Jones, Charley 
Jones, Clarence Truman 
Jones, Claudia May
Jones, Elmer, M.
Jones, Flossie l.
Jones, G. Jack 
Jones, Harry L.
Jones, Homer Clarence
Jones, John Wesley 
Jones, Laura
Jones, Lavanda 
Jones, Lex 
Jones, Lydia Lee 
Jones, Mary Claudie 
Jones, Mary Ellen 
Jones, Park
Jones, Paul
Jones, Pinkey 
Jones, Shirley M. 
Jones, Vanna Marvelle
Jones, William Andrew 
Jordan, Flora 
Jordan, W. E.
Joyce, Addie Bell
Joyner, Ernest
Judkins, Fay O.
Judkins, Lois L. 
Judkins, Sharon Jean 
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