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Bixby Bulletin Obituary Archive

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Kafer, Joseph F.
Kane, Roger Ward 
Kay, Elba
Kay, Thomas Marion
Keaster, Thomas Madison 
Keaster, Tom
Kelley, Damon David 
Kelly, Mary Louise
Kelly, Rebecca Sue 
Kelly, Richard Clyde
Kelly, Sadie Morse
Kelly, Susie A.
Kelly, Ted Andrew
Kemp, Frank Paul
Kennelly, Ethel
Kennick, Lillian 
Kent, Amos Jack 
Kent, Elsie Ellen 
Kent, Herman C. 
Kenworthy, Lloyd 
Kenworthy, Martha A.
Kerby, Clara Maxwell
Ketchum, Barney Bernie
Ketchum, Barney 
Ketchum, Billy Wayne
Ketchum, Rosetta
Ketchum, Thomas Franklin
Key, Ebb Berry 
Keyes, Mary Graves
Kifer, Larry 
Kilburn, I. J.
Kilburn, John
Kilburn, Mae Etta
Kilburn, Sheldon 
Kilburn, Vida Mae 
Kincaid, John Robert
Kincaid, Lewis Wallace 
King James S.
King, Alice Ruth
King, Beatrice R.
King, Dorothy Eleanor 
King, Floy 
King, Floyd M.
King, Frank R.
King, Gary Wayne
King, John Dee
Kingsley, Minnie Mae 
Kinnick, Carlton Von 
Kirby, Hampton 
Kirby, Odin D. 
Kirk, Edith Gertrude 
Kirkpatrick, Willa Mae
Kirkwood, Ruth Geneva 
Kissee, Ethel 
Kissee, James W.
Kissee, Phillip P.
Kizer, James C.
Kizer, John 
Kizer, Rada 
Kluthe, Herbert C. 
Knapp, Chester Rosco 
Knight, Jeffers
Knight, Lillian 
Knoche, Charles Henry 
Knoche, Oliver C.
Knott, Annie C.
Knott, W. E.
Kramer, Amelia B.
Kramer, Effie L.
Kreymer, Gary Joe 
Kulp, Ella
Kuykendall, Ruthie Jacqueline 
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